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The moment you pay attention to the word baldness, you generally get an image of a man/woman with a bald head. Wait, for there is more to baldness than simply triggering loss of hair from your scalp and head area.

For instance, the alopecia barbae is a type of baldness which causes loss of hair from the beard regions of your chin. Though the exact causes have not been properly determined, one pattern of study reveals its connection with male auto immune syndrome.

This is caused by the weird reaction of the body’s immune systems to its own body tissues and other natural pigments. It is frequently represented by the Lymphocyte white blood cells. The T Type Lymphocyte is said to be accountable for the development and propagation of Alopecia barbae, which is limited to the male population.

The Lymphocyte white blood cells start getting in the hair follicles in the beard/chin area and begin disturbing the regular hair growth activities in a fast and damaging way. This results in weakening of roots, resulting in sporadic hair loss. If you observe thoroughly, it will be generally in the form of spots.

Beautiful beard

What is Alopecia Barbae?

Alopecia, or to be less expensive loss of hair, is a condition that a minimum of half the population over the age of 30 or 40 is understood to have. This loss of hair is typically attributed to stress, however, there is more to it and many more aspects than many people believe.

There are two classes of alopecia alopecia:

  • Androgenetica the more typical of the two can be male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.
  • Alopecia areata is hair loss in type of circular spots. The small patch of hair loss in the beard area is called alopecia barbae. These freaky little patches can range in quantity and size and leave a good smooth skin surface. Although the cause of alopecia barbae is still undetermined, research studies indicate it might be the result of an autoimmune problem. So what that indicates is your body immune system goes psychological and thinks your beard follicles are a form of foreign body and attack it. This obviously causing the quite little bald patches. Now if you mix stress with the condition then you will have an aggravated condition to look forward to.

Although alopecia barbae can establish at any age after the age of puberty, its is more commonly observed after 30. Identifying the condition should not be brain surgery, and must be visible by the individual really early on.

Generally the afflicted area will have a smooth glossy surface and often present a burning sensation. These areas might begin small however can grow with time.

Alopecia Barbae Symptoms

Some of the most frequently seen symptoms among male are observed amongst the adult population, in the age group of 25– 45. The initial onset of the issue is rather tough to identify.

It might start out as only one patch of baldness. Sometimes it also appears as numerous spots, sporadically spread out all over the chin area. By the time it reveals its true symptoms, it might be far too late.

Alopecia Barbae Treatment Home Remedies

Practically speaking, there has been no single technique of treatment for this type of baldness. This might be due to that it is caused by a cell within the male anatomy, rather than coming from an external source.

However, the experiments including usage of steroid cream treatment and injections appear to have given some appealing results. Even these methods are stated to be partially efficient, in the sense that they have not been proved to0 be 100% effective in all the cases. In numerous other cases, numerous other forms of creams and injections have likewise been tried out with little or zero success rate.

Lots of men ignore alopecia barbae in the beginning as the bald patches are small. However, treatment during this period is necessary as the hairless areas might increase in size. Even with treatment it may take long duration to grow back hairs in bald beard areas.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae
Pseudofolliculitis barbae

There are several over-the-counter medications which claim to regrow hair in bald patches, however they might have many side effects. Home remedies are a simple and cost-effective alternative as compared to expensive nonprescription products.

  • Particular herbs are important in promoting hair follicles. Burdock, sage, rosemary has natural qualities for encouraging the hair follicles to grow. Boil all the discussed herbs in water and strain the liquid once it gets cool. Use the prepared liquid as shampoo to clean the beard area.
  • Application of onion juice is effective in growing hair in the bald spots of alopecia barbae. Nevertheless, onion juice can irritate the skin, so use a thin layer for first few days to observe if any skin irritation establishes.
  • Massage the afflicted area with essential oil such as jojoba and almond oil. Both oils are understood to speed up hair growth. Besides massage encourages blood circulation which plays an essential function in promoting hair follicles to grow.
  • Eat healthy food including proteins and iron since both are required for healthy hair growth. Rich source of both the nutrients is fish, lean meat, wheat, poultry, eggs, grains and beans.
  • Pure aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is understood to promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. Apply aloe vera gel routinely on the impacted bald patches. This approach might operate in some cases. As it is popular, aloe vera is a strong antioxidant, efficient in getting rid of numerous types of poisonous aspects, fungus and infections from the human blood and viruses. Nevertheless, its efficiency versus the Lymphocyte white blood cells is not yet clinically identified. It is stated that if the baldness remains in its preliminary stages, this might be used as an effective remedy. Even in these cases, the chances of long term effectiveness are not established.Inning accordance with particular experiments conducted on patients suffering from Lymphocyte white blood cells attacks, the preliminary success was found among a few of them. It was credited to the Aloe vera capability for injecting the hair follicles with the needed crucial vitamins, proteins and minerals.
    Recommended technique of applyingTake a cotton ball and dip it into the aloe vera liquid. Use it onto the impacted areas evenly. Let the area get soaked in the liquid for a minimum of 15 20 minutes. Now use another coat. You might need to repeat this a minimum of for about 2 3 months, prior to you might wish to get any visible results.

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