Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Vitamin E

Characterized by the existence of parallel red or purple streaks through the skin, stretch marks happen when the much deeper skin layers tear, normally as a result of sudden weight gain.

In specific circumstances, vitamin E oil may help avoid stretch marks, but make sure you speak with your doctor prior to using it to confirm that it’s an appropriate preventative therapy for your specific health condition.

Stretch Marks

When stretch marks take place, the external layer of skin remains intact, however the torn dermis develops unappealing indentations as a result of collagen fibers that end up being extended of shape. The National Institutes of Health keeps in mind that common stretch mark places include the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts.

Considered a cosmetic concern, stretch marks do not present serious illness. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretch marks typically lighten in appearance in time, but they never ever totally vanish, even with making use of treatments such as laser therapy and microdermabrasion.

Vitamin EEffects

Likewise called tocopherol, vitamin E might assist in avoiding stretch marks. Inning accordance with Dr. James Balch, coauthor of “Prescription for Natural Cures,” vitamin E oil fights stretch marks by promoting skin elasticity.

When your skin is more flexible, it’s able to extend more, which reduces the tissue tearing that causes unattractive stretch marks. Sadly, when you establish stretch marks, the tissue damage has actually currently happened, so vitamin E oil probably won’t play a significant function in enhancing the look of your stretched skin.


Normally, people use vitamin E oil either as a topical ointment or as an oral supplement for the prevention of stretch marks. As an oral supplement, Vitamin E oil is offered in numerous sizes, including 200 and 400 IU soft gel capsules. Topical vitamin E oil might be purchased in cream form. Look for both kinds of the vitamin E oil at drug stores, health-care shops and supermarkets.


Speak with your primary care doctor to identify the proper quantity of vitamin E oil that you need to be taking orally, particularly if you’re pregnant or struggle with chronic health issue. Apply vitamin E oil to your stretched skin twice daily, in the morning and night, as advised by Dr Balch.

Think about improving the healing properties of the topical vitamin E oil by blending it with other ingredients prior to rubbing it onto your firmly stretched skin. According to Narine Nikogosian, author of the book “Return to Beauty,” cocoa butter offers a prime hydrating component that works well when combined with vitamin E oil for topical application. Other possible components to use include rose hip oil and sweet almond oil.

Factors to consider

Don’t rely entirely on topical application of vitamin E oil to prevent stretch marks. Practice additional preventative methods, such as exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet to manage weight gain.

If you’re pregnant, aim to gain weight slowly throughout the period of your pregnancy to decrease your chances of experiencing the unexpected weight gain that usually causes stretch marks. In case you do get stretch marks, don’t misery. Even without treatment, they must slowly become less evident as time passes.

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