How to Become Thick Fast

How to Become Thick Fast

How to become thick in the shortest possible time? Usually, this question is asked by those who want to become thicker for a specific purpose: sports, excessive thinness, and so on. In this article, we will clearly explain the basic principles of rapid body weight gain.

Give a Signal Your Body To Stock Up On Fat

How do I do this? The human body tries to store energy in case you need a lot of it. If you lead a sluggish, physically passive lifestyle, then you need to change it. I suggest that you do a large number of sit-UPS and push-UPS in one workout. First, you should determine your current maximum for sit-UPS and push-UPS. For example, you can sit down 20 times at a time and do push – UPS 10 times (if you find it difficult to do push-UPS from the floor, then put your hands on a chair or sofa-it will be easier.)

Your exercise program for training will be as follows:

  1. 10 squats
  2. 4 push-ups
  3. 12 squats
  4. 6 push-ups
  5. 14 squats
  6. 8 push-ups
  7. 12 squats
  8. 6 push-ups
  9. 10 squats
  10. 4 push-ups

The interval between exercises should not exceed 1 minute. Ideally, stick to 30 to 40 seconds between exercises.

After this workout, you should be very tired. If you are not tired, then you need to increase the number of repetitions in each point. Do this with your mind, so that you reach complete fatigue after the 10th exercise.

Many may ask: “Hey, we want to gain weight, not lose weight!” In fact, our training is a powerful signal to the body that we have spent energy. Therefore, the body will try to compensate for the energy expenditure, as well as stock up on the case of such a workout. Now you need to eat (see below what is better to eat.)

Have you noticed that athletes who have finished their careers and have given up the physical activities that their bodies are used to, gain weight dramatically? You and I will simulate this process, but at a short distance to quickly become a thicker.

The training described above should be repeated after 3 days, then a break for 4 days and again this training, then a break for 5 days. Then follow the training regime once a week. During the break, your body will accumulate energy (fat) to be ready for possible loads.

Eating and Sleeping

In order for the body to gain weight effectively, it needs to be helped. You should eat no more than 3 times a day. After eating, try to sleep or at least lie down. If you eat often, the body will “understand” that there are no problems with food and do not stock up much.

Eating between Eating

Eat more cookies and sweets with tea or carbonated juices. Sweet treats and liquid help to Deposit fat in the body. This should be used. Try to chew food well so that it is better absorbed.

What to Eat to Become Thick Fast?


For Breakfast: drink sweet tea or some high-calorie drink (Cola or something similar is quite suitable.) White bread (rolls) with jam or chocolate butter will be good for your purpose. You can also diversify your Breakfast with butter and sausage sandwiches. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of eating too much. Have a good rest after Breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner can be the same. The main thing is that the products are selected in the appropriate combination. In General, prepare what you like so that you can eat with pleasure and satisfying.

Beef and lamb in fried form with a side dish of potatoes or pasta is a great option for those who want to quickly gain weight and become more curvier and thick.

Use different appetizers so that you can eat more. Pickles and other vegetables will not only improve your appetite, but also help you retain fluid in your body.

Wash down your food with sweet drinks.


During the period of weight gain, you urgently need to consume vitamin. I recommend purchasing a set of multivitamins (for example, on Amazon) and maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in the body. Not quite healthy food that you will have to eat, can not provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. So we need to help him.

Listen To Your Body

Yes, this is not surprising – each body is unique and can react differently to changes in diet and lifestyle. Try to approach weight gain correctly, so that you do not regret it later. In addition, if you yourself notice that a particular product or exercise contributes better to your goal of getting thick, then give it priority.

Important Note

Please note that you should consult your doctor before using the above tips. They are effective, but if you have some kind of illness or disorder, then some of the suggestions may harm you. Therefore, do not rush to take advantage of our recommendations if you are in doubt that they can harm you.

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