What diseases are dangerous for pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a good time to get sick! The most dangerous for your baby’s health are infectious diseases.

Even the most prosaic cold or a common cold causes a lot of anxiety for most expectant mothers. This is not surprising, because now the main concern of a woman is to take care of the health of her unborn baby.

Referring to the specialists of our clinic, you will get not only recommendations on the treatment of your illness, but also detailed advice on how to strengthen immunity during pregnancy.


The most dangerous to your baby’s health are infectious diseases.

Rubella. One of the most dangerous diseases. If you fall ill with rubella in the first trimester of pregnancy, an abortion is highly recommended because of the high risk of abnormalities in the newborn. The appearance of symptoms in the 2-3 trimester is not as dangerous. But in any case, if you have not had rubella before and have not been vaccinated, you should be vaccinated before planning a pregnancy.

Toxoplasmosis. Another disease for which you should abort the pregnancy, if its symptoms appeared before 13-14 weeks. Otherwise, it is extremely likely that the fetus will develop serious malformations. To prevent toxoplasmosis, a pregnant woman should refuse to eat half raw meat, fish, wash vegetables and lettuce very carefully. Careful handling of cats is also extremely important. This disease can be treated only from the second trimester of pregnancy.

Measles, chicken pox, viral influenza. Because of the high fever associated with these diseases, miscarriage may occur. On small terms, fetal abortion is possible. However, fetal malformations are not a cause for concern.

Mumps. Usually, this disease does not bring malformations to your baby. Of course, if you communicate with a sick child, you can get an immunoglobulin injection for prevention.

Chlamydia. This sexually transmitted disease will not harm your baby before delivery. However, at birth in 30% of cases, the baby may become infected with this virus. Conjunctivitis and pneumonia are the consequences. Treatment of this disease in the first trimester of pregnancy is undesirable.

Herpes. If the expectant mother suffers from genital herpes virus, doctors will recommend a cesarean section, otherwise the baby may die after delivery due to high fever, vomiting, encephalitis.

Cytomegalovirus infection. Most people are carriers of this infection without being aware of it. It is much worse when a woman gets this infection while pregnant. Antibodies have not yet had time to develop, and the infection easily penetrates the baby’s body. Unfortunately, this is fraught with the development of various defects in the child and the possibility of miscarriage.

HIV infection. A chronic infection in which a person’s immune system is compromised. Of course, if therapy is carried out in time, the risk of infecting your baby is small: about 2%. However, if treatment is not carried out, this risk increases to 30%.

So, we conclude

  • Firstly, it is important to understand that there are no safe infections.
  • Secondly, only timely treatment and preventive measures can protect your child from contracting different types of infections.
  • And thirdly: never self-medicate. Only a doctor can correctly identify the problem, prescribe a course of treatment and monitor your condition and the health of your baby.

Remember, your main task is to take care of yourself and your future baby.

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