Urine Smells Sweet Not Diabetes

Blood test and urine test

A typical healthy individual, who consumes enough water, generally does not have strong smell in his urine. Strong smell or smelly urine may typically indicate something unusual, though not constantly a disease. It might be a temporary phenomenon taking place as a result of particular medication, foods, etc. It can also indicate an underlying medical condition.

I understand that it might seem weird to be reading a publishing about urine. However, recently I discussed urinary tract infections, so I believe this week’s subject is relevant. Likewise, the color, smell, and consistency of your urine can give you and your doctor helpful details about what might be going on in your body.

Historically, taking a look at urine has been a method for physicians to determine an individual’s health, especially prior to other types of testing were offered.

If you’ve had diabetes for a long period of time or know someone who has, you’ll understand that urine screening was a method to determine how well controlled (or unchecked) an individuals’ diabetes was– this was carried out in the days prior to blood glucose meters were offered. Now, of course, we have more sophisticated tools to communicate glucose details. However urine still fits.

Urine is a waste product that contains breakdown products from food, beverages, medications, cosmetics, ecological impurities, and by-products from metabolic process and bacteria.

Blood test and urine testRemarkably, urine includes more than 3,000 compounds– much more than what’s discovered in other body fluids, like saliva or cerebrospinal fluid. The kidneys do an impressive task of filtering and focusing to assist get these compounds from the body (you can comprehend why keeping your kidneys healthy is so important). So, what is your urine informing you?

If Your Urine Smells Sweet

Fragrant urine generally shows the presence of sugar or glucose. Naturally, having diabetes increases the chances of spilling glucose into the urine if blood sugar levels are expensive.

The kidneys will make their best shot to obtain rid of excess glucose when blood glucose levels climb above 180 mg/dl. In people with type 1 diabetes and some people with type 2 who take insulin, sweet or fruity-smelling urine may be because of ketones.

Ketones are formed when the body burns fat for fuel, and this can happen when there isn’t really enough insulin to move glucose into cells for energy. Urine ketones can be measured using ketone sticks that are readily available in your pharmacy.

What to do?

Urine can look and smell amusing for a number of reasons. The majority of them are fairly harmless, however if you discover any brand-new changes in your urine or are worried about the look or smell, the best thing to do is call your doctor. Likewise, bear in mind that you might be most likely to have changes in your urine if you:

  • are older
  • are female
  • have a family history of kidney stones or kidney disease
  • do exhausting workout.

Urine for medical testWhat Causes Urine to Smell Sugary Food?

Urine that smells too sweet is most likely due to diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is fairly typical condition in modern days. It is a condition defined by high level of sugar circulating in the blood (hyperglycemia), as a result of insulin shortage. It can affect carbohydrate, fat and electrolyte metabolic activity.

In an individual who has unrestrained diabetes, indicating blood sugar level not staying in the required regular parameters, may have sweet smell in urine. Most often ketone is passed in urine in such cases. The condition is called ketoacidosis.

If you are not diabetic or if your diabetes is under control, even then urine can smell sweet. This is possible if you are fasting or on a rigorous diet routine. Ketone is passed in urine in such cases.

The other cause of sweet smell in urine is an uncommon youth disease called maple sugar urine disease. It is a genetic disorder, very unusual in occurrence. The disease is named so since; urine excreted by the baby or the child smells much like maple syrup.

Together with sweet urine, it is accompanied with several neurological symptoms. Numerous children will struggle with psychological retardation in this disease. The condition is not present in adults.

Strong smell in urine can be present when you drink less water and the urine is more focused.

Associated Symptoms with Sweet Smelling Urine

Given that the cause in many cases is uncontrolled diabetes, the common symptoms connected with sweet smelling urine belong to diabetes mellitus. These include:

  • extreme thirst. Patient might have unquenchable thirst
  • extreme cravings. Increase in hunger
  • extreme and frequent passage of urination
  • excessive sweating
  • loss of weight although eating enough
  • feeling weak and worn out
  • sweet smell in urine
  • minor injury takes some time to heal
  • if retina is impacted, there might be problem in vision.

If maple syrup urine disease is the cause, the condition is restricted to infants and children. It is missing in adults. There might be associated psychological retardation and other neurological symptoms.

Yellow spotsTreatment for Strong Sweet Odor in Urine

Control of diabetes is the key in treating sweet smelling urine.

Diabetes can be managed but can not be cured. There are a number of contemporary anti-diabetic medications. Alternately, an individual can also follow some of the home remedies which can successfully help the mainline treatment in controlling blood sugar.

Java plum fruit is a purple colored fruit, popular for its result in controlling blood glucose. The fruit juice can be drawn out from the pulp and taken routinely. The dried seeds can be grounded into great powder. Take one teaspoon of this powder with water once daily.

Helba is another natural home treatment for managing blood sugar. Soak 10 to15 helba seeds in water overnight. Consume them early in the early morning with milk or water.

The juice of bitter gourd consists of insulin like properties. Drinking this juice routinely in unrestrained diabetes early in the early morning helps to control blood sugar successfully (don’t despair).

Following a diabetic diet is very important. Diet including less sugar and more of proteins helps to manage calories. A small meal six times in a day rather of 3 big meals is effective.

Avoid eating sugary foods, confectioneries, ice cream, cookies etc. Eat more veggies and salads.

An easy brisk walk or exercising is very important protocol in managing diabetes.

Stop extreme dieting or fasting as this might cause ketonuria and sweet smell in urine besides different other bad results on your health.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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