Honeybush Tea Benefits

Honeybush tea is brewed from the honey-scented flowers, leaves and stems of numerous types southern African honeybush shrub, known clinically as Cyclopia. South African herbalists have long valued the tea for its medical properties, and some of these have been validated by contemporary medical research. 

Honeybush tea is a beverage stemmed from plants in the Cyclopia family, and is concerned for its prospective effect on health. The drink is sweet tasting and has a history of use as a folk remedy, with current clinical evidence supporting some the tea’s purported results. Routine usage of the tea is associated with several long-term and short-term health benefits, making it an exceptional alternative tea option.

Honeybush Tea Health Benefits

Belonging to South Africa’s Cape provinces, honeybush is a low-growing shrub that thrives naturally in the foothills and mountains north and east of Cape Town. Until the late 20th century, wild-growing honeybush was the source of much of the plant materials used in tea-making.

The growing appeal of honeybush tea has actually encouraged some Cape area farmers to start officially cultivating the shrub. Growers of honeybush harvest flowers, leaves and stems, and allow the plant products to ferment and dry in the sun to prepare for use in making tea. The health honeybush tea benefits include remedy for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and inflammatory problems.Tea from tea bag

Improves the Immune System

Honeybush tea is a natural source of many antioxidants, including significant phenolic substances. Phenolic compounds play a significant role in safeguarding the body immune system from oxidative stress, which could harm cells.

Phenolic compounds likewise regulate the body immune system, which helps the body’s natural defenses versus infections. This may be accountable for the belief that honeybush tea works in relieving colds, influenza and other illness.

Bioactive Compounds

Diane L. McKay and Jeffrey B. Blumberg, scientists for the United States Department of Agriculture, evaluated research studies on the bioactivity of South African herbal teas, including honeybush. In a report released in the January 2007 problem of “Phytotherapy Research,” they reported that studies validate that honeybush contains an abundant blend of bioactive substances, numerous with medicinal properties.

Honeybush’s key bioactive active ingredients are pinotol, a customized sugar much like inositol; flavones; isoflavones; coumestans; luteolin; 4-hydroxycinnamic acid; polyphenols; and xanthones.Honeybush Tea Benefits

Preventing Tumor Growth

South African researchers tested the capabilities of extracts from rooibos, honeybush and green Camellia sinensis teas to prevent the promo of skin growths in laboratory mice. Researchers ready extracts of the different teas that were topically used to the skin of test animals prior to the introduction of a tumor-inducing agent.

In an article released in the June 2005 concern of “Cancer Letters,” researchers reported that unprocessed honeybush accomplishes a tumor inhibition rate of 90 percent, 2nd only to that of green Camellia sinensis, which had a 100 percent inhibition rate.

Antimutagenic Properties

In a research study of herbal teas’ antimutagenic properties, South African researchers checked extracts of both fermented and unfermented rooibos and honeybush teas using the Salmonella typhimurium mutagenicity assay. While honeybush tea extracts showed effective versus mutagenesis induced by 2-acetylaminofluorene and aflatoxin B1, they showed far less efficient versus the direct-acting mutagenic agents methanesulfonate, cumolhydroperoxide and hydrogen peroxide.

In a short article published in the August 2000 concern of “Mutation Research,” researchers reported that their research study offers the first scientific proof of honeybush tea’s antimutagenic properties. Nevertheless, they composed that the mixed findings of the research study recommend the requirement for more research study to recognize the mechanisms that make honeybush tea really efficient versus some mutagenic representatives and far less so versus others.Tea blend

Protects You From Inflammatory Diseases

Proof also exists that the phenolic substances in honeybush tea have the ability to reduce inflammation and avoid the development of chronic inflammatory illness. Phenolic compounds have a direct effect on down-regulating the body’s inflammatory action, as shown in swollen digestive tract cells similar to those seen in inflammatory bowel disease, according to a December 2010 research study released in “Chemico-Biological Interactions.”

This makes honeybush tea efficient in offering short-term inflammatory relief in addition to helping to avoid or ameliorate inflammatory illness like IBD or Crohn’s disease.

Uses Menopausal Relief With Phytoestrogenic Effects

Honeybush tea has phytoestrogenic properties, making it act like estrogen in the body. Phytoestrogenic activity, combined with anecdotal evidence, suggests that honeybush tea works in relieving menopausal symptoms in women. The phytoestrogenic characteristics of the tea may likewise work in securing the body against osteoporosis, heart disease and specific hormone-related cancers.

Prevents Colds and Allergies

There are numerous extensive health advantages that are connected with drinking honeybush tea. This tea has actually always been extremely advised for those that experience common colds and allergic reactions. The antiviral and anti-bacterial properties not just help to combat off a stockpile of illness and bacteria, however they also help to keep you well and healthy by preventing more sickness in the future.

This is enabled thanks to the properties in the tea which help significantly to increase the body’s body immune system, making it a certain value to keep around during cold, influenza, and allergic reaction seasons. Another terrific element is the anti-inflammatory property of this tea which can further help to minimize any pains that also occur with these typical disorders. It might likewise assist with serious issues such as asthma and chest blockage as well, since the effects of drinking this tea assisting the body to expel phlegm.

High in Vitamins and Antioxidants

Consuming this relaxing tea will provide with an abundant variety of vitamins such as iron, zinc, calcium, copper, potassium, salt, magnesium, as well as a plentiful amount of different antioxidants. Honeybush tea is far healthier than most drinks you’ll discover anywhere and will give your body a big increase of needed substances and minerals.

Anti-oxidants have proven to be very beneficial in reducing fats in the blood stream. In addition, though more studies have to be undertaken to confirm the strength of these claims, numerous believe that specific anti-oxidants can hold many cancer battling properties. In spite of this, much of the various minerals and vitamins offered are shown and particularly vital for excellent health on a day to day basis. Due to this many choose to make honeybush an addition to their every day diet.

Relieves Stomach Ailments

Those that constantly handle stomach aches and cramps will more than happy to understand that a fast and easy brew of this tea will work rapidly to help combat feelings of pain and discomfort in the food digestion system. Conditions like queasiness, constipation, and bloating are alleviated and relaxed by the handy properties in this tea.

Given that this tea is organic and without any abnormal chemicals, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any uncomfortable side-effects like you may with numerous over-the-counter medications. Honeybush is likewise efficient in aiding with queasiness and stomach pains that are a result of menstrual and pre-menstrual concerns too, making it practical for women’s health as well.

Health Tips

To prepare honeybush tea, merely take one bag of this tea and steep it in hot water for an approximate 10 to 15 minutes or longer if preferred. After the preferred consistency of tea is reached, honey, sugar, or milk can be included for taste if desired, though numerous will concur that the tea is likewise quite satisfying by itself also.

No matter for how long you’ve been utilizing traditional healing and all natural health practices, the advantages that this tea provides are too strong and profound to be disregarded. Honeybush tea is low in tannins and consists of absolutely no caffeine that makes it much more enjoyable to drink given that does not have any negative results on your nervous system. The refreshingly healthy advantages that your body obtains while drinking this herb will make it an important addition to any cabinet supply.

As constantly please make sure to speak with a doctor prior to adding any herbs or teas to your diet if you are pregnant or on medications. If you’ve found yourself with an interest in purchasing honeybush tea you can usually discover it being offered in local health food stores. Nevertheless, for your convenience, buying this tea is also widely offered online as well.

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