How to Get Rid of Pruney Fingers?

How to get rid of pruney fingers

Do you remember how your fingers take care of you have invested the day in the pool or after taking a long bath? When fingers remain in water for too long, they end up being wrinkled in look.

This happens due to the fact that the keratin in our fingers soaks up the excess water and then swells, making the fingers look wavy. While this occurrence is natural and not long-term, it might trouble you. Eliminating the pruny look on your fingers fasts and easy.

Causes of Pruney Fingers

Finger wrinkles might not be a structural failure. They may be a tactical benefit. The latest idea, advanced by a neurobiologist, is our fingers wrinkle for the same factor tires have treads. They need much better grip.

Researchers studied pictures of several pruned-up hands and discovered that in each, the patterns were comparable. The wrinkles didn’t intersect with eachother. Instead they curved below the main suggestion of the finger to the outside of the finger pad.

When the hand grips something, it squeezes the pad of the finger versus the things’s surface area. If the pad of the finger has a consistent surface, and the surface area or the finger is damp, water can get caught there and remove the hand’s capability to grip.

How to get rid of pruney fingersIf long folds in the surface area of the finger give water a channel through which to move, the pressure of the grip will press the water outwards and let it drain away. Taken a look at by doing this, a wrinkly hand is the body’s way of saying that you’ve been in the water too long and you plainly require help going out.

This idea is not generally accepted, but it may explain why there is one long-term way to stop fingers from wrinkling in water. When the nerves to a finger or hand are severed, the wrinkling response stops.

How to Get Rid of Pruney Fingers?

Observe your fingers while in the water and know when they begin to prune. Leave the water once the pruning starts.

Extreme time in water can cause your skin to become dehydrated. If you have delicate skin, avoiding your fingers from becoming exceedingly pruny is a good idea.

Dry your hands completely on a cotton towel. Do not rub them, considering that this can aggravate your wet skin.

Rather, pat them dry, being sure to dry the area between your fingers. Don’t dry your hands under a restroom blow clothes dryer due to the fact that the hot air will badly dehydrate your skin.

Use a recovery lotion, such as Aquaphor, to your hands. Rub it in gently so that it can start to work. The ointment will help renew your dehydrated skin and will avoid cracks from forming as your skin dries.

If you were swimming in a chlorinated pool, the recovery lotion will get rid of the dryness that is an effect of chlorine.


The water wrinkles on your fingers need to vanish within 10 to fifteen minutes of leaving the water. If they remain for hours or end up being painful, contact your doctor immediately.

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