Is Iced Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Iced tea safe during pregnancy

As soon as you are pregnant, you need to be extremely mindful regarding what you eat or drink. You diet undergoes a great deal of change and you are permanently scrutinized for what you consume.

Having said that, there are a great deal of food and beverages that you ought to prevent during pregnancy. Is iced tea one of them? Is it safe to drink your much enjoyed iced tea during pregnancy? Tea, be it hot or cold, includes caffeine. Caffeine consumption is not motivated during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your diet undergoes a total change. You can not indulge your taste buds without sparing an idea. All of a sudden, your food practices will be under examination all the time!

When it pertains to tea, iced or otherwise, moderation is the key. Find out here is it safe to drink iced tea during pregnancy.

Benefits of Iced Tea During Pregnancy

When it pertains to iced tea, the caffeine content varies with tastes and brands. Typically a glass of iced tea consists of less than 18 mg of caffeine.

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So as long as you do not exceed 200 mg of your day-to-day caffeine consumption, you ought to be fine. Tea is normally much better than coffee, as far as caffeine goes, as tea include less caffeine than coffee so you can happily indulge a bit more.

Iced tea safe during pregnancyThe concept of iced tea may interest you during pregnancy. How safe is iced tea during pregnancy? Tea is considered to be among the healthiest drinks out there. Why? Just take a look at the list of benefits it has to use!

It is Refreshing

Is early morning sickness making you feel low? Is the skyrocketing temperature intolerable for your pregnant body? Well, then what you require is ginger iced tea. With its fresh flavor and taste, iced tea is the best drink to beat the heat. It can give you an instant increase of energy too, thanks to its caffeine content.

Includes Antioxidants

During pregnancy, your body will go through a lot of change. It can increase the totally free radicals in your body. Tea contains a great amount of antioxidants that can keep these totally free radicals at bay and prevent DNA damage.

Keeps the Brain Healthy

Tea, in all its kinds, keeps the brain healthy. That is something you need while pregnant.

Prevents Cavities

Now this is a fascinating benefit. Pregnancy can take a toll on your oral health. With iced tea in your diet, you can eradicate the fear of cavities for excellent.

Iced tea with lemonPerfect Drink for Women With Gestational Diabetes

If you have gestational diabetes, it may be better to ditch that mug of coffee and accept tea! Unlike coffee, tea does not increase the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

So, as you can see, moderate tea usage during pregnancy can do benefits for your health. Nevertheless, do not make it your staple diet.

There are some cons of drinking iced tea while pregnant too.

Side Effects Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy

Tea has lots of caffeine. Excessive caffeine can negatively impact your pregnancy in the following methods:

Can Cause Miscarriage

Losing a baby is the most significant fear for pregnant women. Consuming extreme quantities of caffeine through tea can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Can Lead to Low Birth Weight

If you like iced tea, make certain you limit its intake. Excessive caffeine from the tea can result in low birth weight of your baby.

May Cause Stillbirth

Here’s another great need to limit your tea intake during pregnancy. Research shows that extreme usage of caffeine (tea is an abundant source of it) can cause stillbirth.

Increases Insomnia

Sound sleep is a pricey commodity, specifically when you pregnant. Lots of women establish sleeping disorders during pregnancy. The high caffeine content in tea can cause sleeping disorders.

Side effects of iced tea during pregnancyCan Cause Anemia

Numerous women have the tendency to become anemic when they are pregnant. It is so since their bodies require an additional amount of iron during this period. You need an iron-rich diet during your pregnancy.

However iced tea can prevent the absorption of iron in your body, paving way for anemia. Thankfully, you can resolve the concern by taking in meat and poultry.

So, small amounts is key. Make certain your day-to-day intake of tea does not surpass 200 milligrams each day, and you’ll be all right! Don’t stress! Delighting in a glass or 2 of iced tea every day will not cause any damage. In truth, tea is any day, a much better choice than coffee!

So, pamper yourself and enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea. We hope the above info was practical. Do not hesitate to share if you know any info. And remember to inform us how you enjoy your iced tea.

Tips from Moms

Can i drink lemon iced tea while pregnant?

It’s safe to drink vigorous lemon iced tea just do not over do it due to the fact that vigorous does have as much sugar as a soda and you do not want to get gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.

the sugar isn’t the thing to fret about its fine to drink jst remember that tea has actually caffiene so jst display ur consumption and green tea has alot more caffiene then reguale tea shot and discover the ones tht are caffeine complimentary however keep in mind to drink a bit of caffeine every day.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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