How to Get Rid of Wrinkled Skin on Arms

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Wrinkling of skin is a typical issue dealt with by a great deal of individuals who are past their prime. As you age, the skin that covers the body has the tendency to lose its elasticity and the skin ends up being loose, providing an old and wrinkly appearance.

This, nevertheless, is not a harmful situation and need not cause excessive concern. Wrinkled skin on arms has the tendency to hang loose and give the fingers and elbow joint an extremely wrinkled look. Eating healthy foods and keeping the skin hydrated as frequently as possible will replenish it and give it a dynamic appearance.

When it comes to a person who had a big frame and has unexpectedly lost a lot of weight, the old and wrinkly skin has the tendency to form folds in a number of areas.

The folds of skin needs to be kept tidy at all times in order to avoid any bacterial infection of the skin. Old and wrinkly skin on legs and the rest of the body can be made to look better through the consumption of fruits such as bananas which consist of vital nutrients and important vitamins.

Understanding how to tighten up skin that hangs loose on your body is a crucial part of looking below you in fact are. Stress, pollution and over exposure to the sun are a few of the other main causes of wrinkling of skin.

Female handsWhat Causes Wrinkles on Arms?

In general wrinkles are an outcome of the natural procedure of aging; nevertheless there are specific aspects that may speed up the development of wrinkles in the limbs,

  • Excessive exposure to the sun is thought about to be among the prominent elements. The ultraviolet radiations can damage the collagen fiber in the skin, resulting in development of great lines and creases.
  • Smoking cigarettes (don’t smoke) or usage of alcohol (don’t consume alcohol) are also linked with formation of wrinkles on all the parts of the body.
  • Stress, especially mental stress is associated with formation of wrinkles.
  • Quick weight loss, particularly in older individuals might also add to formation of wrinkles.
  • Nutritional shortages, credited to the absence of vitamin E can be a strong contributing factor.

As aging advances, skin droops as collagen production slows, leaving your skin less elastic than in more youthful years. Another cause of drooping, especially under your arms, is excess weight gain or rapid weight loss.

Surgery is an option; nevertheless loose, saggy skin can be treated through the help of your skin doctor and things that you currently have at home. Constantly consult your doctor prior to starting any at-home treatment for loose skin.

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Wrinkles on Arms

Healthy diet, adequate skin care programs and change in lifestyle practices can help handle wrinkles on arms. Dietary adjustments can help delay the beginning of formation of wrinkles, while a skin care programs can help in treating wrinkles naturally. Here are some basic pointers on how to eliminate wrinkles on arms,

  1. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin properly hydrated and plumped. Dehydration results in sagging of the skin as well as increased risk of injury. Taking in plenty of water combats these problems while supplying a cleaning of environmental contaminants.
  2. Speak with your dermatologist concerning laser skin restoration. Laser treatments warm up the underlying skin, requiring collagen production to increase and tighten the skin’s supporting fibers. Numerous sessions are needed prior to results are obvious; however, once they are acquired, the results are long-lasting.
  3. Exercise regularly to build up your tricep muscles, situated below your upper arms. Recommend performing exercises such as push-ups or weight lifting to firm these muscles and get rid of underlying fat deposits.
  4. Eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy. A correct diet helps combat drooping skin by supplying anti-oxidants and helping you keep your weight in check.
  5. Apply an over-the-counter cream containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids, vitamin C or retinoids. These creams are used at night, and absorb into your skin as you sleep. Skin firming and toning occurs with continued use, assisting your arms to look firmer.
  6. Stay away from processed foods, trans-fats and saturated fatty acids.
  7. Prevent undue exposure to the sun. Use a sun block cream on your arms especially when you are expected to be outdoors. Prevent the sun from 10 am to 4 pm, particularly during the summer seasons.
  8. Local application of vitamin E oils can be really useful to avoid wrinkles. Vitamin E helps strengthen the collagen tissue and prevents the skin from drooping. Apply walnut oil or almond oil on the skin of arms in order to avoid development of fine lines.
  9. Home remedies like topical application of mashed papaya or pineapple juice are also essential in preventing wrinkle development. These offer necessary nutrients to the skin and keep them healthy and hydrated for extended period of time.
  10. Topical creams can help to reduce wrinkles and sagging on the arms. Topical retinoids are the typical option since they promote collagen production and help to complete wrinkles over time. Other typical options are retinol-based creams. These all lessen the appearance of wrinkles and can help to tighten up mild drooping skin.

If you are worried about wrinkles on arms, consult your skin specialist to comprehend your treatment alternatives.

Treatment for Wrinkles and Sagging Arms

A part of the regular aging procedure involves the development of wrinkles and loose skin. A common area for this to take place is on the arms. This loose skin is unappealing and can make you feel uneasy.

Numerous treatments are readily available for handling wrinkles and drooping arms. However, it’s best that you have a clear understanding of what all these treatments involve prior to you pursue any one choice.

Prior to you undergo any treatment for wrinkles and drooping arms, you have to understand whether you actually need treatment. If you have just recently lost a lot of weight, the skin on your arms may droop significantly. A few of this skin will withdraw in time.

Making basic lifestyle changes may be enough to smooth out wrinkles and sagging skin also. So, just pursue treatments after you’ve dedicated to a healthy diet, drinking 8 glasses of water a day and hydrating for at least 6 months.

Hand and globeResurfacing

Resurfacing treatments can work to reduce wrinkles and drooping arms. Laser resurfacing works by warming up the much deeper tissue layers to produce collagen and elastin. In time, this will tighten drooping skin and soften wrinkles. Dermabrasion might also work to obtain rid of wrinkles.

This may not have as much of a positive effect on drooping skin, nevertheless. During this procedure, your skin specialist uses a wire brush to remove the top layers of skin and motivate the production of new tissue that has fewer wrinkles.


In severe cases, surgery might be the only way to fully get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin on your arms. Drooping arm skin would be gotten rid of using an arm lift or body contouring surgery. These treatments include the elimination of excess skin and the raising of the skin that stays. This will allow you to delight in a more basic shaped arm and a decrease of wrinkly skin.


Recovery for these various procedures differs greatly. Topical creams usually just cause mild side effects like soreness or peeling that generally disappear on their own within a few weeks of use (without treatment). Resurfacing treatments can cause mild skin irritation to open injuries.

Laser resurfacing may just take a week or 2 to recover from, while dermabrasion might take a month or more for the injury to heal and numerous months for inflammation to disappear. Surgery has the longest recovery time, with a month being the minimum. The skin will likely hurt and sore for a number of months as it totally heals.

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Creepy skin is just side effect of aging that has no genuine treatment. It is due to genes, weight loss, and sun damage. Some individuals, when they lose subcutaneous fat with age, will establish crepey skin on their arms. This is not related to massive weight loss, just the foreseeable loss of fat under the skin which begins in the 4th and fifth years of life.

I likewise suggest that you keep your skin well-hydrated with excellent moisturizers.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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