Hair Removal Creams for Sensitive Skin

Excessive hair on various parts of the female body spoils the beauty and negatively affects the tenderness of the skin. However, this problem ceases to bother a woman when she begins to use a cream to remove hair from her sensitive skin. Yes, this is a proven fact: you can get rid of unpleasant hair from the thighs, shins, bikini (pubis) area, as well as hands and face with the help of a gentle cream, doing a really easy procedure at home.

For sensitive skin - a cream that removes hair quickly and painlessly

But, before we talk about hair removal cream for very sensitive skin, let’s break down what sensitive skin means on the face, legs, arms?

Signs of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin reacts to all kinds of influences. And this reaction is usually evidenced by signs such as:

  • Redness;
  • burning;
  • itching;
  • A feeling of tightness;
  • tingling;
  • skin flaking.

Skin sensitivity is often the result of a compromised or weakened protective barrier. The latter consists of keratinized scales (corneocytes) and the lipids (fats) that fill the space between them. If the barrier is good, it keeps moisture in the skin and prevents external agents from penetrating it. If the barrier is breached, substances enter the skin, giving the skin the impetus to respond.

Sensitivity can be triggered by the influence of exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) factors, including:

  • climatic conditions (wind, cold, heat);
  • diseases;
  • taking medications;
  • stress;
  • diets;
  • improper cosmetic care.

Determining if your skin is sensitive

Sometimes people have a hard time determining how sensitive they are. The fact is, any skin type can be sensitive. Try to answer the questions below as honestly as possible.

  • Does your skin often turn red in the cold?
  • Does redness or a feeling of heat appear after eating spicy food or alcohol?
  • Does your skin peel after swimming?
  • Does your skin react to detergents?
  • Do you feel tight after washing your face with water?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you probably have sensitive skin.

The main causes of skin sensitivity are

Our skin expert believes that sensitivity is evidenced by the various external stimuli you come in contact with. A variety of factors can affect skin sensitivity.

  1. Burning, tingling, and redness may be the skin’s response to weather conditions (cold, heat, sun, wind).
  2. Vascular reactions such as redness, heat and discomfort are also indicative of skin reactivity. They are caused by loss of elasticity of the vascular walls and can occur from temperature changes, hot, spicy food, spicy food, and alcohol.
  3. Itching, tingling, and redness also occur when the skin comes into contact with hard water, coarse cloths, and certain cosmetic products.

Only a dermatologist can accurately determine the causes of skin sensitivity. He will also help you choose the appropriate care.

The Best Hair Removal Creams for Sensitive Skin

No 1. VEET Silk and Fresh Technology

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Veet hair removal creams have long been the helpers of girls and women in the fight against hated hair at home. They are easy to use, effective and work within 10 minutes, and are superior to shaving in terms of the duration of the effect of application. Depending on the hardness and color of the hair, smoothness after using depilatory cream lasts up to 14 days.

Chemical depilation destroys hairs with the help of special ingredients in the composition. The main ingredients in most Veet depilation creams are talc, sorbitol, urea, glycerin, emulsifiers, calcium hydroxide and preservatives.

Urea is a moisturizing component of natural origin and does not allow the chemicals in the composition to dry out the skin. Calcium hydroxide regulates the acid-alkaline balance of the dermis, i.e. it ensures that it retains its protective properties and elasticity. Glycerin and sorbitol moisturize the skin, and talcum absorbs excess moisture and reduces the likelihood of irritation of the dermis.

Depilation cream works painlessly, affecting keratin, which is responsible for the protective and formative functions of the hair. This is due to the elements in the composition, including potassium thioglycolate. The hair is destroyed practically at the root, as the chemicals act on the follicles. Depilatory cream penetrates deeper and, unlike shaving, copes not only with the visible part of the hair.

If you use the cream on a regular basis, after a while the hair begins to grow sparser and thinner, and the growth rate slows down.

Other alternative hair removal creams for very sensitive skin

  1. We offer you as another option for your sensitive skin is the Avon body hair removal cream.
  2. Veet Spray On Hair Remover Cream, Sensitive Formula, which is available at a low price on Amazon, has also proven itself.
  3. Well, we also offer you a third alternative – a cream foam that will make your skin smooth by gently removing hair from it: 2 in 1 Hair Removal Foam-Nature Nation Hair Removal Foam and Hair Inhibitor.

How does the cream for hair removal work

Shower depilation cream is a chemical method of getting rid of vegetation. Often the main component, which is also called the active ingredient, is calcium thioglycolate. It destroys all the binding amino acids of cysteine, which are part of the protein in all hair. Such action leads to the fact that the entire structure of the hair is completely changed. As a result, the vegetation can be removed mechanically. The effect of such a remedy lasts for about a few days to a week.

It should be understood that a slight term of action is caused by the fact that the depilation cream spray removes hair without a bulb. The action is aimed at the surface vegetation and does not harm the hair follicles themselves. That is why the result of hair removal lasts up to a week.

When properly used in the shower depilation cream can not do any harm to you and your sensitive body. But during the entire procedure, you need to act only according to the instructions, which will avoid any injuries. Before use, you need to do a test for allergic reactions, and after – proceed to the procedure of vegetation removal.

Depilation cream is a good alternative to the salon painful procedure of hair removal. The main advantages in its use is that it is:

  • easy and fast. Every woman can independently at home make smooth any area of the body without much effort;
  • cheap. If compared to many methods of dealing with vegetation, this method is an economical means. One pack is enough for about 3 epilations;
  • painless. Removing hair even on the most delicate areas of the skin (even if it is very sensitive), you will not feel discomfort or pain;
  • safe. Using this type of epilation will save you from any mechanical damage that you may encounter in other methods of depilation;
  • Works on hair of any length. Now you do not need to wait for your hairs to grow back. It will be able to grab any hair, even the shortest hairs;
  • does not harm the structure of the hair. This product does not affect the thickness or stiffness of the bristles in any way;
  • easily removes hair even in the most difficult and uneven areas of your body;
  • Most products have in their composition a lot of caring components, which have a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

Main disadvantages of using such a product

On the expanses of Internet resources reviews are divided into 2 camps: someone talks exclusively about the pros of this cream, and someone sees in it only disadvantages.

But, like any other means of depilation, the phyto depilatory cream is an individual product. Make sure of its effectiveness can only be achieved after testing it on yourself.

So, the disadvantages of using the product:

  • short-term result. It does not harm the hair follicle, and therefore the stubble after the procedure will manifest itself in just a couple of days;
  • can cause allergic reactions, pigmentation disorders in some areas of the skin, the appearance of irritation and inflammation. Therefore, before using this product, it is necessary to do a sensitivity test;
  • feedback from the owners of thick hairs states the possibility of uneven removal. On thin hairs, the result is evident immediately;
  • In addition, many people complain about the appearance of ingrown hairs and dark spots;
  • creams for depilation often have a swing with perfume perfumes. Some people may be very irritated by this.


As mentioned above, when used properly, the cream is not harmful to the skin. But before using it, you should carefully check the skin area for any rashes, irritations, inflammations and other dermatological reactions, as well as skin mechanical damage. The use of such a product on these areas is prohibited, because the substances in the cream can cause damage to weakened areas of the skin. In addition, you can not apply the cream on moles or warts. When waxing, it is better to tape them up to avoid any skin reaction. Undoubtedly, this can also be attributed to the disadvantages of this procedure, because literally everyone has such formations.

In addition, many women and their reviews assure that its use can have a negative effect on the milk of nursing mothers. Therefore, it is worth avoiding it during pregnancy and lactation.

Undoubtedly, before the procedure, you need to check the personal tolerance of the product to avoid unpleasant surprises. During epilation, act according to the instructions: keep it on the body no longer than the specified time. Perform the procedure as many times as the manufacturer recommends.


Although we are sure that for the vast majority of women with sensitive skin the suggested cream will not be a problem, it would be correct, when using it for the first time, to test it on a small, unseen area of the skin. If the procedure does not cause you an unwanted skin reaction, you can safely use the cream to remove hair on your chosen part of the body.

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