Android Apps for Baby Care: Choosing the Best Ones

Android Apps for Baby Care

There are very useful smartphone apps to make it easier for young parents to take care of their children. Such applications suggest and remind mothers when and how to help the child, feed, bathe, and others.

In this article, we will focus on those android apps that we consider the most convenient and useful.

Baby Daybook

Android Apps for Baby Care: Choosing the Best Ones
Baby Daybook

This is one of the best apps for Android. Baby Daybook helps parents monitor and care for their baby, minimizing any omissions. Here are a few features of this app you can use on your smartphone:

Baby tracker day by day
Would you like to know how lots of diapers have you changed today or just how much milk your little one drank? This baby feeding and diaper tracker supplies a day-to-day summary of breastfeeding duration, milk amount and other info about baby activities from a newborn log.

Baby feeding tracker
This parenting app works not only as a breastfeeding tracker, but also as a baby eating tracker for bottles and solid food. This feature is not always available in other breastfeeding apps.

Newborn log synchronization
It takes a village to raise a kid, so a good tracker should permit to sync information between family members. Baby daybook permits to quickly integrate baby log with multiple caregivers, like your husband, grandma or nanny. You can filter a log by keyword, date range or other characteristics.

Searchable baby log
Sometimes you need to discover particular activities from the past rapidly. Baby daybook enables to filter baby log by keyword or date range.

It’s hard to notice baby patterns just by looking at a newborn log. This baby tracker app comes with friendly charts that will imagine the trends.

Baby sleep tracker with timeline
Are you having a tough time putting your baby to sleep? Is it prematurely or is she or he over-tired? This newborn sleep tracker reveals the visual representation of sleeping and other activities on a day by day timeline.

Baby growth tracker from newborn
See your baby weight, height and head size on a chart and compare development versus world health organization (who) averages.

And this, believe me, is not all. If you have a baby at home, we strongly recommend that you record a Baby Daybook on your smartphone and feel how much your child care will become easier and even more interesting.


Baby Tracker. Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn

Android Apps for Baby Care: Choosing the Best Ones
Baby Tracker

It must be recognized that the main concern of the mother in caring for the baby is timely feeding. And, sometimes, even multifunctional apps for smartphones that aim to help parents become only assistants in the correct feeding of the child. Therefore, we offer you a great app for Android that solves this problem. And, believe me, even Baby Tracker has a variety of features. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Your baby’s height and weight can be measured almost daily! They are also easily stored in the baby journal.
  • Record baths, temperature levels, strolls, and medications.
  • Logging and tracking activity of several children. Supports twins!
  • Track feeding by each breast or by both, if you give your baby two breasts at one feeding
  • Displays baby nursing and sleeping timers in the alert bar, so you have simple access to the App.
  • You can add a reminder for each occasion – periodic and easy-to-set.
  • Handy breastfeeding timer and sleeping timer are simple to stop and to reboot.
  • Fix solid food feeding – food and its quantity
  • Track bottle feeding
  • Fixing diaper altering, you can keep in mind whether it is wet or dirty, or both.
  • You always know how lots of diapers were altered daily.
  • If you require to reveal your milk, you can fix the number of ml/oz of each breast were pumped

More than a Million users have already made their choice in favor of Baby Tracker. We think that you will definitely like this app.



Today, the choice of applications for young mothers is very wide. And here our recommendation will be relevant: start from the popularity of the app and be sure to read reviews. Take the time to read 10, 15, 20 reviews so that you have a clear idea of the quality of the program. And then it will be difficult for you to make a wrong choice!

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