How Many Months Baby Can Eat Cerelac?

How many months baby can eat cerelac


  • Is it ok to feed my 4.5 month baby with cerelac (wheat/rice)?
  • My baby is 4 months old, she will not drink milk correctly, is it ok to feed cerelac. If yes, what is the quantity?

Are you confused on whether to feed your baby the Cerelac cereal variety or not? If yes, then do not fret, as this is something most parents believe when their darling turns 4 months of age.

The Women and Child Development Ministry suggest breast milk for your baby until she or he is 6 months old. This is since your breast milk has all vital nutrients such as carbs, fat, water, sugar, proteins and antibodies that are needed for your baby.

Your baby needs to be drinking about 6 ounces of breast milk for 4 to 6 times per day if he is 4 months old. Same guideline uses to those babies who drink formula milk if mother’s milk is scarce. Read to understand is Cerelac good for 4 months baby when to feed cerelac for 4 month old baby.

What is Cerelac?

Cerelac is a safe baby food produced by Nestle, the brand that has actually acquired the trust of numerous moms. This product is readily available in a wide variety based on baby ages. It also has scrumptious variety of flavors, to tingle the palate of your baby.

Cerelac is a baby cereal that has a beneficial probiotic called Bifidus BL. This can enhance your baby’s immune and digestive systems.

How many months baby can eat cerelacHow Many Months Baby Can Eat Cerelac?

Can you feed cerelac for 4 months baby? The only food that your baby requires during this stage is mom’s milk or an infant formula strengthened with iron. Nevertheless, you can start to acquaint cerelac baby food for 4 months baby after a few weeks. This must just be done on the suggestion of your doctor.

You can begin by feeding it with a spoon. Aim to feed one tablespoon of Cerelac at first and then increase it to 2 or 3 tablespoons later.

6 Cues That Your Baby Is Ready For Cerelac

As your baby grows, he will begin to show few signs to let you understand that he is prepared for Cerelac. Ensure you keep an eye for these cues while your baby is more than 4 months of age.

  • Your baby has an interest in the food on your plate.
  • Your baby puts his fingers in his mouth.
  • Your baby’s appetite has actually increased or would require more milk even after you breastfeed him.
  • Your baby opens his mouth easily when you bring a spoon to his mouth.
  • Your baby has actually got a much better neck and head control.
  • Your baby can sit in an upright position with support.

If you do not discover any of these signals of preparedness in your baby, then you need to await some more time.

Why Should I Not Feed Cerelac Too Early?

3 months to four months are very important stages of growth for your baby. It is not advisable to begin solids too early for the following reasons:

  1. The risk of risky swallowing is really high as your baby’s development stage might not be total.
  2. Solid foods like Cerelac might change the nutrients used by baby formula or your breast milk, which is essential for your baby’s development and growth.
  3. Your baby may be prone to infections, illnesses, intolerance and food allergic reaction as the immune system would not be completely established.
  4. There may be changes in the consistency of stools gone by your baby as solid foods might not get digested entirely.

Why Should I Feed Cerelac After 6 Months?

It is not advisable to postpone the intro of solid foods like Cerelac after your baby has actually reached 6 months of age. This is due to the fact that:

  1. Your baby might not be getting adequate amount of food to satisfy his body’s requirements.
  2. It would have a bad influence on his growth and development.
  3. Your baby may face concerns like poor nutrition or iron or zinc deficiency.
  4. Your baby may deal with delay in skills like chewing his food.

Even if you begin to feed cerelac for 4 months old baby, ensure that your breast milk stays the main source of nutrition. This will help your baby grow healthy and construct antibodies in his blood.

Little girl eats cerelacTips from Mom:

  1. I started cerelac wheat for my woman from her 4th month onwards. She didnt hav any problem with it. But make certain u give it in very light consistency for 6 months after that you can make it thicker. The reason for me to begin cerelac was she was too lively and was not drinkin milk effectively. If u do not have any problems like tat then its much better to wait on 6 months then begin solids. Its simply that some kids wouldnt have the ability to absorb those foods before 6 months.
  2. Additionally, its best to wait to start solids after 6 months also. and wait on wheat as well, a s that can cause constipation. Has the doctor asked to start the solids? Although many medical professionals particularly advise to start solids o ly after 6 months, some suggestions previously. Given that u have started now, make certain u follow the 5 days guideline for each food started and give only day time meals.

Mamas, we hope that the info we compiled about the correct time to feed Cerelac to your baby shows beneficial. We hope the above info was practical. Do not hesitate to share if you know any info.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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