Busted Blood Vessel in Palm of Hand

Q. In the palm of my hand in between my forefinger and thumb (at a pressure point in the crease of my hand) I have this blue swelling– it’s pretty hard and tender to press on. It appears like maybe a vein or a blood vessel burst and there’s a collection of blue blood therein, but it hasn’t disappeared.

It’s quite firm/solid to the touch. I do not wish to go to the doctor right now since I’m not one to go crazy over little things, but each time I aim to google something I cannot find anything like it.

Busted Blood Vessel in Palm of Hand

A popped blood vessel in the finger is mostly caused due to an injury to the hands or a minor trauma like when bumping or striking something using one’s hand, whether by mishap or purposely, can cause a broken blood vessel in the finger.

For instance is when an individual uses his hands to break something like a wood platform, the force used in the actual blow will certainly leave an individual’s fingers with a popped blood vessel.

Like lots of ruptured capillary in any part of the body, a popped blood vessel in a finger can recover by itself (don’t despair) accord, within two weeks and even earlier at many.

Blood blisterPopped blood vessel in a person’s hands happen when a clot forms in the blood vessel. This embolism of blood causes an obstruction and hinders the blood’s quick flow thereby triggering arteries to bulge.

The increased pressure caused by the quick blood flow then weakens the blood vessel which leads to the arteries bursting and blood leaking from the vessels.

Such a condition takes place due to a number of causes like unexpected bumping of the hand into a hard item, using the hand to break or support a heavy and hard item, high blood pressure, poor nutrition and bruising due to aging skin.

When this occurs a number of symptoms occur such as having an intense or dark red look noticeable upon the skin, pain upon contact and in some cases swelling.

Treatment for Busted Blood Vessel in Palm of Hand

Usually, a popped blood vessel is unimportant and undamaging. Mainly it takes a week or more to recover by itself (don’t despair). Nevertheless, if symptoms like pain, swelling, bleeding and bruise continues, a person can use any of the following natural home remedy:

  1. Raise hands above heart level and put ice on afflicted hand simultaneously. Avoid moving the hand too much to prevent more injury.
  2. Place a tidy cloth on the afflicted part and use continuous pressure for 15 to 20 minutes or until the bleeding stops.
  3. Generally after 24 hours, a person can begin using warm compress to the site for this will aid in recovery and blood circulation.
  4. An individual can use topical vitamin K cream or cream to apply on the bruise.

With a doctor’s advice and prescription, an individual can take medications to boost blood clot.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


  1. I did not injure my palm, all of a sudden, my palm, the raised part below the thumb, started to itch, so I lightly scratched it, then I looked at it as it started to hurt. Underneath the skin was a vein which got large and looked swollen and blue underneath the surface of the skin. The pain increased and the swelling for about 5 minutes, then it started to recede. I have a slightly raised thick blue veined lump.

  2. Same thing just happen to me 2 minutes ago

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