How to Stop Drinking Coffee?

In this post, I will respond to the questions of whether drinking coffee is bad for you and how to stop drinking coffee. I do not drink coffee for some years already, and recently I’ve considerably minimized the tea usage. I see just benefits concerning my decision. A bit later, I’ll inform you why I live much better without caffeine.

Coffee is an ancient drink. People came to know about its toning and flavoring properties long back. Consuming coffee has ended up being securely developed in man’s daily life: for many individuals there is no early morning without a cup of hot coffee.

Individuals like coffee not only for its taste and smell, but also for its stimulating impact. It is tough to think of the method you can awaken and begin doing your daily things without taking an early morning dose of caffeine.

This drink awakens our sleeping awareness, relieves fatigue and provides inspiration and burst of energy. It might appear that we can not live and work without coffee, and if we stop drinking it, then we will always nod and any work will be tough. I guarantee you, it is not the case. You can live without coffee. The reason why you should give it up will be additional gone over.

Coffee beansQuiting Coffee

Coffee is not tobacco: you can give it up gradually. Even more, I will tell you how you can gradually reduce the quantity of the taken in caffeine.

Start Drinking Tea

Start drinking green or black tea: these beverages include less caffeine than coffee and have exceptional flavor properties. Personally I sometimes chose green tea to other kind of tea. Now, the marketplace of the imported Chinese (or Japanese) tea is actively developing on the planet. Try various tastes; there is an extremely scrumptious tea range!

The best part of green tea is its effect! In my opinion, it is much better than the coffee result. Naturally, the impact is a subjective thing and depends on each person.

Nevertheless, comparable observations were done by other followers of green tea. The matter is that green tea impacts me more “simply”, in contrast with coffee.

When I was drinking coffee, the vivacity from drink was accompanied by the increase of pressure (the result of high blood pressure is most obvious on those who hardly ever drink coffee), velocity of heart beat and some tension in muscles. And it was not extremely pleasant.

In my viewpoint, tea acts much softer. The above pointed out side effects are nearly invisible if you do not drink much. Some more “pure” vivacity occurs, without undesirable sensations in the body.

In addition, green tea, usually, includes three times less caffeine than coffee. This is not used to the green “tea bags”. It contains a great deal of caffeine– do not drink it! Green tea likewise includes anti-oxidants, vitamins and avoids the development of many illness (don’t despair). Certainly the option is made in favor of tea, if you have to choose in between tea and coffee.

Reduce the Frequency of Caffeine Consumption

If you drink coffee on weekends– stop doing it. Why do you require coffee if you do not have to deal with a weekend? To start with, drink coffee just at work. Reduce the number of cups taken in each day.

Then, when you’re all set, reduce the number of working days when you drink beverages including caffeine (you ‘d much better begin consuming tea). For instance, do not drink more than 3 cups weekly. That’s it– each week, not each day. It looks complicated initially, however with the gradual withdrawal, it will be not so hard to do.

Learn to Wake Up Without Coffee!

Morning exercises are an exceptional method to wake up and recover from sleep. They represent a natural charge of vivacity for your body and, besides, they work for your health.

Coffee cup and heart rateDrink Hot Beverages with No Caffeine

If you desire a hot and tasty drink, then you need to try any herbal tea variety. It’s not tea, in the stringent sense of the word, however it does not consist of caffeine. Try, for example, Rooibos.

Use Coffee Only in Cases of Emergency

Drink coffee if you have to drive the car at night and you have not slept, therefore, an increase of energy is a crying requirement. Or, in case you invested insufficient time in bed and you have to work.

Coffee is a stimulant; therefore use it only in unique situations. There is no have to make it a day-to-day routine!

Try to Get Enough Sleep

Spend adequate time sleeping. No have to work really hard. No work deserves compromising your nerves and health.

The Cold Turkey Method

With this method, a person merely ceases to take in caffeine. While this can be the fastest method to detox, it does feature a price.


  • The fastest way to detox from caffeine.
  • An awareness of caffeine’s impact on body performance.


  • Can produce severe caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  • A person may run out commission for 1 to 3 days.
  • Can cause loss in performance.
  • Produces more of a propensity to give up.

Prepare in advance for the cold turkey method!

If you choose the cold turkey method it’s crucial that you understand what to anticipate and to prepare in advance for the incapacitating withdrawal symptoms that can follow.

  • Strategy ahead so that the first couple days of detox fall on a weekend or work holiday.
  • Have painkiller on hand and prevent owning.
  • Have lots of food on hand to avoid the have to own anywhere for food.
  • Prepare some meals beforehand like soup or other easy to absorb foods.
  • Talk with relative about what you will do, what they can expect, and how they can help.
  • Inform your colleagues and/or your boss about your caffeine detox.

The approach of preparation is relative to the quantity of caffeine you had actually been taking in. Those who had been taking in big amounts of caffeine must prepare more than those detoxing from smaller sized daily quantities.

The Weaning Method

With this method, rather of giving up caffeine simultaneously, the person slowly reduces the amount of caffeine he or she is consuming daily.

We suggest stepping down the dosage about 50mg less every two days till the absolutely no daily caffeine quantity is achieved. This can be accomplished by just drinking less of your typical caffeinated beverage or by drinking a less caffeinated option.

Practical Examples:

  • Coffee must be lowered by a 1/4 of a cup every day or reduce from a 16 fl. oz. to a 12 fl. oz. cup, then 8 fl. oz. and so on of get coffee (nevertheless, use the same brand name throughout).
  • Energy Drinks can be reduced by about 1 half a can every two days.
  • Soda can be minimized by cutting down a can every two days or by a half a bottle if consuming a 16 fl.oz. size.
  • Tea can be decreased by cutting back 1 cup every two days.


  • Withdrawal symptoms are much less severe.
  • Many people can continue to operate and be efficient.
  • Mild to no caffeine headache to handle.
  • Less shocking to the system.


  • Can take longer to detox depending upon the starting everyday dosage quantity.
    Needs tracking caffeine and being deliberate about what’s being consumed and how much.
  • Either among these caffeine detox methods will work, but a person has to choose which one will have the least effect of his/her lifestyle and which one is most likely to be the most effective provided the distinct scenarios involved.

A cup of coffee and early morningOther Tips to Break Caffeine Addiction

Some believe going cold turkey is not a smart idea and supplementing greater caffeine products with lower caffeine can really help. They recommend changing a coffee with green tea.

Another thing to do is to take power naps during the detox. However, that is not practical for most of us. When was the last time your employer was happy with you sleeping under your desk?

There are also some supplements that declare to assist detox the body from caffeine, however we are investigating those prior to we make any suggestions on that front.

Why Do People Drink Coffee?

Different people drink coffee for various reasons. For some of them– it is simply awakening. For others– it is a method to conquer monotony and keep their hands hectic. For the 3rd ones– it is a favourite taste.

There are cases when the coffee fad is due to job dissatisfaction: work activity is uninteresting and represents a complete regimen, which is why many people take coffee as to acquire motivation to do the unloved work. After all, caffeine activates the reserve stocks of energy that starts to search for an escape. And it becomes all the same the way it is invested– the crucial thing is to invest it.

Caffeine reliance can have reasons, which are concealed inside your mind. Maybe, you need to change your job in order to stop drinking coffee, or perhaps, you have to learn how to view it in a different way or to get rid of chronic anxiety.

If you’re reading this today you’re here to discover how to stop drinking coffee without getting headaches, right?

A caffeine detox might be required for many reasons and some of those might include:

  • Caffeine might not have the same impacts it as soon as had.
  • Daily caffeine intake amounts run out control.
  • Caffeine intake is leading to health issue.
  • Doctor’s orders.

Whichever the reason, quitting caffeine isn’t really simple since many people establish a strong reliance on the daily dosage; both physically and mentally.

Coffee cupsBenefits of Quitting Caffeine or Coffee

Billions of individuals worldwide drink coffee or some type of caffeine every day.

Although caffeine is typically accepted as safe for usage in small amounts, there are some solid advantages of breaking the routine and stopping coffee, energy beverages, tea, soda etc.

Break the Addiction

In many people caffeine is an addictive compound to some degree, although some would describe it as highly addicting.

Depending on a compound to work generally or perhaps stay awake, can end up being a vicious cycle. It changes our brain’s chemistry resulting in the need for more of the substance to achieve the preferred results.

Giving up caffeine or coffee breaks the cycle and releases us from needing a daily drug to work usually.

Financial Savings

The cost of a caffeine addiction can add up and thousands of dollars a year might be conserved if you give up.

  • A Grande Starbucks Latte: $3.65 a day|$26 a week|$1,332 a year.
  • Monster Energy Drink: $3 a day|$21 a week|$1,095 a year.
  • Home brewed coffee: $.71 a day|$5 weekly|$259 a year.
  • K-cups: $.65 a day|$4.55 a week|$237 a year.
  • 5 hour energy: $3 a day|$21 a week|$1,095 a year.

Above we have noted the typical cost of simply one beverage a day, now increase that by the number you have each day and it quickly builds up.
Two Starbucks Lattes each day would cost $2,665 a year!

Should You Quit?

If you are a prisoner to your coffee mug or energy drink, maybe it’s time to assess just what caffeine is doing for you and whether it’s time to stop.

Caffeine is a variety. There are benefits related to consuming it– like enhanced memory function and certainly higher levels of alertness– but then you hear from individuals who quit the stuff and say it altered their life.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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