Sharp Pain Under the Left Ribs

Are you feeling pain under your left rib cage? There is a possibility that you are and you would like it to end at the soonest possible time. Pain under the left rib cage might be because of a variety of factors.

There are some who feel pain because of some of the organs that the rib cage is protecting however there are likewise circumstances when it can be due to the fact that of an injury.

You may believe that the pain that you are feeling in your rib cage is cause of alarm but do you understand that there are still a range of reasons why you may be feeling pain? There are times when the pain under your left rib cage is not serious at all. It will be very important for you to know the various causes and the possible treatments that you can get to eliminate the pain at the soonest possible time.Pain Under the Left Ribs

What Causes  Pain under Left Rib Cage

Here are simply a few of the possible reasons that you might be feeling pain under your left rib cage:

  • Gas Stuck in the Colon– There is a possibility that you have gas stuck in your colon. The amount of gas that is stuck may be excessive. Generally, you can feel the pain resounding from the upper portion of the left side of your abdominal area towards the left side of your ribcage.
  • Inflammation on the Spleen– There is a possibility that your spleen has actually currently burst because of different reasons and this can cause some pains on the left rib cage. In order to know if the type of pain that you are experiencing is likewise due to this, you might likewise want to see if you are experiencing other symptoms like pain on your left shoulder pointers.
  • Broken Rib– This is probably one of the most common reasons why you are experiencing sharp pain under the left ribs. There is a possibility that you are feeling sharp pain under the left ribs due to the fact that you have broken your rib. Ask yourself if you have enjoyed any mishap lately or if you have hit yourself all of a sudden. This might be simply among the reasons you have broken your ribs.
  • Heartburn– You might experience heartburn if you have consumed too much food and you start to feel bad since of it. Generally the pain will begin with your abdomen but it will increase till you feel the pain on your lower ribcage. This can often be in the left ribcage or the right ribcage. You might believe that you have a heart disease when you experience pain brought about by this condition.
  • Heartburn– Heartburn is normally felt when there is excessive acids on the stomach and the acids increase to near the chest area. Given that the acids may generally reach below the rib cage and they ought to not be there, this can cause some pains.
  • Costochondritis– It appears that there are some people who are not conscious that Costochondritis is a condition of the infected cartilages that are holding the ribs to the breastbone. This can cause a great deal of pain and problem. Typically, people who have this condition report to have problem breathing and the tiniest motion can cause a lot pain. Some people who feel this condition generally believe that they are having a cardiovascular disease.
  • Stomach Ulcer– If the type of pain that you are feeling on your lower rib cage is produced by stomach ulcer, you can inform through the type of pain that you are feeling. If the pain is extremely sharp, this may be the primary cause. Do bear in mind that pain brought about by ulcer might also let people feel pain on their shoulder blades and rib cages.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome– This might be another cause of the pain that you are feeling under your lower rib. Normally when people feel this, they also experience some bloating and cramps on the lower abdominal area.
  • Kidney Stones– This is yet once again another reason for experiencing left rib pain. Do remember that it may likewise affect the right rib cage if the issue is with your right kidneys. Do bear in mind that in order to know if this is the type of pain that you are experiencing; the pain might start from your back going to the front.
  • Pancreatitis– Based on the name itself, it is rather obvious that this is the type of pain felt because of the inflammation of the pancreas. It will appear if this is the condition triggering the pain when the pain worsens everything you attempt to eat or drink. You might likewise experience other symptoms together with this such as nausea, vomiting as well as fever.
  • Heart Attack– This is likewise known as Angina Pectoris. This is the type of left rib cage pain that you should not overlook due to the fact that this can even be deadly. If you are struggling with this condition, you would need to seek medical attention at the soonest possible time.

Health Tips

Now that you already know the possible conditions why you might be experiencing pain on your lower left rib cage, you might recognize that a few of these conditions are not too serious however there are also some that you should truly take note of. There are numerous treatments that you can undergo but this will depend upon the condition you are dealing with.

  • Have Healthier Meals– Since a few of the problems that may be triggering your pain are due to the fact that of overeating, ensuring that you will eat healthier will make a lot of difference. Not just will you start to feel better, you might experience other favorable things since of this as well.
  • Take Medications– There are some doctors who will need you to take medications in order to decrease the amount of pain that you are feeling or to possibly avoid particular conditions that may cause the pain.
  • Surgery– In severe health conditions and scenarios, you might need to undergo surgery in order to help you get cured. For instance, there are some individuals with kidney stones who would need to undergo surgery in order to get the stones although at times, this may be treated naturally or through medications. Individuals who have heart disease might sometimes have to undergo surgery in order to avoid the condition from becoming worse.

Do keep in mind that some conditions that might be causing you to feel pain are not that serious but there are likewise some that would require your instant attention. Have yourself frequently examined by your doctor so that it can be found early if there are some problems that you might presently have.


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