Is Eating Ice Bad for You?

Ice cubes

Q. I have low iron and taking mess for it. I eat so much ice it makes my nose run. I tongue hurts due to all the ice eat. I eat so much my fridge do not make sufficient so I purchase 2 bags of ice.

The ice feels excellent and it unwinds me. I have no idea what to do about my tongue if anybody can help. It’s 3:45 am and I’m texting ya eating a huge cup of ice, often I have a bowl.i hate having dry mouth. Is eating ice bad for you?

Practically everyone knows somebody who is addicted to eating ice. They crunch on ice cubes all day. They get up in the middle of the night to chew ice.

They have preferred ice cube trays and go out of their method to obtain ice from particular places. They actually go bananas if they can’t get ice. Perhaps you’re one of them.

Why Do People Eat Ice?

Ice eating is called pagophagia, and it’s one specific type of a more general medical condition that’s described as pica. Individuals with pica have a compulsive desire to eat things that have no nutritional worth, such as ice or cornstarch, or even things that aren’t food at all, like clay, dirt, chalk, or paint chips.

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Compared to gnawing on pencil erasers or peeling the paint off the baseboards, chewing on a little ice does not seem all that bad, does it? Nevertheless, it can signify a medical issue.

Ice cubesAs with other forms of pica, the obsession to chew ice is frequently a sign of severe iron shortage. That’s most likely why so many women report establishing an ice-chewing practice during pregnancy. Since iron needs are really high during pregnancy, pregnant women commonly establish iron deficiency anemia.

Another group of individuals that are at high risk of iron and other nutrient shortages are those who have had stomach bypass surgery. Due to the fact that the size of the stomach is so dramatically lowered by this surgery, patients can eat only really small amounts of food, which certainly restricts the amount of nutrients they can take in.

Plus, their capability to absorb food and soak up nutrients is considerably impaired. That, by the method, is just one reason I think that gastric bypass must be used only as a last option and accompanied by much more intensive nutritional therapy and support than it typically is.

What Do Food Cravings Mean?

If you are a consistent ice chewer, you need to absolutely check for anemia. Lots of people discover that if they remedy the iron deficiency, the craving for ice disappears.

Some individuals say that when you have a yearning for a certain food, it’s a sign that your body requires the nutrients because food. However ice is not a great source of iron or other nutrients.

So, although eating ice isn’t really most likely to cause anemia, it’s certainly not going to cure it, either.

Another reason that you may be attracted to ice eating if you’re anemic is that anemia can make your tongue and gums sore or cause a burning sensation in your mouth, which chewing ice can help to eliminate.

What Should You Do If You Crave Ice?

If you’re a compulsive ice chewer, it is highly most likely that you are suffering from iron deficiency anemia. It’s vitally important to talk to your doctor to see whether you might require treatment for that.

Many people discover that when they remedy the iron shortage, the yearning for ice disappears. Other medical conditions or medications can cause dry mouth so if you chew ice since your mouth always feels dry, talk to your doctor about that too.

However eating ice can also just be a practice. Individuals start eating ice to alleviate a dry mouth or out of monotony or to eliminate stress or to quell the desire to treat, and over time it turns into a routine … or even an obsession.

If any practice or habits starts to seriously disrupt your assurance or your ability to lead a delighted, productive life, you ‘d probably wish to seek advice from a mental health specialist.

Lemon with iceIs Eating Ice Bad for You?

But if you’ve ruled out underlying medical problems and your ice chewing practice isn’t threatening your relationships or your lifestyle, exists any damage in ice eating?

As I’ve discussed before, the concept that eating ice or drinking iced beverages can harm your gastrointestinal tract or give you stomach cancer is a misconception. It will not dilute your stomach acid or disrupt food digestion.

As long as you’re not eating on ice to the exemption of healthy foods, it’s unlikely to lead to any nutritional problems. In reality, as I pointed out previously, drinking water or eating ice is sometimes used as a tool to avoid over-eating both by keeping your mouth hectic and by using up stomach space that you may otherwise be lured to fill up with donuts.

Eating ice can split your teeth, however– which can get pricey.

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