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Hi! My name is Reyus Mammadli. I was born in 1976 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Married.

In 1997, I graduated from the faculty of automation of industrial processes of the Azerbaijan state Oil Academy with a bachelor degree in medical and biotechnical devices. I had several scientific ideas in the field of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In particular:

  • gave the idea to improve the device for the treatment of prostatitis;
  • proposed a revolutionary idea of determining the fusion of bones after a fracture by ultrasound;
  • developed a diet and a set of exercises for weight loss;
  • etc.

For some time I worked as a supervisor on drilling rigs. In the American company Baker Hughes worked as a marketer. I passed several specialized trainings on survival at sea after helicopter crush, first aid (heart massage, artificial respiration, etc.) in Azerbaijan and Dubai (UAE), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Woodlands (Texas, USA), Newark (England) and others.

Since 2008, I have been blogging, in particular, about a healthy lifestyle, medicine, health.

I believe that the basis of health is the right, ie a healthy lifestyle, which includes both the right food, and the corresponding physical activity for each person. In combination these two components are able to minimize the risk of acquired diseases, recover faster after an illness, if it befell.

I recognize both the success of traditional medicine in the treatment of diseases and natural remedies based on plant and animal basis. The main criterion here is the proven effectiveness of the method and give preference to what carries fewer side effects.

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