Is Eating Coconut Oil Good For You?


To date, there are over 1,500 research studies showing coconut oil to be among the healthiest foods on earth. Coconut oil benefits and uses exceed what most people understand.

Eating Coconut Oil

Research has actually lastly discovered the secrets to this amazing fruit; specifically healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), these distinct fats include:

  • Caprylic acid.
  • Lauric acid.
  • Capric acid.

And around 62% of the oils in coconut are made up of these 3 healthy fatty acids and 91% of the fat in coconut oil is healthy hydrogenated fat.

Most of the fats that we take in take longer to digest, however MCFAs found in coconut oil provide the best source of energy since they just need to go through a 3 step procedure to be developed into fuel vs. other fats go through a 26 step procedure!coconut

Unlike long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) found in plant based oils, MCFAs are:

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  • Simpler to absorb.
  • Not easily stored as fat.
  • Are anti-microbial and anti-fungal.
  • Smaller sized in size, allowing easier cell permeability for instant energy.
  • Processed by the liver, which suggests that they are immediately converted to energy rather of being kept as fat.

Proven Coconut Oil Benefits

Proven Alzheimer’s Disease Natural Treatment

The food digestion of MCFA’s by the liver produces ketones which are an easily available energy by the brain. Ketones provide energy to the brain without the requirement of insulin to procedure glucose into energy.

Current research has actually revealed that the brain really produces it’s own insulin to process glucose and power brain cells. As the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient has lost the ability to create it’s own insulin, the ketones from coconut oil could create an alternate source of energy in order to help fix brain function.

Avoids Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats. Hydrogenated fats not only increase the healthy cholesterol (known as HDL) in your body, but also help to convert the LDL “bad” cholesterol into great cholesterols.

By Increasing the HDL’s in the body, it helps promote heart health, and lower the risk of heart disease.

Treatments UTI and Kidney Infection & Protects the Liver

Coconut oil has actually been known to clear up and recover urinary (UTI) and kidney infections. The MCFA’s in the oil work as a natural antibiotic by interfering with the lipid coating on bacteria and eliminating them. Likewise there is a study showing that coconut oil directly protected the liver from damage.

Coconut water likewise helps hydrate and support the recovery procedure. Doctors have even injected the coconut water to clear up kidney stones. Coconut is an extremely powerful food!

Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis

In a study in India, the high levels of anti-oxidants present in virgin coconut oil decreased inflammation and healing arthritis better than leading medications.

In another recent study, coconut oil that was collected with only medium heat was found to suppress inflammatory cells. It worked as both an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Coconut oil has two qualities that help it fight cancer. One, because of the ketones produced in it’s digestion. Tumor cells are unable to access the energy in ketones and are glucose reliant. It is thought that a ketogenic diet could be a possible element of helping cancer patients recover.

Two, as the MCFA’s absorb the lipid walls of bacteria, they likewise can eliminate the helicobacter pylori bacteria that has been called increasing the risk of stomach cancer. Even in research studies where cancer is chemically caused, the intro of coconut oil avoids cancer from cultivating!

Immune System Boost (antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral)

Coconut oil consists of lauric acid, which is understood to reduce yeast, battle bacteria, and develop a hostile environment for infections. Numerous diseases today are triggers by the overgrowth of bad bacteria, fungis, viruses and parasites in the body.

You can change grains and sugar in your diet with coconut oil as your natural fuel source when you’re ill. Sugar feeds the growth of bad bacteria. Rather take 1 TBSP of coconut oil 3x daily when sick and take in plenty of veggies and bone broth as well.

Improves Memory and Brain Function

In a 2004 research study released in the journal of Neurobiology of Aging, they found that the MCFA’s discovered in coconut oil enhanced the memory problems in their older topics.

Throughout all the patients there was a marked improvement in their recall capability after taking this fat. As the MCFA’s are soaked up quickly in the body and can be accessed in the brain without making use of insulin, they have the ability to fuel brain cells more effectively.

Enhances Energy and Endurance

Coconut oil is easy to digest, however likewise produces a longer sustained energy and increases your metabolism. When taking a quality non-processed coconut oil, you can get the most benefit as it’s MCFA’s are sent out directly to the liver to be converted into energy!

Today, lots of triathletes will use coconut oil as their source of fuels during training and races for far away events. You can make a homemade energy fuel by blending coconut oil, raw honey and chia seeds together. Simply put together 1 TBSP of each and consume Thirty Minutes prior to workout.

Enhances Digestion, Reduces Stomach Ulcers & Ulcerative Colitis

Coconut likewise enhances digestion as it helps the body to soak up fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

If coconut oil is taken at the same time as omega-3 fatty acids, it can make them two times as reliable, as they are easily available to be absorbed and used by the body.

Coconut oil can help improve bacteria and gut health by ruining bad bacteria and yeast. Candida imbalance specifically can reduce stomach acid which causes inflammation and bad food digestion.

Reduces Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease & Pancreatitis

The MCFA’s of coconut oil do not require the pancreatic enzymes to be broken down, so taking coconut oil eases the strain on the pancreas.

Additionally, this super fat is so easy to absorb that it has been known to enhance the symptoms of gallbladder disease too. Replace other long-chain fats with coconut oil to enhance gallbladder and overall body health.

Improves Skin Issues (burns, eczema, dandruff, dermatitis, and psoriasis)

Coconut oil is wonderful as a face cleanser, moisturizer and sun screen, but also it can treat lots of skin conditions. The fatty acids (Caprylic and Lauric) in coconut oil reduce inflammation internally and externally and hydrate making them a terrific option for all types of skin conditions.

It safeguards the skin and has lots of antioxidants that make it perfect for recovering the skin. In addition the antimicrobial properties balance out the candida or fungal sources that can cause numerous skin conditions.

Coconut Oil Side Effects

There are seldom any side effects for coconut oil. Periodically a contact allergy may take place for specific people that dislike coconuts. A few of the cleansing products produced by coconut oil have been understood to cause contact allergies as well, but it is not common. In truth, coconut oil is understood for decreasing side effects of numerous medications. And in studies, it decreased the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatments!

How to Take Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for all of my cooking and baking, and I will frequently put a tablespoon of it in my early morning shake. You can likewise use it straight to your skin or as a provider for important oils or blends.

WARNING– refined or processed coconut oil can be bleached, over-heated, and chemically processed to increase its shelf-life. Processing the oil changes the chemical makeup and the fats are not helpful for you!


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