Infant Hyperactivity

Some infants are higher upkeep than others.While some are content to simply lie in their baby cribs or swings and view the world pass, others are demanding and needy from day one.They have to be moved constantly and may appear bored with their environments at an early age These infants may be described “hyperactive.”

Symptoms of Infant Hyperactivity

According to pediatrician Dr. Sears, author of more than 30 books on pediatric medication and an associate clinical teacher of pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, hyperactivity in a baby or toddler is not a condition, but a description. These are the children who frequently appear restless and seem to have a motor that does not shut down, and who can not sit still for a meal and even a fast picture.

According to, hyperactive children move constantly, cry frequently, have trouble sleeping and have to be rocked all the time. Lots of have colic. Some infants outgrow these symptoms, while others continue these habits into their toddler and early childhood years.


A child who appears hyper in some situations might not appear so in others. A high-energy baby who is put in a room with docile, reserved children his age might appear hyper in comparison. Also, your baby may play calmly in the comfort of his own home however end up being overstimulated and restless with a group of complete strangers.

Situation with hyperactive infant

Situation with hyperactive infant
Why is my baby so various? She is not like any of my pals’ babies. They sleep through the night. They’re delighted being held by anybody. My buddies do not appear as worn out as I am. What am I doing incorrect?

CausesĀ of Infant Hyperactivity

There is no single cause of hyperactivity in babies. Nevertheless, the most common cause of hyperactivity in infants and children is genes. A baby with a parent who has been diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder (ADHD) has a 25 percent opportunity of inheriting this condition. Exposure to harmful substances and brain injury can likewise cause hyperactivity.


According to Dr. Sears, the term “hyper” is not a negative label. Distinguishing between a generally active baby and a hyper one is merely a judgment call. Even if you think that your busy baby is hyper, that does not imply he will be this way or bring this label permanently, or that he will one day be called hyper by a doctor or school psychologist. This term just describes how your child acts, at any provided movement, without saying it is excellent or bad.


Though baby hyperactivity is not constantly a predictor of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it is possible that a babys habits will continue into childhood. According to Consumer Reports, children with ADHD are usually detected in early primary school, because the problems become more obvious when they have to sit still and focus.


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