Side Effects of Mercury Poisoning

The glass thermometer that we have been putting in our mouths for numerous years can position serious health problems. The glass thermometer that we have been putting in our mouths for so many years consists of the most lethal of ingredients that can present serious health issue if unintentionally spilt.

Mercury spilling on the ground due to accidental breakage of thermometers is relatively typical in huge hospitals, and sometimes in houses too, but this relatively innocuous happening can expose human beings to severe poisoning results of the silvery liquid-like metal.

Mercury readily turns into vapour at space temperature level and when inhaled gets taken in into the blood stream and attacks the nerve system. Even physical contact with the liquid, which is quickly soaked up through the skin, is dangerous as a few of it passes through the skin into the blood stream, leading to tremors, queasiness and blurred vision.

Offered its dangers, the West has stopped using mercury in thermometers, however they continue to be frequently used in India. There is likewise no awareness about the threats positioned by mercury poisoning or the requirement for mindful handling of thermometers.

Mercury thermometerIndia is the second biggest user of mercury. It is imported from many parts of the world including Europe. India doesn’t mine it. Mercury gets away into the air and water, and from water into fish. We do not have any policy even on trade in mercury. It is easily available in chemical markets.

When a mercury thermometer breaks, the mercury spilled starts vaporising instantly in temperature levels of 22-24 degrees Celsius. The vapours can be breathed in by anyone in the area. It goes straight into the lungs and into the blood and the brain. It is really harmful. Mercury in any form is poisonous, with mercury poisoning most commonly affecting the neurologic, gastrointestinal (GI) and renal organ systems.

In the West when a thermometer breaks, they would close the room for two-three days and tidy the place thoroughly. All over the world they have stopped using mercury and use just digital thermometers.

Just one gram of mercury suffices to pollute a 20-acre lake and make the fish unsuited for eating. That is the sort of toxicity of mercury. It is also very dangerous when individuals have fun with it, believing it to be just a silver ball. It is soaked up into the skin and the blood. The side effects of mercury poisoning are different in each individual.

Mercury is a neurotoxin, indicating it attacks the nervous system and brain. In little kids, mercury poisoning has actually been connected to abnormality, finding out specials needs, walking and talking hold-ups and memory or attention problems.

In adults, mercury poisoning leads to tremblings, headaches, blurred vision, memory or concentration loss, hand and feet numbness, poor coordination, hair loss and nausea.

In extreme cases, mercury poisoning can result in coma and death. However, the symptoms of mercury poisoning can be reversed in adults. It takes about six months to a year for the body to naturally remove mercury once the direct exposure stops. Some scientists think that mercury can completely damage children’s nerve systems.

In a current research study, Toxics Link explained that mercury poisoning presented an occupational danger to medical staff and the community at big, including young children and pregnant women.

Its findings from tests carried out at hospitals exposed that the metal existed in quantities far exceeding the prescribed limits.

Prashant Pastore, lead investigator of the research study, said in his report that around 70 thermometer damages take place monthly in 300 to 500 bedded healthcare facilities. And, on an average, a medical facility pumps practically 3 kg of mercury in environment each year.

Side Effects of Mercury Poisoning

The side effects of mercury poisoning exposure can be very severe, subtle, or may not occur at all! Generally the pattern in health has actually readied. Following the 5 month mercury dump symptoms have enhanced continually with the odd spike occasionally:

  • Numbness and tingling – Primarily left-sided in the toes, side of the foot pad, and calf muscles.
  • Muscle convulsions – Still mainly in calf muscles, but can happen pretty much anywhere consisting of the face.
  • Coordination issues – This is among the more disturbing aspects of mercury poisoning.
  • Muscle discomfort – Primarily in left lower arm and both shin muscles.
  • Sporadic tiredness.
  • Headaches.
  • Cough – It looks like lungs have been expelling mercury leading to an irritating cough.
  • Queasiness – A strange symptom that generally appears on the last day before start a new round of chelation.
  • Thyroid Irritation – This is one of huge indications of blood mercury levels. During chelation rounds typically have no irritation. At the end of a rest period, thyroid is usually swollen and inflamed. Lately though the level of inflammation has actually minimized considerably. I’m thinking that in 10-15 more rounds it will be totally gone.

Overall, I’m quite optimistic that these will continue to lessen after each round of chelation.

Digital thermometer

Digital thermometer (without mercury)


History of the patient poisoned by mercury

Sourcing DMSA has been a concern. The FDA closed down Captomer and now Nutri-Dyn’s Nutri-DMSA leaving very few places to get nonprescription DMSA.

DMSA Chelation has actually a product called DMSA Synergy that I attempted since I had actually run out of Nutri-DMSA and was a little desperate to chelate while I was awaiting a Living Network order. I would avoid. It’s plainly simply packaged in somebody’s house and simply appears a little shady. It likewise appears to be of bad quality compared with other DMSA that I’ve used.

On the other hand, Living Network actually appears to have the best DMSA that I’ve used. It’s probably a bit much better than Nutri-DMSA. The downside is that it take 2-3 weeks to deliver to the United States. I will most likely get the ALA there too considering that they have 12.5 mg tablets.

I’m happy that parts of story get to people who are looking for some guidance or solutions to their health concerns. It’s really possible that neurological, kidney and other problems are truly simply symptoms of heavy metal poisoning which it is curable.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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