How Safe is It to Travel by Air During Pregnancy?

Generally, commercial flight before week 36 of pregnancy is considered safe for women who have healthy pregnancies. Still, if you’re pregnant, talk to your healthcare company prior to you fly.

Air Travel During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Your health care company might warn against flight if you’re experiencing pregnancy complications that may be worsened by flight or need emergency care. The duration of the flight likewise should be thought about. Similarly, your health care company and numerous airlines may limit travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

How safe is it to travel by air during pregnancy? If your health care provider authorizes air travel and your plans are flexible, the best time to fly may be during your 2nd trimester. This is when the risks of typical pregnancy emergency situations are the lowest.

When you fly:

  • Inspect the airline’s policy about flight during pregnancy. Guidelines for pregnant women might differ by provider and destination.
  • Buckle up. During the trip, secure the lap belt under your abdominal area.
  • Promote circulation. Take periodic paces the aisle. If you should remain seated, flex and extend your ankles typically. Also, avoid using limiting clothing. Use of compression stockings might help avoid blood clots.plane in the sky
  • Drink lots of fluids. Low humidity in the cabin can lead to dehydration.
  • Prevent gassy foods and beverages pre-flight. Entrapped gases expand at altitude, which can cause discomfort. Examples include broccoli and soft drinks.
  • Make a contingency strategy. Consider how, if essential, you’ll get obstetric care during your journey.

Radiation direct exposure connected with flight at high elevations isn’t believed to be bothersome for the majority of who fly during pregnancy. However, pilots, flight attendants and other frequent fliers might be exposed to a level of cosmic radiation that raises questions during pregnancy.

If you need to fly often during your pregnancy, discuss it with your health care service provider. She or he might recommend limiting your overall flight time during pregnancy.

Responses from Yvonne Butler Tobah, M.D.


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