What is Cinnamon Tea Good For?

Anise, cinnamon and lemon

Cinnamon is a spice that originates from the bark of a tree native to Southern Asia. Although it is mostly understood in the United States as a spice for pumpkin pie, oatmeal and cookies, this herb likewise uses healing advantages. Cinnamon bark can be used to make a spicy, aromatic tea to treat numerous conditions. Talk to your physician prior to using cinnamon tea to treat or prevent any disease or condition.

Beyond its wide use in desserts, cinnamon has been used considering that ancient times by lots of cultures for its numerous helpful health properties. Among them are its capability to help detox the body, lower blood sugar level, promote weight loss, manage menstruation, and help combat indigestion.

How is Cinnamon Tea Good for You?

As we’ve suggested above, cinnamon is a spice with lots of excellent qualities that you can obtain from your daily diet in a range of methods. But one of the best ways to consume cinnamon remains in tea. In this manner you maintain all the active parts of the spice with no interference from other foods. Moreover, it’s much easier for the digestive system to take in cinnamon tea, suggesting you see the advantages in a shorter amount of time.Cinnamon sticks

What is cinnamon tea good for: infections, digestive aid, pain relief, hypertension, for diabetics, weight loss, helpful for your stomach, helps avoid irregular menstruation, it reduces cholesterol levels, cold and flu.


Cinnamon bark includes eugenol, a chemical that may use antiseptic benefits, according to Castleman. Eugenol can help damage bacteria and fungis that cause infection and health problem. Cinnamon tea may be especially efficient for preventing injury infections caused by fungi and bacteria on the surface of your skin, in addition to Candida albicans, the fungus commonly responsible for vaginal yeast infections.

Digestive Aid

The eugenol found in cinnamon tea might also help prevent queasiness and stomach pain caused by indigestion. Cinnamon helps to break down fats from food sources that are challenging for your body to absorb. Eugenol might likewise increase the production of digestive enzymes required for preventing indigestion.Cinnamon and spices in jars

Pain Relief

Consuming a calming cup of cinnamon tea might help ease a number of types of pain. The eugenol in cinnamon tea acts as a natural anesthetic, according to Castleman, and help to alleviate abdominal cramps, pain from injuries and rashes and joint pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia. Cinnamon tea likewise helps in reducing pain related to toothaches and gum disease.


Castleman keeps in mind that eugenol may have properties that help to reduce hypertension. However, the system for cinnamon’s possible result on blood pressure is unknowned. Scientific research on the link between eugenol and hypertension is not yet definitive.

For Diabetics

Individuals with Type II diabetes (a condition that takes place when the body cannot respond normally to an increase in insulin, generating high levels of blood sugar level) stand to benefit the most from cinnamon. One cup of this tea can help stabilize blood glucose levels.Almonds, cinnamon and spices

Vitamin B1 stimulates insulin receptors and hinders the enzyme that triggers them. That increases the body’s capability to process glucose. In this case it’s best to drink cinnamon tea while fasting and after meals.

Weight Loss

The same qualities that make cinnamon tea an excellent option for diabetics likewise make it beneficial for weight loss. When you eat more than your body needs, the pancreas overcompensates to produce more insulin. That additional insulin informs your body there’s a lot more energy available for it. But once your energy requirements are satisfied, the insulin shops all the additional glucose, or sugars, in your body for use later on.

Due to the fact that cinnamon tea reduces your levels of blood sugar level, there’s less insulin in your entire system, which causes the body to store less fat and lose weight. One benefit of using this tea for weight loss is that you’ll see good results very rapidly. Simply drink two cups a day: one in the early morning and one in the afternoon.

Helpful for Your Stomach

Cinnamon tea is likewise great for your digestive system. It reduces gases in the stomach, helps avoid ulcers from forming, and stops vomiting and queasiness. Typically speaking, your food will be absorbed more quickly thanks to cinnamon’s stimulating results on the production of saliva and stomach acids.

Also, cinnamon naturally controls diarrhea and regulates your digestive rhythm. Due to the fact that of this, it’s suggested for anybody struggling with irritable bowel syndrome. It also helps prevent inflammation of the intestines and triggers your hunger.Cinnamon, lemon and ginger

Cinnamon includes dietary fiber, iron, and calcium, which combine with bile salts and help remove them from the body. These salts can be damaging to the colon if not gotten rid of effectively.

Helps Avoid Irregular Menstruation

Drinking cinnamon tea is an excellent home remedy for managing your menstrual cycle, thanks to its anticoagulant properties. This has two effects: first, it can trigger the start of your period if you’re a little late. Second, it has an analgesic result and reduces pain during this stage.

It Reduces Cholesterol Levels

It’s been found that cinnamon tea can reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. This prevents the development of atheromas and thrombi, which slow down blood flow.

Cold and Flu

When influenza season gets here, cinnamon tea can be among your best allies. Chinese medication has long used this tea to treat illnesses. Cinnamon is also an antibiotic, reduces inflammation, reduces fever, reduces coughing, and it tastes terrific. In addition, it supplies remedy for headaches and migraines.Cinnamon and red pepper

Properties of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is a spice that comes from on the coasts of the Indian Ocean. Specifically, it originates from the island of Sri Lanka, south of India. The most popular element of cinnamon is its smell, which is understood for its relaxing properties as well as its use in various cleansing, health, and charm products.

This exotic spice is an abundant source of magnesium, iron, calcium, fiber, and vitamins C and B1. It’s a reliable treatment for diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, and can even increase the body immune system. It’s likewise used as an expectorant and can ease troublesome respiratory symptoms.

Cinnamon likewise helps you slim down by increasing the body’s ability to burn fat– it’s thermogenic. It consists of anti-oxidants that slow the natural cellular degeneration process and reduce the impacts of free radicals. Those anti-oxidants prevent fat from getting transferred in the arteries, which helps combat heart disease. Consuming cinnamon tea can help control the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and control blood sugar level.

Consuming cinnamon on a regular basis enhances food digestion and removes gas. It also helps treat anorexia by stimulating the hunger. Cinnamon is a powerful anticoagulant– that is, it avoids blood platelets from accumulating more than they should at typical levels.Cinnamon sticks and nutmegs

A research study by Dr. P. Zoladz of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences in Florida concluded that cinnamon stimulates brain function, specifically in the senior. It improves other procedures in the brain that are accountable for attention, visual memory, recognition, and processing speed. Cinnamon also helps in reducing inflammation and relieves pain. Since of this, it can enhance the symptoms of arthritis.

External uses for cinnamon include treating it as an antibacterial, a skin disinfectant, and its ability to get rid of fungi and bacteria. It can be used to treat fungus of the foot and nails, along with mouth ulcers and vaginal infections.Anise, cinnamon and lemon

Side Effects Cinnamon Tea

Although concentrated cinnamon oil is toxic and might cause nausea, vomiting and kidney damage, cinnamon bark or powder is ruled out poisonous. The FDA considers cinnamon generally safe, according to Castleman, but heavy intake of cinnamon tea periodically may cause diarrhea.

In many cases you need to prevent consuming cinnamon due to the fact that a lot of those fantastic properties can in fact have negative impacts on your health.

Don’t use excessive of it

Coumarin is a toxic compound that’s discovered in cinnamon. In high doses it can cause damage to the liver and kidneys, so do not use it too freely to your food.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

During pregnancy it’s essential to prevent consuming cinnamon. It promotes blood flow and can cause the uterus to contract. This can be damaging to the fetus. Similarly, nursing mothers need to prevent cinnamon tea since it can cause an allergic reaction to develop in the baby.

Avoid cinnamon if you have ulcers

When you have ulcers of the stomach or intestinal tract, taking in cinnamon will only irritate them more. It’s best to avoid it entirely in this case.

Beware with your heart

Cinnamon has the capability to somewhat increase your heart rate. For this reason, individuals with recognized heart disease should not drink cinnamon tea. Otherwise it could increase the heart rate and threaten your health.

Do not integrate it with antibiotics

Cinnamon is a natural antibiotic, so it’s not a smart idea to mix it with any man-made compound. Its properties might disrupt the method other medications work and cause unforeseeable side effects. So avoid it whenever you’re taking a regular prescription antibiotic.

Health Tips

Always remember that while cinnamon tea has many terrific advantages, you shouldn’t drink excessive of it. For this factor, we recommend you talk with your doctor before you start the cinnamon tea regimen to be sure it’s going to complement any other medication or weight loss program you’re following.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend.


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