How to Get Rid of Overgrown Cuticles

Looking after nails and its cuticles might seem to be irrelevant for many, however it is thought about vital for great hygiene. Though nails may be an object of appeal and affection, they play a crucial anatomical role. Nails protect the ends of fingers and toes from trauma.

Cuticle is a fold of thick skin which joins the nail plate and the proximal nail fold. Cuticle makes the exterior groove waterproof and it secures the area from intrusion by harmful bacteria.

Thick cuticles may appear unsightly; they might also result in specific nail concerns such as stunted nail growth as well as hangnails.

For that reason in keeping healthy fingernails, looking after cuticles is of prime value. Bad cuticles not just look dreadful, but they can likewise be exceptionally painful. Fortunately, overgrown and damaged cuticles are easy to fix.

Overgrown Cuticles Causes and Symptoms


Inappropriate maintenance is the key aspect responsible for overgrowth of cuticles. If overgrowth of cuticle is not controlled, it might outgrow proportion covering large part of the nail.

Cuticle oilThick cuticles invite a number of nail problems such as restricted nail growth, infection, hangnails, etc. the majority of problems associated with overgrown cuticle can be easily solved by proper upkeep of nail and changing or enhancing personal habits.

Certain skin-related conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, erythroderma etc can produce dry skin in addition to dryness of cuticles. Cuticles likewise grow at a fast speed in such conditions.

Vascular and neurogenic conditions can hinder nutrition and growth of nails. Stress and strain, doing excessive paperwork, operating in hard water and with detergent all are contributing aspects for bad cuticle health.


If the overgrown cuticles are not taken care of, they are prone to hangnails and dryness. It can likewise result in split cuticles.

All the discussed problems of cuticles can expose it to bacteria and other microorganisms such as fungus. As soon as bacteria and fungus gets an entry in the nail bed through the harmed cuticle, it triggers infection.

  1. Swelling and pus development are the complications of terribly managed thick cuticles. With pus and swelling in the nail bed, patient may complain of throbbing pain.
  2. Overgrowth of cuticles can affect nail growth. The nails become stunted.

How to Get Rid of Overgrown Cuticles

It is possible to eliminate thick cuticles in a hair salon with the help of manicurist. It can likewise be done at home with the help of some oil, moisturizer, and other cuticle tools.

Nevertheless, it is required to bear in mind that cuticles must never be cut or cut as there is a risk of infection setting in later. Second of all it’s not a great idea to chew thick cuticles and third do not forcibly push the cuticles back as this might lead to damage to the nails.

Here is an easy method to get rid of thick cuticle:

  1. Cuticles are constantly thirsty for hydration. Prior to you start, use some oil such as olive oil. You can massage the oil on the finger nails. Oil is an excellent moisturizer. It simplifies for the cuticles to be pushed back.
  2. After using the oil, let the nails dry for five to ten minutes.
    Now with the help of a specific cuticle elimination tool, push back the cuticle in a mild way.
  3. You need to start from the base to eliminate finger nail cuticles. And then proceed towards the sides of the nails.
  4. When you push the cuticles, it gets slightly raised from the nails.
  5. Now cut the ditched cuticle skin that is present on the nail bed with cuticle scissors, keep in mind to cut just loose skin.
  6. Now use little oil on the scrapped area and carefully massage the area.
  7. The instruments that are used for this function needs to be correctly sanitized so regarding avoid secondary infection.
  8. Apply a cuticle cream. As they state, avoidance is much better than remedy– and there are ways to stop bad cuticles from forming in the first place. Cuticle creams include fats and waxes to secure skin, replenish lost wetness and keep cuticles soft and healthy. For the very best results, rub it into nail beds early morning and night.

Invest in a cuticle eliminator. Cuticle removers soften the skin surrounding the nail and– you thought it– help to obtain rid of dry, broken and thick cuticles. In other words, they do what manicure scissors do, without breaking the skin.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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