Best Time for Running

What is the best time of day to run to lose weight or for cardio exercise? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

In sports and fitness, it is desirable to listen to your body and not to perform those types of loads that cause only disgust, there will be no benefit from such exercises.


People who are active in the morning would prefer to jog in the morning. Those whose bodies are accustomed to activity in the evening hours will feel comfortable jogging in the evening.

To Lose Weight

Morning running

Running will help you lose weight if you go for it before you eat, not after. Subcutaneous fat is consumed during exercise only if the body has nowhere else to get energy. Thus, running is more likely to lead to weight loss if you do it in the morning than in the evening. However, it is important to make sure that the break between dinner and breakfast is no more than 10 hours. If you do not eat longer, it will be harder to run, so it is likely that the workout will be short, and therefore less effective.

Evening running

Getting exercise in any case is better for your figure than giving up physical activity altogether. Running in the evening for weight loss purposes is possible if you meet two conditions: increase energy expenditure (run faster or exercise longer) and refuse to eat solid food after finishing a run.

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Mood benefits

Morning jogging

Running is a stress reliever and an energizer. By exercising in the morning, the energy boost you get helps you wake up and have a more productive day. The main thing is to control the level of exercise so as not to fall from fatigue at the end of the run.

Evening jogging

People who are used to leading a night life, on the contrary, it is useful to run in the evening, to be refreshed and in the mood for work. It is also not harmful to go for a run before going to bed to relieve accumulated stress of the day. But such a run should be low-intensity and short, because the evening burst of energy inevitably leads to insomnia.

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Benefits for strengthening the body

Morning running

Jogging is a cardio exercise that has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, running helps to strengthen the muscles, especially the leg muscles. In the morning, the body is more ready for the load, as it has had time to recover from the night.

In order not to harm the muscles and joints, you should do a little warm-up before going for a run, to prepare the muscles for work, not to run to total exhaustion and not to continue the exercise in case of pain.

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Evening running

The evening is suitable for physical activity because muscles and joints are already warmed up, the chance of injury, including sprains, is much lower than in the morning. However, during a run, regardless of the time of the run, you need to watch your breathing, follow running technique (it differs for long and short distances, for example) and, of course, use appropriate shoes and clothing.

At the end

It is important to understand that if a woman does not have the opportunity to jog away from men’s eyes, it is worth taking advantage of a treadmill, which can be installed at home.

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