How to Get Rid of Circumvallate Papillae?


Q. I have been ill with a bad cold and chest infection for a few weeks, likewise I had thrush in my mouth, tho this has now cleared up i notice that i have big bumps on the back of my tongue, after browsing the web I believe its bigger circumvallate papillae. What causes this as its most annoying and I want to eliminate it.

Bigger circumvallate papillae are a frequent incident for some people. The cause will typically just be physiological, and absolutely nothing may be done about it.

There are, however, other events where it might be a symptom of something deeper, especially when the enlargement has actually established over a short amount of time.

Human tongue is not just a bundle of muscles; it plays a substantial function in a person’s life. Tongue has a number of functions. It helps in speech. Tongue helps to chew and swallow the food. Above all it is an organ of taste. This taste is experienced due to presence of taste on the surface of tongue.

There are small protrusions on the surface of tongue. These protrusions are called papillae. Bulk of papillae include taste buds. It helps in finding whether the food is sweet, salted, or sour. In some cases these papillae become big in size.

TongueNevertheless, except for the inconvenience, bigger papillae are not serious. There are 4 various types of papillae, fungi-form, filiform, foliate and circumvallate.

  1. Fungi-form papillae are situated on the side of tongue. Their shape is like mushroom, and they are able to identify sour and sweet taste.
  2. Filiform papillae many and they are scattered all over the tongue. They serve as an abrasive coating. Filiform papillae identify sour taste.
  3. Foliate papillae are at the side of the tongue.
  4. The circumvallate papillae can discover the bitter taste. They are situated at the back of the tongue in V kind.

Circumvallete papillae are really less in number. Here are some of the conditions that can lead to bigger circumvallate papillae.

What Causes Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae?

Most of the time, bigger papilla on the tongue is harmless. However, there are particular conditions which are harmful and cause enhancement of papillae. You must be careful of such conditions and take appropriate steps to reduce the issue.

  • Smoking causes irritation on the tongue. Don’t smoke! This might result in enhancement of tongue papillae.
  • The tongue may scald and get distressed if you drink excessive hot. This might speed up the papillae to swell and end up being bigger.
  • An infection of the tongue after a tongue bite can result in enhancement of papillae of the tongue.
  • Among the reasons typically kept in mind for bumps on tongue is canker sores. Canker sores on tongue are generally caused due to stress.
  • Particular intestinal conditions such as reflux and colitis can cause enlarged papillae on the tongue as associated symptom.
  • Oral cancer is among the most widespread sort of cancer on the planet. Individuals of Asian origin have been found to be more vulnerable to it, nevertheless it is found in high numbers all over the world. Oral cancer can settle in the tongue also and a sudden increase in size of the circumvallate papillae might be because of a tumorous growth from within the tongue. This is something that needs to be investigated and not left to possibility as even though it may turn out to be absolutely nothing more times than not, the possibility that it might be malignant need to be removed totally. You ought to dismiss oral cancer, when the sore does heal after 2 to 3 weeks.

How to Get Rid of Circumvallate Papillae?

The treatment of increased circumvallate papillae is to simply reduce the irritating agent and then practice excellent oral hygiene.

A chlorhexidine mouth wash along with chlorhexidine gel used during expert oral cleansing could be useful. Cigarette smoking needs to be prevented definitely (don’t smoke!) so that the swollen papillae have a possibility to reduce in size and heal.

Any rugged edges or out of place teeth need to be remedied. Extraction of the upseting tooth might be essential as well. Normally though the papillae end up being asymptomatic after some time and do not cause any problem to the patient despite the fact that they may not reduce in size.

Often times enlarged papillae on tongue can become painful. Following particular tips might help to reduce the augmentation in addition to the pain.

  1. If you are a smoker, stop smoking cigarettes. This will not just help in lowering the augmentation, however likewise benefit in minimizing the risk of certain dreadful diseases, specifically cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and stroke.
  2. Prevent eating too much of hot food.
  3. Follow great oral health. Brush your teeth and tongue routinely. Floss your teeth.
  4. To reduce pain caused due to sores, rinse with salt water two times in a day.
  5. Drink butter milk and eat yogurt. Both consist of healthy bacteria and help to maintain stability of excellent and bad bacteria in the body.
  6. If you have dentures, see that they fit perfectly and do not cause tongue bites.
  7. Eat more vitamin supplements consisting of vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12. Green leafy veggies and fruits consist of vitamins and minerals which have total advantage for the body.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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