Which Pillow is Best for Neck Pain?

ideal pillows for neck pain and good sleeping

Which pillow for neck pain is the best for you? To answer this question, we first look at the features of such pillows, options for filling and manufacturing for the convenience of your neck and sleep, and, in the end, give a list of the best pillows for neck pain, which can now be purchased.

Are Orthopedic Pillows Any Good?

Without the right bed linen, it is nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. And without sleep, our entire life ends up being bleak. Most individuals can endure without consuming for as long as 30 days, however going without sleep easily takes a toll on us (the world record for going without sleep is of 11 days). That’s due to the fact that our bodies can not work 24-hours. It requires a couple of hours to rest and charge every day.

Think about our bodies as a machine that needs to be turned off for a couple of hours every day else the systems will overload and lead to a breakdown. However, when it concerns sleep, the appropriate sort of environment and bed linen are crucial. Not just does the wrong bed linen disrupt sleep quality however it likewise triggers aches and discomforts.

In some cases we tend to get brought away with all the alternatives in mattresses and duvets and ignore among the essential items of bedding– the pillows. Many people are not conscious that a pillow supports 7 essential bones of the neck, which hold up the head. When the pillow stops working to offer assistance, the neck is strained and so is the head. Regular pillows are generally of a typical shape, and either too soft or too firm. They do not align with the spine or the neck and can cause strains and pain.

You not only need a bed mattress that aligns to the curve of your body however also a pillow that contours to the shape of your neck and spine. A regular pillow doesn’t use this benefit. That’s why you require to utilize an orthopedic pillow for much better support.

What Is an Orthopedic Pillow?

Contrary to understandings, orthopedic bed linen isn’t solely indicated for those with medical problems like arthritis, osteoporosis or spondylosis. Anybody who wants their body to be better supported while they sleep can use orthopedic bed linen. There are orthopedic bed mattress and orthopedic pillows. Their purpose is the very same, however for various parts of the body.

An orthopedic pillow is specifically created to supply and support to the neck spine and head while a person is sleeping or lying down. They are also often utilized to support other parts of the body, such as the knees, legs, and back. Normal pillows come in a very typical design; they are either rectangular or square and fluffy. They don’t actually have any special shape. Orthopedic pillows are distinguishable from their style. They are created according to orthopedic guidelines to guarantee proper positioning and offer support to any part of the body.

Pillows have actually been conventionally made with fiber (such as cotton) or foam, however orthopedic pillows are typically made with memory foam. This is since memory foam is a heat sensitive product and acquires the shape of the part of the body touching it. Nevertheless, it takes a while to get its initial shape back when it’s no longer in use.

Orthopedic pillows are also called healing pillows since they declare to provide remedy for a number of issues that hinder sleep. From a back bad, sore knees, stiff neck, to sleep apnea and snoring, various orthopedic pillows eliminate a number of disorders and sleep disorders by supplying assistance to various parts of the body. In fact, there’s a pillow readily available for nearly every part of the body, frequently used together with orthopedic mattresses and cushions.

Types Of Orthopedic Pillows

There are a number of types of orthopedic pillows, designed according to body shape and usage. A few of them are:

This is a sleep pillow that has a curved style and suggested to line up to the contours of the head, neck, spine, shoulders, and back when sleeping or resting. A cervical pillow is among the most typical types of orthopedic pillows, used to alleviate various conditions like neck pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder aching back, respiratory distress, snoring and sleep apnea.

Neck Pillow

Likewise called a travel pillow, this is something often seen and utilized on a flight. A neck pillow is formed like a horseshoe and is created to fit around the neck to keep the head supported throughout long hours of staying up. This pillow is beneficial due to the fact that when your head is resting against a seat, it does not get the assistance that it requires, which can lead to neck pain and stiff neck and shoulders.

Wedge Pillow

As the name recommends, this pillow is shaped like a wedge. It offers a sloping surface to rest any part of the body. A wedge pillow is among the most flexible orthopedic pillows since it can be used for any part of the body. It can be used to support the leg and the knees or to support the head, neck, and shoulders in bed. Due to the fact that a wedge pillow keeps the head likely, it is frequently utilized to ease breathing distress, snoring, or sleep apnea, or perhaps to alleviate symptoms of heartburn. Wedge pillows come in a single piece or can likewise be folded.

Water Pillow

If you want the utmost flexibility, nothing beats a water pillow. Just fill the pillow with water, and change the height as required. The water contours to the shape of the body and provide the ideal assistance.

The Best Pillow for Neck Pain You Can Buy in 2019

This guide will concentrate on ergonomic cervical pillows that might be able aid relieve your neck pain. Ideally, this will assist you find the ideal chiropractic specialist recommended pillow for your neck and shoulder pain needs.

Mediflow The First and Original Water Pillow

A pillow filled with water may appear a little unconventional, but that just might be what your neck needs. Mediflow’s water pillow comes extremely advised by over 3,000 Amazon clients for its capability to relieve neck pain in any sleep position. An independent research study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University has even proven the effectiveness of water pillows. Try it for yourself.

Details: Type: Water, price: $46.

MyPillow Queen Classic Medium Support Pillow

When it comes to neck pain– and finding the right pillow for it — assistance is non-negotiable. This medium support pillow from MyPillow features interlocking fill with outstanding assistance and adjustability for a better night’s rest, no matter what your go-to position might be. MyPillow also focuses on the “poof element,” which gives this pillow that just-right sensation without ever going flat.

Details: Type: Interlocking fill, price: $65.74 for a set of two.

Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow

A pillow that contours your body well– specifically the neck area — can make a world of difference, especially when pain decrease is a pressing problem. This memory foam pillow from Epabo includes a strategic ergonomic design to assist assistance and cradle your head, neck and shoulders, permitting you to wander off into undisturbed rest and wake up feeling fresh.

Details: Type: Memory foam, cost: $44.

Purple Pillow

This is the modern option you were trying to find. The Purple Pillow is made from hyper-elastic polymers organized in a smart-comfort grid, particularly designed for head and neck support. Thanks to its futuristic fill material, it never loses its shape and delivers consistent convenience and relief to the neck.

Details: Type: Elastic polymer, price: $99.

Cage Home Goods Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Made to avoid the “pillow pinch” (when a pillow’s fill moves out from under your neck and support disappears), this memory foam pillow from Coop Home Goods is a sturdy alternative that makes assistance a top priority. It likewise provides breathable product that helps keep the at-times sweaty bedhead at bay. This pillow comes highly suggested by numerous Amazon customers.

Details: Type: Gel memory foam, price: $70.

Emolli Contour Memory Foam Pillow

If you sleep on your back, this contoured memory foam pillow from Emolli has you (and your neck) covered. The ergonomic design ensures your behind is always supported, with special curvatures for your head and neck to unwind on.

Details: Type: Memory foam cost: $46.

Cradle Me Cervical Pillow

If you choose to sleep on your side and experience neck pain, a cervical memory foam pillow from Cradle Me just may help. This pillow features an unique hourglass design with gel memory foam fill so that your back, shoulders, neck and head are always comforted– ensuring you’ll awaken on the right side of the bed.

Details: Type: Memory foam, price: $45.


With the help of the list above, you must be well on your method to discovering the right cervical pillow for neck pain for your needs. When you do buy a new orthopedic pillow, provide yourself a little time to adjust to it before you anticipate considerable results.

It can be difficult to make the shift to a new neck traction pillow, even if that pillow is a quality product which fits your requirements perfectly. Offer the new pillow a long time to end up being comfortable, and you will likely be pleased in the long run.

Thank you for putting in the time to come by our 2019 neck pain pillow buying guide. We hope you found the details you required to make a considerable purchasing decision. Happy shopping, and sleep well!

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