How Effective is Military Diet?

By Malia Frey – Reviewed by a board-certified physician.

Are you tempted to attempt the Military Diet? The fast weight loss program, in some cases called the “3 Day Diet,” is exceptionally popular on the web. You can lose as much as 10 pounds weekly or 30 pounds in a month while you eat vanilla ice cream! Sounds attractive, huh? Well, there’s a catch. Discover what it is – then learn more about a much easier 3-day diet that is most likely to work.

What is the Military Diet?

The Military Diet – which has no association with the military – is a “mix of low-calorie, chemically suitable foods created to interact and jump-start your weight loss.” At least that’s what the diet site says. As a licensed weight loss expert, nevertheless, I can inform you that those words are just a marketing trick with no real significance. There is no science or information supplied on the website to support the claims.

So why is the diet so popular? There is clearly someone gathering income from paid ads on the site, so there is most likely a marketing machine behind it. The language on the site and the “contact” portal would lead you to believe that there is a real individual available to answer questions or provide more information about the Military Diet. However I tried reaching out to them (anonymously) on several occasions and no one ever responded.Apple, ribbon and a glass of water

Military Diet Review: Does It Work?

The Military Diet is not most likely to work at all, however even if you do drop weight in the first few days, you might wind up putting on more weight after the diet is done. Here are a few examples of why the diet is most likely to fail:

  • There are no day of rests. This is not a diet that only takes 3 days. This strategy in fact needs you to diet all the time for a minimum of a month. You have 3 days “on” and 4 days “off.” However here’s what the site says about your four days “off”.
    ” On the 4 days off, we suggest a diet of about 1300– 1500 calories per day, made of up lean protein, veggies and easy on the carbs.”
    I needed to laugh out loud when I read this statement. Due to the fact that anyone who counts calories to eat the right amount of lean protein, the right number of carbs and plenty of veggies doesn’t need a brand-new diet. They must simply stay with the diet they’re already on.
  • Recommended foods may cause weight gain. Even if you lose a few pounds in the beginning, you may end up getting more weight later. Why? The Military diet teaches you to eat foods that can cause weight gain later – like hot dogs and ice cream.
  • The Military Diet is calorie counting in camouflage. The Military Diet is no various from other strategy that needs you to comprehend and tape-record your caloric intake. On your 3 days “on” the calories are counted for you, but only if you eat the strange mix of foods that are recommended. If you replace any food on your three days “on” you are required to measure your food and count calories. On your 4 days “off” you are likewise required to count calories.
  • Natural diet claims are doubtful. The diet claims to be “among the best natural diets.” They advise that dieters avoid artificial sweeteners because they “aren’t helpful for you.” However then the site goes on to include foods like hotdogs and Skinny Cow brand name deals with in the day-to-day meal plans. I’ve got absolutely nothing against hotdogs or Skinny Cows, however they are both packed with artificial components that aren’t natural. So this is certainly not a natural diet.
  • What about water weight? The site declares that when a dieter drops weight on the diet, it “is not simply water weight.” But there is no further documents supplied to support that statement. In basic, when you reduce weight rapidly – it’s water weight.

A Better 3-Day Diet That Works

If you have to reduce weight quickly, any diet that needs you to significantly cut calories will cause weight loss. However you’re likely to put the weight (or more weight) right back on – unless the 3-day diet teaches you how to eat better in the long run. The Military Diet does not do that. And I don’t know about you, however if I’m mosting likely to go on a diet, I want to keep the pounds off for good!

So which 3-day diet is most likely to work? There are no unique foods required and they are actually basic to follow. Most notably, they teach you to eat the foods that will give you the body you should have – lean, slim, tight and healthy.

  • My 3-Day Detox Diet to Look and Feel Better.
  • How to Lose Weight In a Week.

If you’ve got more than a few pounds to lose, think about meeting with a registered dietitian or making small changes to your daily practices to lose weight and keep it off. Remember, your health is too crucial to trust it to an anonymous, faceless fad on the web.

Find the right diet for you and invest a little effort and time into putting an affordable healthy plan in place. Is it more work in the start? Yep! However you’re much more likely to accomplish sustainable results.


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