Deficiency Lithium

When one mentions lithium, many people have an unfavorable reaction. And lithium in pharmacologic dosages has some dreadful drawbacks. However, lithium is, in truth, an important trace element, present in numerous water systems with some extremely beneficial impacts in the brain.

Prior to John Cade (Australian psychiatrist), mania was treated with sequestration in darkness, electroshock therapy or lobotomy, so lithium was a great choice– in reality it was the first successful pharmaceutical treatment for mental illness. It has substantial side effects: lithium is hazardous to the thyroid and kidneys (and heart in high quantities), causes weight gain, is deadly in overdose, and a great deal of the time it simply does not work.

Lithium Deficiency Symptoms

But when lithium does work, it is a wonderful thing. Suicidal depression and mood swings relieved within the week. To this day, lithium is among the few medications shown to reduce the risk of suicide. Despite the fame and long term, extensive use, nobody truly understood what lithium actually did.

A current short article sheds some light on lithium’s actual system of action. In bipolar affective disorder, there has actually been revealed to be an increase in inflammatory markers of the frontal cortex of the brain. There is also an increase in the enzymes that manage the expression of the omega 6 fat obtained arachidonic acid. When rats are provided lithium-laced or lithium-free food for 6 weeks, the lithium-dosed rats had less arachidonic acid, and more 17-OH DHA, which is an anti-inflammatory metabolite of the fish oil, DHA.Radishes

Interestingly enough, lithium has actually been revealed to be the only effective drug (at least to slow the progression down) in another inflammatory, progressive, and inevitably deadly neurotoxic disease, ALS, which is likewise referred to as Lou Gerhig’s disease, and lithium is being studied in HIV, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Now that we’ve seen some of the silver lining of lithium, let’s look at what occurs in populations who get a consistent trace quantity of it in the water. Back in 1989, Schrauzer and Shrestha released a paper called “Lithium in Drinking Water and the Incidences of Crimes, Suicides, and Arrests Related to Drug Addictions.”The Content of Lithium in 100 g of product

They took info about the lithium level in the water of 27 counties in Texas. Seems that counties with greater lithium levels in the water had a statistically substantial decline in the occurrence of murder, suicide, and violent criminal habits. Now to put things into point of view, a high lithium water content equates to about 2mg of lithium a day. Pharmacologic psychiatric doses usually start at 300mg daily.Carrots and carrot juice

Cause of Autism Study

Jim Adams discovered that in an examination of hair samples from children with autism that lithium values were substantially lower in kids of autism and their mothers. He has made comparable observations on many children with autism checked through The Great Plains Laboratory.

The lithium values of some children with autism are in the most affordable one percentile. However, making use of extremely purified water to prevent intake of hazardous chemicals may have denied pregnant women of a trace amount of lithium discovered in faucet water needed for typical brain development and this deficiency lithium appears to be a substantial autism risk element. This switch to cleansed mineral water has happened in the past 20 years during the same time as the rise in the autism epidemic.Lithium in foods carrots, sauerkraut, peaches and radishes

The tenfold increase in mineral water usage corresponds almost precisely with an approximate ten-fold increase in autism incidence over the same period. It is possible that this factor might in truth be equal in significance to mercury exposure as an autism risk aspect.

In very percentages lithium appears to be a necessary aspect required for great psychological health. Areas of the nation where lithium is present at high levels in the drinking water have less violence and crime. A research study of 27 Texas counties found that the occurrences of suicide, murder and rape were considerably higher in counties whose drinking water materials consisted of little or no lithium compared to counties with higher water lithium levels, after fixing for population density.Fresh sauerkraut

Scalp hair lithium levels show the typical intakes of bioavailable lithium over a period of a number of weeks to months and represent a noninvasive means of figuring out the dietary lithium consumption. Moreover, lithium is had to transport folate and vitamin B12 into the brain. The typical deficiencies of lithium might be among the factors children with autism need such high doses of particular kinds of these vitamins.

A common hair profile of a child with autism is displayed in the adjoining diagram, showing the exceptionally low lithium intakes typical in autism. Blood checks done at conventional medical laboratories procedure lithium but only are useful to determine the very high lithium levels connected with lithium drug therapy. Such tests are worthless for the measurement of the extremely low lithium levels connected with nutritional lithium.Peach and peach juice

How Much Lithium Does the Body Need

A provisional Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for a 70 kg grownup of 1,000 mcg/day (about 1% of the dose of lithium typically used as a pharmaceutical representative) has been suggested for a 70 kg adult, corresponding to 14.3 mcg per kg body weight.

Keep in mind carefully that mcg represents micrograms, not milligrams!

Dosages of lithium between 150-400 mcg each day (doses that are nutritional instead of pharmacological) resulted in enhanced mood in drug abusers, a few of whom had a long history of drug abuse. The nutritional use of lithium is totally safe. No safety assessments or blood tests have to be done for nutritional supplements of lithium in contrast to using lithium as a drug, which needs blood testing to avoid poisonous overdose.

Health Tips

In human beings, specified deficiency lithium diseases have not yet been characterized. Though, remarkably enough, low lithium consumption from local water products are associated with increased rates of suicides, murders, and arrest rates for substance abuse and other criminal activities. It appears that when people have low or “functionally lacking” lithium consumption, they’re just less happy and potentially more upset and reactive.

If hair worths are low or a person just consumes purified deionized or reverse-osmosis water, I believe the individual ought to take lithium supplements. New Beginnings Nutritionals has a hassle-free liquid which contains 50 mcg lithium per drop.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend.


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  1. We would be very interested in knowing the authors and titles of the lithium deficiency studies mentioned above, especially any that discuss the relationship of tap water to fetal development. Are there also studies regarding bottled water and fetal development?

    May we know if El Paso was one of 27 counties in the study mentioned above?

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