Side Effects of SlimQuick

It sure would be great to lose large quantities of weight by merely popping a pill, but, sadly, it’s never ever that simple. SlimQuick, a weight-loss supplement specifically designed for women, asserts that it can help you drop weight by increasing your metabolism, enhancing your energy, decreasing fluid retention and controlling your appetite. While SlimQuick may help you lose some weight, it may not last, and some of the components in the supplement can cause unpleasant side effects, such as insomnia, anxiety, queasiness, headaches and stomach upset.

The SlimQuick Plan

SlimQuick is an herbal weight loss supplement for women. Green tea and caffeine are the primary weight loss ingredients. However, while some research reveals that the mix of green tea and caffeine may increase metabolism and help burn fat, the result on weight loss is very little, according to a 2012 evaluation research study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

The supplement also includes a number of other components, including iodine, L-tyrosine, capsicum, rhodiola extract and turmeric. While the makers of SlimQuick claim that it can help you reduce weight quickly, the plan likewise advises a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program. The diet plan provides meal recommendations for seven days and limits calories to about 1,500 daily. SlimQuick also offers a seven-day exercise plan with examples of both cardio and strength-training exercises.

Side Effects of SlimQuick

What Are the Side Effects of SlimQuick?

SlimQuick  has one of the more complex formulas. The ingredients include a mix of various helpful parts:

  • Green tea extract.
  • Caffeine.
  • BioPure green tea.
  • Rhodiola root extract.
  • Chaste tree fruit extract.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12.
  • Folate.
  • Calcium.

Side Effects of Caffeine

One serving, which is 3 caplets, consists of 100 milligrams of caffeine, about the same amount in a cup of coffee. If you’re delicate to caffeine, SlimQuick might make you feel tense, anxious or restless. It likewise may likewise disrupt your sleep.

The American Medical Association says moderate amounts of caffeine are safe, up to 400 milligrams a day. However if you continue to drink your normal coffee, tea and other caffeinated products while taking SlimQuick, you might wind up getting excessive. For women, extreme caffeine in the diet might cause painful, bumpy breasts or limit calcium absorption and affect bone health. It can also increase blood pressure, cause an irregular heart rate or chronic headaches.

Caution With Green Tea Extract

Green tea is considered safe, however people with heart, kidney or liver problems must beware about using products that contain the herb, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Although toxicity is very unusual, case studies have linked diet pills with green tea extract to intense liver injury in healthy individuals. The high concentration of catechins in the extract might be the cause, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Recovery fasts once you stop taking the green tea extract.

Green tea also connects with a number of medications, including blood pressure pills, blood thinners, anti-anxiety medications and birth control, and it may increase or decrease their effectiveness.

Other Potential Side Effects

You may also experience side effects from some of the other components in SlimQuick; iodine and the amino acid L-tyrosine may impact thyroid hormones, which is accountable for controling metabolic process. You ought to not take supplements that contain these two ingredients if you have decreased or increased thyroid hormone levels, likewise known as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Guggulsterone, a component from a medical plant thought to promote weight loss, may cause queasiness, diarrhea, headaches or rash. Rhodiola, which is contributed to improve energy, may make you feel dizzy or cause dry mouth.

What Are the Dangers of SlimQuick Female Fat Burner?

Over-the-counter weight loss tablets and supplements like the SlimQuick Female Fat Burner make appealing guarantees in order to separate you from your money, inning accordance with the Mayo Clinic. In addition to setting you up with impractical expectations, weight loss products consist of active ingredients that can be harmful, especially if you have a hidden medical condition. Prior to embarking on a program that consists of a weight loss supplement, speak with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you.


SlimQuick and other herb-based dietary supplements are not controlled by a federal agency. A lot of the components in SlimQuick, such as clary sage and yerba mate extract, are not managed for toxicity. Claims made by the makers of SlimQuick do not have to fulfill the standards of any regulative bodies to prove their value. The contents are not evaluated as well as though the majority of the components are based upon herbs and healthy nutrients, possible interactions are not listed on the labels.What are the dangers of slimquick


Some of the components in SlimQuick can interact with other medications you may be taking. For example, according to the manufacturers, each serving of two capsules consists of about 150 mg of calcium. If you’re taking calcium supplements for osteoporosis, the extra calcium can put you over the limitation of what is safe. Extreme calcium consumption can communicate negatively with numerous heart medications, diuretics and magnesium supplements. The additional magnesium you’ll get taking SlimQuick can cause particular cancer drugs to be inefficient. Dandelion might get worse bipolar disease symptoms if you take lithium.

Allergic reactions

An allergic reaction can cause symptoms as easy as a rash or sore throat, or can cause a life-threatening action like anaphylactic shock. Different active ingredients in SlimQuick– such as the dandelion roots and leaves in each serving, horse tail or soy– can result in serious allergies. Consuming dandelion can cause indigestion and heartburn. You shouldn’t take any item that contains dandelion if you have gallbladder disease, inning accordance with the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The fat-burning pills, like many weight loss dietary supplements, include considerable quantities of caffeine. In addition to the 575 mg of caffeine listed on the label, it also includes green tea extract and cocoa bean extract that include even more caffeine to each serving. Caffeine can result in a sped up heart beat, anxiety, restlessness, tremblings and depression, according to Medline Plus. Excessive amounts of caffeine can add to osteoporosis by disrupting calcium absorption. When you stop taking SlimQuick, you could experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness.


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