Heat Blisters


A heat blister is a small eruption of the skin that is normally filled with fluid. Heat blisters can develop on your feet, between the legs and on your lips. Heat blisters usually appear in clusters on the skin.

Caused by prolonged exposure to sunshine (as with a sunburn) or intense heat, these blisters can typically be rather painful.

For many people heat blisters are a typical complaint during the hot summertime. Heat blisters can likewise be caused by direct contact with a hot things. In many cases, the heat blisters might get infected and blood or pus might gather.

Treatment for Heat Blisters

For the most parts, heat blisters recover on their own (don’t despair) and should be left alone. Nevertheless, in cases where the blister hurts or remains in a location that is uncomfortable, it may be required to lance it.

Among the best methods to obtain rid of a heat blister on the feet or between the legs is to pierce it. Nevertheless, it’s very hazardous to do this yourself. Rather visit your doctor to obtain it done.

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He will start the procedure by swabbing the area with alcohol to obtain it completely tidy. Using a sharp disinfected needle, the blister will be punctured a number of times and allowed to drain.

When all the liquid inside is eliminated, the blister will be covered with a bandage or gauze to accelerate the recovery procedure. An antibiotic lotion might also be recommended to prevent any infection from establishing. After a few days, the dead skin of the blister will be removed and a bandage will be reapplied.

Home Remedies for Heat Blisters

Prevent popping a blister or peeling it. This will only cause an infection and intensify the situation. In case you have developed a heat blister on the lips or on the feet and it’s triggering excessive pain, anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers might help in reducing the discomfort.

Other easy home remedies to treat heat blisters include:

  • use an ice bag to the blister to reduce pain and swelling.
  • wash the blister with a cold saline service. Pat dry and apply a paste of cornstarch and water over the blister. Let it dry on the skin for half an hour before cleaning off. This will help dry the blister gradually.
  • if you struggle with heat blisters in summertime, keep hydrated at all times. Shower often and use light cotton clothing that enables the skin to breath.
  • prevent direct exposure to the sun and always wear a sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • aloe vera gel used to the blister can help accelerate the recovery process.
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