How to Learn to Do Push-Ups

What does it take to do a lot of push-ups? “To do a lot of push-ups, you have to do a lot of push-ups”. Doing a lot of push-ups is not vital, but improving your fitness level is at least good for your health. Let’s learn how to do push-ups right.

Benefits of push-ups

How to Learn to Do Push-Ups

There is a huge amount of information about the benefits of exercise, specifically about push-ups it should be noted that this exercise practically has no contraindications to its performance, the ability to make this exercise easier or harder makes it accessible to people of any level of fitness and does not require special equipment, space or even sports equipment.

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Are there any harm from push-ups?

If the technique is correct and the load corresponds to the current state of the body of the performer, it is quite a safe exercise.

How to do push-ups correctly?

There are quite a few varieties of push-ups: with emphasis on chest muscles (aimed at the middle, upper and lower, as well as the inner part), to train triceps, shoulders (deltoids).

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The technique of a classic push-up

Initial position:

The hands are slightly wider than the shoulders and under the shoulder joints, the shoulder blades are brought, the anatomically correct curves of the spine are fixed.

Technique of execution:

Descend by bending the arms at the elbow joints, continuing to hold the shoulder blades in this position and maintaining the anatomically correct curves of the spine, elbows pointing at about a 45-50 degree angle from the torso, then smoothly return to the starting position.

The amplitude will depend on the level of training, ideally until your chest touches the floor. It is necessary to feel that the weight of the body is placed on the arms, the shoulder blades are connected all the time and the bends of the spine are kept in the correct position.

How many push-ups should I do?

Here everyone will have a different maximum. To determine it, you need to do one approach to failure on a particular day (this is when you are unable to perform the exercise in the correct technique). Then there are several strategies to increase the number of reps, the simplest one is to do 3-5 sets of maximal number of push-ups, add push-ups with emphasis on muscle synergies (triceps, delts). You can do them on different days.

As for the number of push-ups, everything depends on the level of training of the performer: starting from 3 and up to 10+.

What other types of push-ups are there?

other type of push-ups

There are many variations of push-ups with a shift in emphasis on one or another muscle group.

For example:

  • Push-ups with narrow arm placement (triceps and inner chest),
  • Reverse push-ups (triceps),
  • Push-ups on uneven bars in different variations.
  • Bench press (example for the gym).
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