Are Wild Strawberries Edible?

They’re everywhere. Little red berries on creeping plants. They’re a mini variation of strawberries. And they appear like they ‘d be good to eat. But are they edible? Are they safe to snack on?

Wild Strawberries

I’ve heard that wild strawberries are dangerous, however I’ve been needing to know for sure what to inform the kids about these bright berries. Up previously, I’ve just been telling them I didn’t know if they are safe, so they weren’t to put them in their mouths. However after doing some looking into today, I’ve discovered exactly what we had to know.

Are wild strawberries edible? Yes, of course!

The brief answer is: YES, wild strawberries are edible, and tasty, as well as used for medicinal functions!

However … there are two types of “wild” strawberries: True wild strawberries, and “Indian Strawberries”, also called “mock” or “incorrect” strawberries.

Mock strawberries are not poisonous, however they do not have any taste to speak of. Wild strawberries are scrumptious, and taste similar to the strawberries you ‘d pick in your garden.wild strawberries and chamomile

There are a few ways to discriminate between a true wild strawberry and it’s misleading cousin. The easiest identifiers for me to keep in mind are …

  • Wild Strawberries have white blooms.
  • Mock Strawberries have yellow flowers.
  • Wild Strawberries will have a strong strawberry fragrance when squashed.
  • Mock Strawberries do not smell like anything when squashed.
  • Mock Strawberries point straight up.

It’s good to know that if the kids choose to put either among these berries in their mouth, I have nothing to stress over. As a matter of fact, they’re both highly nutritious, and packed with vitamin C. Got ta love that!

frozen wild strawberries

Are Frozen Wild Strawberries Healthy?

Fresh wild strawberries are a healthy addition to any diet. The health worth of frozen wild strawberries depends upon the type you select. Unsweetened frozen wild strawberries provide a number of the same nutrients as fresh and their advantages are offered year-round; however, sweetened versions can include too much sugar to your diet.

Wild strawberry nutrients facts

ripe wild strawberries One cup of defrosted, unsweetened wild strawberries, provides 77 calories and no fat. This serving includes more than 150 percent of the suggested dietary allowance for vitamin C, based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Wild strawberries are likewise a source of vitamin K, folate and manganese. Eating unsweetened, frozen wild strawberries in place of greater calorie snacks, such as chips or candy, can help you manage your weight. However, if you pick sweetened wild strawberries, the calorie count per cup increases to 199 calories.

Wild strawberry fiber content

Both sweetened and unsweetened wild strawberries supply 5 grams of fiber per thawed cup. Fiber can help prevent constipation, promote colon health and lower cholesterol. The Institute of Medicine recommends women consume at least 25 grams of fiber everyday and men eat 38 grams.

Sugar Concerns

flowers of wild strawberriesOne cup of unsweetened wild strawberries includes 10 g of naturally occurring sugars. The same size serving of sweetened wild strawberries contains 47 grams of sugar– totaling up to more than 9 teaspoons of added sugar per cup. The American Heart Association suggests restricting sugarcoated to 6 teaspoons daily for women and 9 teaspoons per day for men. The natural sugar in unsweetened wild strawberries does not count towards this limitation, however a serving of sweetened, frozen wild strawberries rapidly puts you at, or over, your daily added sugar allotment.


Frozen fruits are packaged at the peak of ripeness. Fresh wild strawberries that come distant areas might be picked prior to they are totally ripe, which might prevent them from reaching their nutritional capacity. During transportation, these fruits may likewise experience nutrient deterioration since of direct exposure to heat and light.

Frozen wild strawberries likewise provide a more effective texture and more intense taste for healthy smoothies or purees. When defrosted, nevertheless, frozen wild strawberries are drooping and do not make good additions to fruit salads and tarts.



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