Droopy Eyebrows: Causes and Treatment

Human eye, droopy eyebrow

The upper eyelids mask the eye for protection and to dampen the surface area. When the eyelids are closed, the eyes are still safeguarded although obviously, one can not translucent the eyelid. The levator muscle is essential in making the upper eyelid from the sight’s method.

Droopy Eyebrow

Saggy eyebrows might happen even prior to people age. The following are a few of the facts about saggy eyebrows:

  • If the levator muscle is not strained due to hard and added work load, it needs to work fine. In the forehead, the eyebrow position will create the starting point for the upper eyelid function.     Now, if the brow is too low, the levator muscle can not support the eyelid effectively.
  • A saggy eyebrow might likewise indicate an eye condition known as ptosis upper eyelid. It is a partial paralysis of the muscle.
  • There are also times when droopy eyebrows and extreme skin on the eyelid are a problem.
  • Sinking nose can also add to the sagging of the eyebrows.
  • Saggy eyebrow can make individuals look fatigued, stressed, and tired even if they are well-rested.
  • A more severe saggy eyebrow can affect the eyesight since the upper eyelids will droop down.human eye, droopy eyebrow

Droopy Eyebrow Causes

The saggy eyebrow can have various causes. A few of them are due to stress, fatigue, uneasyness, and lack of sleep. Sometimes, it is because of aging. Nevertheless, if none of these are the causes of drooping of an eyebrow, then, maybe, the listed causes listed below can be of help:

  • Brow ptosis. Eyebrows prevent the wetness such as rain and sweat from flowing into one’s eyes. The bones in the eyebrows offer tones to the eyes and safeguard them versus sunlight. Ptosis is the condition in which the tissues in the eyes lose their flexibility, consequently, making them droop.
  • The consequences of saggy eyebrows are:
    Having the upper eyelid to bulge, touch, and overlap the eyelashes. Then the eyes may lessen or set deeper than previously.

Treatment for Droopy Eyebrows

If the saggy eyebrows are due to tiredness, stress, lack of liquid intake and sleep, then the treatment is naturally natural also. The diet is amongst that must have changes, which are:

  • Picking veggies for the diet. This can make the meal diversified by making tossed salad and other preparations that use veggies as the primary ingredients.
  • Eye exercises. The actions involved are:
    Putting one’s 3 middle fingers of each hand under each of the eyebrow.
    Let the palms rest flat on one’s face.
    Push the eyebrows upwards carefully and slightly outwards, while the eyes are open.
    Lower the eyebrows carefully and slowly while one’s eyes are still open. Hold it for ten seconds.
  • Eyebrow lift. It is a surgical procedure in which the eyebrows are lifted or elevated.

Health Tips

A lot of eyebrows naturally droop or descend with age. The skin and connective tissue around the eyes and eyebrows weaken, that makes them drop. The side of the eyebrows have the tendency to drop more than the part of the brow near the nose.

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You are too young for age to be a cause. Another typical cause of saggy eyebrows is hereditary or genetic. Do your siblings, parents, or other relative have droopy eyebrows?

A more worrying cause is damaging of the facial nerve. The facial nerve manages the muscles of the face. When this nerve is weak, the muscles it provides also become weak. Weak facial muscles lead to saggy eyebrows. Other parts of your face may appear droopy too. Sometimes facial nerve weakness (ie. facial paralysis) may be related to odd sensations of the face or taste. There many causes of facial paralysis.

Talk to your primary care doctor to carry out a detailed assessment, who might then refer you to an expert for further screening.

Houtan Chaboki, MD.


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