Hip Abduction and Adduction Exercise Machines

Hip abduction and adduction exercise machines are quite popular ways to strengthen your muscles.

When you walk into a fitness center, you’ll discover workout machines of every sizes and shape that can be used to work almost every muscle group in your body, including the hip abductors and adductors. This machine needs you to straddle the leg levers to work the target muscles, leaving you in a rather vulnerable position. Regardless of the awkwardness, the actual effectiveness of the hip abduction and adduction machine is up for argument.

Universal Hip Machine

The hip abduction and adduction is a machine that goes through a slight adjustment to work the adductor muscle groups on your inner thighs and the abductor muscle groups on the outside of your hips. To work the abductors, location your legs inside the pads and press external against them, working against the resistance. Change the machine as essential and place your legs on the outside of the pads. Press into the pads to draw your legs together to work your adductor muscles.

hip adduction machines

How Does Hip Abduction and Adduction Machine Work?

Among the biggest problems with the hip abduction and adduction machine is that the motions you perform on it are not motions you would perform in reality. In other words, they are not functional movements. The abductor and adductor muscle groups are mostly used as stabilizer muscles when you stand, walk, run and just move throughout your day. The machine forces you to sit, taking the remainder of the working muscles like the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quads out of play.

Strengthen the Target Muscles

The one thing the hip abduction and adduction machine does successfully is strengthen the target muscles, however, this is not always an advantage. Due to the fact that these muscles function as stabilizers, they are not indicated to be extremely strong but rather are made to support the larger and stronger quads, hamstrings and glutes. Isolating the muscles with heavy weights and a minimal series of movement, which is what is provided by the machine, can cause muscle imbalances and possible joint issues down the road. If you prefer seclusion exercises, ensure you work every muscle group similarly to avoid potential issues.

Is This Machine Convenient for Losing Weight?

Some think that utilizing the hip abduction and adduction machine will lead to streamlined, slim thighs; sadly, that is not the case. The machine does have the possible to strengthen your muscles, but when it pertains to fat loss, you have no control over where the fat comes from — working your legs will not make you slim down in your legs. All parts of your body collaborate as one fluid machine. When you exercise and burn calories, the resulting weight loss originates from your body as a whole rather than one particular area. To mention it simply, spot-reduction is a misconception, and the only method to get leaner thighs is to work your whole body.

Why Do We Need an Alternative

If you desire your journey to the fitness center to be efficient and efficient, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to think about a number of options to the hip abduction and adduction machine. Substance motions such as the squat, sumo squat, lunges, side lunges and kettlebell swings dynamically strengthen your abductors and adductors together with the rest of your muscles in your legs. If you’re still stuck on isolation work, provide cable television abduction and adduction exercises a shot. They have the same concept as the machine however include a lot more natural motion and allow you to move your legs through their complete variety of movement, strengthening the whole of the muscles.

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