Can Babies Have Coconut Water?

Coconut water for babies

Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol totally free, more potassium than 4 bananas, and incredibly hydrating – these are just a few of the many advantages ascribed to America’s latest health craze: coconut water.

Naturally revitalizing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It consists of quickly absorbed carb through sugar and electrolytes. Not to be puzzled with high-fat coconut milk or oil, coconut water is a clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts.

You have been feeding your baby just breast milk and formula solution all this time. Are you are now thinking about giving her coconut water? If yes, then you’ve concerned the right place. Here is all the needed information about coconut water for children and its health benefits.

Can Babies Have Coconut Water?

Why is coconut water good for babies? Coconut water is a natural source of necessary supplements that your baby needs. It is a revitalizing wonder tonic that provides your kid instant energy. Coconut water is complete food for infants beside mother’s milk because of its lauric acid contents.

Normally, your kid’s body uses lauric acid from milk or coconut water here, to form monolaurin compound that helps to combat against illness. For that reason, it is one of the suggested foods for children and nursing mothers too.

100 grams of coconut water includes the following nutritional value:

Coconut water nutrition factsWhen Can Your Baby Have Coconut Water?

Experts advise providing coconut water to children after 6 months. Preferably, you can give up between 6 and 8 months when your baby begins on solid foods.

Rather of coconut flesh or chunks that might be hard for chewing and digestion, you ought to choose coconut water that has unbelievable advantages. It aids food digestion as well as boosts taste, aroma and flavour. You can include coconut water to your baby’s diet as follows:

  1. You can include it to rice.
  2. You can add it to mashes and purees.
  3. You can boil it in veggies and mash them.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water for Babies

If your baby doesn’t show any allergic symptoms, it is completely great to feed her coconut water for its considerable health benefits. They are as follows:

Rehydration Agent

During hot summer seasons, coconut water is the best source of rehydration. Babies, children, kids and adults are susceptible to heat stroke that could result in dehydration. Typically when you are down with a fever water vaporizes from your skin in an effort to cool you down.

When compared with the other rehydration beverages available, like sodas, coconut water is a better choice. It is the purest liquid beside the water. It a sweet natural liquid with the ideal amount of minerals, vitamins and salts.

Curative for Gastrointestinal Diseases

Stomach bug in your kid might cause fluid loss through vomiting and diarrhoea. Dehydration can hence cause numerous intestinal illness like indigestion, stomach ulcers, dysentery piles. Coconut water is the best remedy to avoid such conditions.

Alleviates Constipation

Constipation in children is something that worries parents a lot. The main factor for constipation in children is because of lack of water or fiber in diet or having excess dairy or fatty food.

By providing coconut water on a regular basis, you can prevent constipation. Coconut water being an excellent source of fiber and naturally abundant in electrolytes helps in relieving constipation.

Deals with Cholera

Diarrhoea caused by cholera in numerous cases causes dehydration and thus leads to different complications. Oral rehydration is among the treatments required for Cholera. But it’s not possible to consistently depend upon IV fluids.

And also in specific areas in the tropics where the medical products are distant, coconut water is the best alternative to keep the hydration levels in balance. As it’s easily readily available and simple to administer and is among the most typical remedies for children.


3 novel antimicrobial peptides are present in coconut water which has antimicrobial activities. Coconut water consists of monolaurin, an antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal monoglyceride that is used to eliminate lipid-coated infections such as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, flu and different pathogenic bacteria.

Coconut water by nature in a comprehensive purification procedure– is far much safer than the local systems which leave up 600 toxic disinfectant spin-offs.

Coconut water for babiesTreats Urinary Tract Infections

Infants are a lot more vulnerable to urinary tract infections. The bacterial infection can stay in kidney or bladder therefore aggravate the condition. Coconut water contains cleaning and healing properties which can treat urinary problems.

It can likewise cure bladder infections and liquifies kidney stones as it dilutes urine and eliminates numerous chemicals. When offered as a regular part of diet, it helps maintain a healthy urinary system.

Palliative for Bilious Fever

A fever along with vomiting and queasiness is bilious fever. Coconut water helps prevent dehydration as well as eases tiredness by replenishing the natural salts lost by the body when you sweat.

Coconut Water & Infant Formula

Some people use coconut water as an alternative for water together with the baby formula. In Thailand, the first solid food tasted by a baby is coconut flesh which is made soft for them. Coconut milk is likewise as an alternative to infant formula in few countries. But it’s constantly good to take coconut milk after seeking advice from a paediatrician.

Reduces Vomiting

Vomiting upsets your electrolyte balance and causes dehydration. Coconut water has a relaxing effect on the stomach that is an outstanding remedy for toddlers. Likewise, as it tastes sweet, it is more effective to the electrolyte drinks.

Treats Intestinal Worms

Coconut water is very efficient in treating intestinal disruptions in children. It kills intestinal worms. Another option is coconut grate. Take one tablespoon of newly ground coconut at breakfast, followed by 30 to 60ml of castor oil blended in 250 to 375ml of lukewarm milk after three hours, should be taken.

Help Weight Loss

Coconut water is understood to increase metabolism in the body and thus helping weight loss.

Anti-Aging Property

Coconut water is an abundant source of cytokines. Cytokines which regulate growth in plants are understood to have an anti-aging result on human cells and tissues.

Steps to Follow While Giving Coconut for Babies

You need to take these steps while providing coconut water to your little one:

  1. Constantly feed fresh coconut water.
  2. Make certain the coconut is young, i.e. green so the chances of obtaining sweeter coconut water increases.
  3. The benefits of coconut water is yielded just when drunk sip by sip and not everything down quickly!
  4. The coconut needs to be cut open in front of you.
  5. You can save the freshly gotten coconut water in fridge and take in within 24 hours.
  6. You can feed the tender coconut cream from young coconuts.
  7. Avoid fully grown coconuts– the water is more bland and the meat is not tender.

Serve Fresh

Always prefer serving fresh water made from the green coconut. Coconuts are constantly offered in the tropics. Coconut has the tendency to lose its nutrients if not fresh as it mixes with the environment.

If fresh coconut water is not readily available, then select the numerous suppliers offering coconut water. However constantly have a look at for the components and date of manufacturing. These days coconut concentrate is likewise extensively readily available in the market.

Take It Slow

Make certain your little one takes in coconut water slowly sip by sip. Your child will enjoy its benefits just when she consumes it slowly, not by gulping down rapidly.

Watch Out for Allergies

Though coconut allergies are uncommon, you have to view if your kids are allergic to coconut water. You can try to recognize the allergic symptoms in the early stages. Also, when you choose taking coconut water from suppliers, check out for the active ingredients as your child may be adverse some ingredients that are present for flavour.

There is still a dispute regarding if a Coconut is a fruit or a nut. So if your child has nut allergic reactions serve with caution.

Storage and Consumption

Raw tender coconuts can be kept at room temperature level for 5- 10 days. But once opened the water has the tendency to get sour due to enzymatic activity. You can keep your coconut water for 24 hours in a fridge. But, the water ought to not be served cold.

Coconut water is a natural beverage filled with whatever healthy. Great news for the nursing moms: Due to the similarity of resistance boosting ingredient (lauric acid) present both in coconut water and breast milk, its suggested for nursing mothers to drink coconut water.

And we all understand the risks of oxygenated, carbonated beverages pose to our children’s health which contain just empty calories. So bid farewell to the packaged fruit juices declaring all the goodness and beat the heat this summer season, the natural method– state yes to coconut water!

If you still have doubt whether it is safe to offer coconut water for your little, check with your child’s paediatrician. Moms, show us how you have provided coconut water to your babies in the comment area listed below.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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