Eating Dates During Pregnancy

Ripe dates

While dates do not seem particularly unique with their unusually old and wrinkly, brown outside, they’re satisfyingly chewy and tasty. Reportedly the most labor extensive to grow and gather, medjools are not just one of the most popular varieties– they are the just one that can be chosen and consumed fresh.

Date palms begin to bear fruit at three to five years, and are completely mature at 12 years. Cultivated in arid regions of the world, wild populations can still be discovered around Jordan and the border between Iran and Iraq.

Popular uses worldwide include date vinegar, chutney, date paste for pastry shop products, flavorings and roasted entire date seeds. The tree’s buds (hearts of palm) are yummy additions to salads.

Pregnancy is a time of different cravings and food extravagances. As an expectant mommy, you want to make sure that what you eat is certainly healthy for you and the baby. Once you are pregnant, nearly everybody begins encouraging you on what to eat and what to avoid. One such food product that has a great deal of confusion surrounding it is — dates.Big date

Viewpoint on this is divided, with some stating dates are filled with nutrition and needs to be consumed during pregnancy, while others asking you to remain off. The best way to eliminate all your doubts and be absolutely safe about what you eat is to contact your doctor. Also, it is important to know the positives and negatives about eating dates in pregnancy that will help you make an informed option.

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We have compiled a simple guide for you to decide whether it is good to take in dates during pregnancy or not.

Eating Dates During Pregnancy

When it pertains to the number of minerals, vitamins, and health-benefiting phytonutrients in dates, suffice it to state there are a lot of them. Firstly, they’re easily digested, permitting your body to make complete use of their goodness.

There is no clear research study to indicate that dates need to not be had during pregnancy. In reality, they are filled with nutrients that can benefit both you and your baby.

Dietary fiber in dates helps to move waste smoothly through your colon and helps prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol absorption by binding with substances consisting of cancer-causing chemicals. The iron content, an element of hemoglobin in red blood cells, figures out the balance of oxygen in the blood. Potassium, an electrolyte, helps manage your heart rate and blood pressure. B-vitamins contained in dates, such as the carotenes lutein and zeaxanthin, soak up into the retina to keep ideal light-filtering functions and safeguard versus macular degeneration.Orange dates

Desire more? They contain vitamins A and K. Vitamin A secures the eyes, maintains healthy skin and mucus membranes, and even secures the lungs and mouth from establishing cancer. Tannins, which are flavonoids in addition to polyphenolic anti-oxidants, battle infection and inflammation and help prevent excessive bleeding (anti-hemorrhagic). Vitamin K is a blood coagulant that likewise helps metabolize your bones.

Copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), niacin, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin are likewise present in dates and supply their own special preventive and healing functions.

Together, these cofactors help your body metabolize carbs, protein, and fats. Eating dates in moderation can add to lots of health benefits, such as securing versus damage to cells from complimentary radicals, assisting avoiding a stroke, coronary heart disease and the development of colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic cancers.

Dates are abundant sources of proteins, fiber and lots of vitamins, while being extremely low in fat. They contain a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber and hence are practical in preserving your digestive system. Dates have an excellent amount of natural sugars. They are rich in potassium and low in sodium, and hence help control the nervous system.

Here are some of the most essential benefits of eating dates during pregnancy:


Folate or folic acid helps in the development of brand-new cells and avoids a kind of anemia. It helps in the avoidance of dangerous abnormality which might harm the brain and spine of your newborn, like Spina bifida and Anencephaly.Eating dates during pregnancy

Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays a key role in blood clot and keeping the bones strong. Babies are generally born with low levels of Vitamin K and hence the requirement for settlement during pregnancy. Shortage of Vitamin K in infants can be hazardous because it impacts the blood clot, and can lead to a harmful circumstance. It also assists in bone development of the baby.

Great Sugars

During pregnancy your body needs a great deal of energy. Sugar is the fastest energy company.


Protein consists of amino acid, which are the building blocks of your body. Even as your body stretches and grows to accommodate the baby, so does the fetus. To support this growth, your body requires an appropriate quantity of proteins.Ripe dates and leaves


It helps in keeping a healthy digestive system and helps in handling pregnancy associated constipation. It reduces the cholesterol levels and keeps you protected from infections. There is constantly a possibility of establishing pregnancy associated blood pressure and diabetes, and this is where fiber helps. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy. You will frequently feel hungry and the fiber in dates will supply a sensation of fullness for a long period of time.


Iron plays an important role in a number of metabolic procedures. In addition to globin particles, iron helps in making oxygen reach all the cells of the body. It is particularly essential during pregnancy due to the fact that iron is an essential part of myoglobin, collagen and enzymes. It prevents anemia in the child and makes immunity stronger.


Potassium is one of the most essential electrolytes in the body. It helps in maintaining the blood pressure. Potassium also helps in keeping water balance during pregnancy. It helps in maintaining heart health, digestive tract and optimal muscle operating. During pregnancy, intake of sufficient quantity of potassium helps in your nerves and muscles function. A deficiency of potassium causes kidney problems and can also cause death.


Magnesium helps in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions across the cell membranes which help in muscle contraction and typical heart rhythm.Date palm

It helps in the formation of teeth and bones and also preserves blood sugar levels. Research recommends that inadequate intake of magnesium during pregnancy can result in elevated blood pressure, liver and kidney abnormalities, bad vision, and so on.

A study from Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2011 suggests that dates can help in easy delivery since it causes cervical dilation and also reduces the period of labor. Do examine this with your doctor if you are prepared for a natural birth.

It is constantly important to remember that anything you take in must be held in moderation. The same applies to dates, and you ought to just have a handful a day, not more.

Have a word with your doctor and when you get the consent, include this scrumptious and healthy food in your benefits of eating dates during pregnancy.

Studies Done on Dates

Cadmium, a widely known testicular toxicant, was tested against date palm pollen extract for restorative potential and ability to avoid reproductive damage. The results supported scientists’ hypothesis that not only are the testicles susceptible to cadmium contaminants, however that date palm pollen extract treatment can also change its deleterious results, probably by triggering testicular endocrine and antioxidant systems.Ripe dates

Another research study reported the most prominent health advantages of dates: there are at least 15 minerals in dates, consisting of selenium, a component thought to assist avoid cancer and important in immune function, protein, consisting of 23 types of amino acids, a few of which are not present in the most popular fruits, such as oranges, apples, and bananas. Unsaturated fatty acids include palmitoleic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids. The research study concluded that dates could be considered a nearly ideal food, with a vast array of vital nutrients and prospective health advantages.

Health Tips

From the primeval banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the date palm has actually offered the Phoenix dactylifera – the botanical name for dates – as an essential food and medical source throughout the world.

Iron for your blood, fiber for roughage, vitamin A for your eyes, potassium for your heart, B-vitamins, tannins – these are just a few of the lots of nutrients in dates, making them one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They have a worthy history that healers have used through centuries for a lot of the same properties they’re used for today.

Dates are a fantastic treat all on their own (only by the Will of Allah). But ensure you eat them in small amounts, as fruits can contain high levels of fructose that can harm your health. For a brand-new twist, attempt packing them with a mix of chopped raw almonds and walnuts, and raw cream cheese for a delicious, nutritious– and totally special– starters.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend.


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