Simple Treatment for Itchy Hands and Feet During Pregnancy

There are numerous problems faced by a woman during pregnancy, itchy feet is one such irritating problem which causes large amount of discomfort for a pregnant woman. Some women experience severe itching during pregnancy while in other’s the condition may not be so severe. The most typical cause of itching during pregnancy is cholestasis, a liver disease that happens when a woman is pregnant. The hormone changes that occur in a pregnant woman are the factor for triggering cholestasis. Cholestais of pregnancy is a condition of liver and gall bladder where the normal flow of bile in the gallbladder is impacted due to high quantity of female hormones distributing during first trimester of pregnancy till the time of delivery.

Itching in feet and hands and other parts of body is at its peak during the tail end of pregnancy when the circulating female hormones are anticipated to be really high. The condition normally subsides within few days after parturition (after the delivery). The ratio of cholestasis is 1 from 1000 pregnancies. The condition is more widespread in certain ethnic groups of Sweden and Chile.

Causes of itchy feet in pregnancy

The gall bladder is the storehouse for bile which is formed in the liver. It is required for the breakdown and food digestion of fat which we take in.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera.Medical Herb

During different stages of pregnancy the female hormones are its peak, particularly the estrogens and progesterone. Now these hormones act on the gallbladder function and slow the circulation of bile. As a result there is accumulation of bile acid in the liver, which it launches in the blood stream. It is this excess of bile salts that are responsible for itching in feet and hands and numerous other parts of the body.

Frequently the only symptom kept in mind of cholestasis during pregnancy is extreme itchy feet. Jaundice, dark color urine, loss of appetite, clay colored stools is symptoms that might take place after few days. Women bring twins, triplets are at a higher risk of dealing with cholestasis. Previous liver damage is also one cause for cholestasis in pregnancy.

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Treatment for Itching in Feet and Hands During Pregnancy

Despite the fact that the symptom of itchy feet during pregnancy might not be of excellent issue, if it is connected with cholestasis than appropriate healthcare needs to be taken as chances of fetal distress, stillbirth, and preterm birth increases.
To relive itching in feet and hands:

  • Prevent hot showers and baths, which can increase your itch.
  • Use mild soaps and wash it of properly.grass aloe vera
  • Warm oatmeal bath helps when there is intense itch.
  • Prevent going out in sun and warm climate.
  • Use loose cotton clothing.
  • Using aloe vera gel works in relieving itchy feet.


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