Skin Darkening During Pregnancy Remedies

What causes skin darkening during pregnancy

Well, blame it on the hormones if you find your skin darkening in pregnancy. Though the changes are highly private, these are more prominent among those with darker skins and hair. Inning accordance with some experts, your diet in pregnancy is another factor behind skin coloring.

You can see noticeable darkness in different parts of your body in pregnancy. Your skin can darken even more when you are exposed to sun.

Location of Skin Darkening During Pregnancy

Your body goes through a number of changes in pregnancy. Darkening of skin during pregnancy or hyper-pigmentation is just among them. Here is a better look at the dark patches that you may establish in pregnancy:

  1. ‘Chloasma’ or “mask of pregnancy” describes dark spots on your face. These dark spots tend to fade away few months after delivery.
  2. You might discover your nipples darker than previously.
  3. Area surrounding the nipples called “areola” may likewise darken.
  4. You can likewise check your vaginal area, upper legs and under arms if you have established any dark spots.
  5. You can discover inflammation in your hands, soles of feet.
  6. Your moles and freckles might look darker.
  7. Development of GT racing stripe’ at the center of your belly called the black line or ‘linea nigra’ prevails at this time. This line normally fades after 3-4 months of your delivery.

What causes skin darkening during pregnancySkin Darkening During Pregnancy Remedies

How to reduce pigmentation during pregnancy? It is needless to discuss that you absolutely do not like those dark spots on your skin. Nevertheless, there are few things you can do about it. Take a look:

  • Keep your skin wrapped up. Ensure you are not exposed to the hazardous sun rays. Direct exposure to sun has the tendency to make your skin darker.
  • Use a sunscreen and use.
  • You have to use sunscreen daily if you have chloasma in pregnancy. This is a need to even if you are not going out. Your skin may be affected by the sunrays pouring in from the windows.
  • You can attempt herbal services such as St. John’s wort oil. Nevertheless, make certain to stop using it before 12 weeks of pregnancy. Speak with a doctor if needed.
  • According to some specialists staining may be a factor behind folic acid shortage. You need to incorporate folate carefully in your diet to prevent coloring and other complications.
  • American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that more than 70% of pregnant women wind up with the blotchy and irregular spots on their skin in pregnancy.

Will I Still Have Melasma After My Pregnancy?

Melasma normally fades without treatment after you have your baby. The darkened spots most likely will fade within a year after delivery, and your skin should go back to its normal shade, although in some cases the changes never entirely vanish.

If your skin is still blotchy a few months after giving birth and it’s troubling you, speak with your doctor or a dermatologist about treatment alternatives for melasma.

If you’re breastfeeding or strategy to get pregnant once again quickly, let your company understand and examine with her before using any non-prescription treatments.

Do not anticipate instantaneous results– it may take numerous months to see enhancement. If other treatments have not assisted, a dermatologist can lighten dark spots with laser treatments, however that’s not the first option.

In any case, continue to safeguard your skin from the sun using sunscreen every day, wearing protective clothes, and staying out of the sun during peak hours.

Pigmentation during pregnancyAfter Your Pregnancy

Your skin care routine still continues even after your baby is born. Remember to take care of yourself in addition to your newborn. Know what you ought to do for skin darkening after pregnancy here:

  1. Cover up your skin and do use a sunscreen.
  2. Discolorations start fading out after a long time and you need not go through any treatment for that.
  3. In case your skin still looks blotchy after pregnancy, beware to use cosmetics like whitening cream. Ideally use these when you have stopped feeding your baby.
    Your doctor may suggest you topical medicines to help you get rid of the spots on your skin.
  4. You may likewise be recommended to opt for laser treatments to remove the dark skin.
  5. In case you are breast feeding, you need to speak with your doctor before taking any medications.

Hyper-pigmentation is simply one of the many changes that your body is undergoing at this stage. Now that you know how to avoid skin darkening during pregnancy, stop fretting and unwind.

The bright side is that the issue will resolve itself. Even if it is still there, you have a lot of solutions to tackle this problem. Remember it is not a disease, so stop stressing yourself and enjoy this terrific stage.

Mommies do let us know in the comment area listed below what you did to manage irregular skin in pregnancy.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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