Sources and resources of information used in articles

The basis of all information on the medical website – this is verified information from reliable sources. We collect this information bit by bit and present it to you in a way that best answers your questions and minimizes misunderstanding and confusion. Our goal is to provide information on diseases and treatments was available for understanding as a specialist, and the average person who faced a similar problem for the first time. The articles are written so that they are understood by both a young student and a pensioner in age.

Below is a list of the most frequently cited medical websites and portals:

Here is a list of resources, information from which can be used in individual articles of our blog. In addition, you can find links to the sources of information used in the article at the end of the article.

We add the sources we use for our articles on this page periodically. Please let us know if we miss one for some reason (with proof) and we will include the source ASAP.

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