How To Know If I Have Dandruff

Dandruff, many people gets dandruff at some point; Dandruff can be referred to as a condition where there is incident of flaking of the scalp. Dandruff is shedding of dead skin form the scalp, and is not to be puzzled with just a dry scalp.


Dandruff can be found in two types– dry and waxy; many people are not aware and either over treat or under treat the condition. So before you self diagnose whether you have among these types of dandruffs not simply a dry scalp please continued reading.

Some people believe their dandruff is caused by their scalp being too dry. They try to deal with this by not washing their hair with shampoo, or clean it less typically, thinking that washing aggravates the issue. This is a misconception (not true). Dandruff differs from a dry scalp because it typically gets better when you shampoo more often (with the right hair shampoos).

excessive dandruff

Excessive dandruff

Dandruff is more typical in men than in women, and in individuals with oily skin. Some research studies have suggested that diets that are too salted, sweet or spicy may exacerbate dandruff. Dandruff can be chronicle (long-term) or the result of specific triggers. Individuals with dandruff may likewise experience inflammation and inflammation on the scalp.

In general, the health of an individual is dependent upon diet, workout and energy levels. Excessive flaking might be caused by an underlying disease or condition, such as psoriases, a fungal infection, seborrheic dermatitis, and even head lice. Other causes that might add to this condition are psychological stress, severe shampoos, exposure to cold and general fatigue.

Dandruff Symptoms

For a lot of teenagers and adults, dandruff symptoms are simple to spot: white, oily-looking flakes of dead skin that dot your hair and shoulders, and a potentially itchy, flaky scalp. The condition might get worse during the fall and winter, when indoor heating can contribute to dry skin, and enhance during the summer.

A type of dandruff called cradle cap can impact babies. This condition, which causes a scaly, crusty scalp, is most common in newborns, however it can take place anytime during early stage. Although it can be disconcerting for parents, cradle cap isn’t really dangerous and typically clears up on its own.

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When to see a doctor

The majority of cases of dandruff don’t need a doctor’s care. But if non-prescription (OTC) dandruff hair shampoos aren’t assisting, or if your scalp ends up being red or swollen, see your doctor or a doctor who focuses on skin conditions (dermatologist). You might have seborrheic dermatitis or another condition that looks like dandruff.

Dandruff Causes

Types of Dandruff:

  • Oil-Related Dandruff (Pityriasis-capitis): which is of a snowy dehydrated flakey consistency, falling from the scalp. This type of dandruff generally takes place from bad hygiene practices. Oil-related dandruff originates from not shampooing your hair typically enough.
  • Yeast-Related Dandruff (Seborrhea Dermatitis): if the scalp is very oily, and feels waxy like. This condition often requires medical attention, so medicated hair shampoos that contain zinc as an active ingredient. This type of dandruff is formed due to the existence of a fungus called malassezia, which is present on the surface area of every scalp without triggering problems of dandruff. However, when excess oil is present on the head, it provides enough food for the fungus to outgrow control. As the fungus feeds, the skin ends up being increasingly more inflamed because of the development of added skin cells.
  • There is another type of dandruff called Disease-Related Dandruff. It forms as a secondary side effect of any scalp condition. As the extra skin cells shed, they integrate with sebum oil and change into a case of dandruff. Another example is eczema. This is a common skin condition that can produce itching and dryness on the scalp ultimately contributing to the development of dandruff.

Risk factors

Nearly anyone can have dandruff, however particular aspects can make you more susceptible:

Age. Dandruff generally begins in young their adult years and continues through midlife. That doesn’t imply older adults don’t get dandruff. For some individuals, the issue can be long-lasting.

Being male. Because more men have dandruff, some scientists think male hormones might contribute. Oily hair and scalp. Malassezia eats oils in your scalp. For that reason, having exceedingly oily skin and hair makes you more prone to dandruff.

Specific illnesses. For factors that aren’t clear, adults with neurological illness, such as Parkinson’s disease, are most likely to craft seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. So are people with HIV infection, or those who have compromised body immune systems from other conditions.

Diagnosis of Dandruff

Typically your doctor can diagnose the issue simply by looking at your hair and scalp.

Natural medicine and Home remedies

Here are a few other home suggestions if you are specific you have dandruff that might help:

Small studies have found that tea tree oil can reduce dandruff, but more research study is required.

Tea tree oil, which originates from the leaves of the Australian tea tree, has actually been used for centuries as an antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal representative. It’s now consisted of in a number of shampoos found in health foods stores. The oil might cause allergies in some individuals.

Massage your scalp with almond oil and steam your hair in it. This is done by taking a towel dipped in boiling water and covering it around your hair like a turban. Let sit up until towel is cool and wash with luke warm to cooler water.

You can also prepare a homemade mixture including 1tbsp of fresh lemon juice with 100g of witch hazel in 200ml of water. Use this on cleaned hair. If this is continued routinely, it perhaps the long-term treatment for the issue of dandruff.


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