Can You Get Herpes on Stomach?

Varicella infection in men

Q. I’ve had herpes for 13 years however my partner does not. He just recently had what kind of appeared like a herpes outbreak on his lower abdominal area! Right along where the top of his denims rub his belly. It appeared like a cluster of several blisters that did eventually exude and after that scab.

Can you get herpes there? He’s never had any sympotms anywhere else prior to. It lasted an actually very long time- a few weeks. I don’t remember my outbreak lasting that long. I have only had one really minor outbreak considering that my 1st one 13 years back.

Herpes zoster or shingles is a painful skin condition caused by an infection called herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). Herpes infection hurts blister forming rash which can affect any part of skin, however it mainly impacts back, chest, stomach, face and neck. It is the same virus from family of varicella infection which is accountable for chickenpox in children.

In fact chickenpox is a main exogenous varicella zoster virus infection.
It suggests after an attack of chickenpox a few of the infections endure and lie dormant in the sensory nerve ganglia for long period of time. Under beneficial situations they get reactivated to produce secondary varicella zoster infection called herpes zoster.

Can You Get Herpes on Stomach?

The lesions of herpes zoster are very painful and it might take 7 to 10 days to recover in natural course. Nevertheless, with anti viral medications the course of infection and its virality can be shortened.

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Herpes on stomachHerpes on stomach is caused by herpes varicella zoster infection. The infection is of the same family which causes chickenpox. The virus is of HSV-1 strain. Another virus HSV-2 is accountable for genital herpes. The site of affection of herpes zoster is primarily on abdominal area and back, however sometimes it can likewise impact neck, face and thighs.

After an attack of chickenpox in youth, the infection lies inactive in the nerve roots, mainly the sensory nerve roots. It reactivates itself under specific situations, particularly when the body immune system is low.

Herpes on stomach and abdominal area usually is a disease in adults; people above the age of 50 are normally affected, when their body immune system is weak. But it may also occur prior to this age, especially frequent herpes in a patient struggling with HIV infection. Another group of patients who are at risk are cancer patients.

The virus can likewise go into in another healthy individual if he is available in contact with the fluid in the blisters through cuts and contusions. An individual is not contagious before blisters appear. As soon as the blisters form into crusts, the lesions are no longer contagious.

Symptoms of Herpes on Stomach

An attack of herpes starts with intense sensitivity and burning sensation in the area of skin about to be impacted. The pain, burning and itching is one sided. This level of sensitivity and burning stays for 2 to 3 days prior to the fluid filled rash develops. It most typically strikes around the stomach and waist, chest, upper back or on one side of face or around one eye.

It is a neuroectodermal infection which impacts several carefully grouped spinal nerves. The unilateral pain and blisters are restricted to sensory fibers of spinal nerve which innervates the particular area of skin, in this case the skin on stomach area.

The rash is almost always unilateral. The lesions start as closely organized eruptions with red patches on skin. It advances to blister formation within 12 to 24 hours. The blisters appear in a band or a small area.

They appear on the pathway of nerves therefore lot of times you might find the blisters in a line. The rash might appear from back to front area of belly in a line or in small patches of blisters.

The blisters continue to stand for 1 to 4 days or longer. Consequently the blisters dry up and crust in 7 to 10 days. They recover totally in 2 to 3 weeks, leaving pigmented spots with mild scarring. Secondary bacterial infection and post herpetic neuralgia particularly in the elderly are complications which can happen.

Varicella infection in menHow to Get Rid of Herpes on Stomach?

In its main a couple of days when the rash has not still appeared, the pain and delicate skin is peaceful perplexing for the doctor. There are a number of causes that he may think of, however as the rash and blisters appear on stomach the scientific picture ends up being clear.

  1. Once it is diagnosed as herpes on stomach, bed rest, analgesic and soothing cream with anti viral drugs are essential treatment. Anti viral lotions and medications such as acyclovir, is typically doctors suggested prescription. Nevertheless, patient ought to always consult their physician for the dosage.
  2. If the treatment is started early, it will reduce the inflammation rapidly and shorten the course of disease. It will reduce the chances for development of post herpetic neuralgia. Sometimes antibiotics might be required in existence of secondary bacterial infection.
  3. Aloe vera gel helps to sooth burning pain. It is a natural anti inflammatory and reduces inflammation and itching.
  4. Calendula works during healing process. It also helps to avoid bacterial infection. It eases itching and helps to fix the scarred skin.
  5. In the early stage of herpes, applying ice will help to reduce itching and soreness. Take few cubes of ice in a tidy fabric and apply it on the affected area of stomach for 10 to 15 minutes.

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