Loose Skin Over Knees

You can be forgiven for believing that the skin on knees has no charm treatments, but you can employ methods to tighten the loose skin over your knees. The skin on your knees can droop for numerous reasons, however generally age is the perpetrator, with the skin losing its flexibility as you age. When you lose a lot of weight, your skin can become loose, including the skin over your knees, and this is generally a harder issue to attack, with surgery typically being the only remedy.

How to Remove Loose Skin Over Knees Naturally

Step 1
Develop the muscles above your knee cap from resistance exercises. This will help to restore the flexible fibers in your knee. Leg extensions are an efficient exercise in this case. Strap ankle weights on, sit on a steady chair, raise your legs, and lower them back to the ground. Begin with 3 to 5 reps on each leg in the beginning, and go up to 10 representatives on each leg. To target the loose skin on the outer knee, point your toes up and inward; for the external understood, point them up and outside.

Step 2
Take a Pilates class. These types of exercises will help to keep the knee muscles and skin strong. Yoga and Pilates help to enhance the leg muscles surrounding the knee, which adds to keeping the skin on the knee taut. Pilates concentrates on building strength in the legs, which helps strengthen the leg muscles, and this in turn keeps the skin around the knee tight.

Step 3
Ask your doctor if surgery is right for you. This is generally only recommended if you have lost 30 percent or more of your body fat, and have excess skin hanging down, consisting of over your knees. Surgery has the tendency to not be advised as a first option, as knee surgery can leave a popular scar.


Be careful of quick repairs like body covers and tightening creams, which claim to tighten up skin. According to Ace Fitness, they do not work and the best method to keep the skin on your knees tight is from prevention or exercise.

You can prevent the skin on your knees from sagging by exfoliating your knees frequently. Do it in the shower by scrubbing your knees with a body scrubber, body brush or loofah. Afterward, rub a generous amount of petroleum jelly– or if you choose a natural item, shea butter or emu oil– onto your knees to keep the skin supple.

How to get rid loose skin over knees

Hydrate your knees typically. According to Truth in Aging, the best moisturizers are made of substances that include urea or ammonium lactate, which moisturizes right through the skin. Moisturized skin is less likely to droop.

Things You’ll Need

  • Chair
  • Ankle weights

Q&A How to avoid loose skin over the knees

The problem: When it concerns miracle diets, there’s a lot to be skeptical of. In addition to their suspicious claims, they can likewise motivate skin sagginess. As you grow older and collagen and elastin production dips, drastic changes in weight can leave the skin on your legs appearing like deflated balloons. That loose skin has the tendency to hang over the knees.

Prevention: To avoid this weight loss-induced elbow and knee sagging, aim for steady loss– one to two pounds a week– which will permit your skin to shrink by itself, says Wu. Bonus offer: your slow-and-steady technique will guarantee you lose fat, not muscle, and keep your metabolic process from doing the nose-dive that has calorie deprivation.

Sagging Knee Skin Tightening

Travis L. Shaw, MD
Fortunately there is a great minimally invasive treatment for drooping skin on the knees and elbows. It is called ThermiTight. The procedure performed in the workplace under local anesthesia.

Thermi is injectable energy which is positioned straight under the skin, in contrast to procedures like Ulthera and Thermage. This allows more accurate tightening up in precisely the right areas. Thermi is different in that it uses infrared cams to warm the tissues to the specific correct temperature level, so there is no uncertainty.

Patients have some swelling after the procedure which generally deals with in about 7-10 days. The results are excellent.

ThermiTight was initially created for tightening up loose neck skin, today is being used to tighten up skin all over the body, consisting of breasts, thighs and elbows.

You may anticipate modest enhancement with Thermage

George J. Beraka, MD
Hi! This is a hard problem that we see not rarely in our cosmetic surgery practice in New York City. Surgery is not an option since the scars are unacceptable.

You can try Thermage. It is safe, there is no anesthesia, no recovery period, and no scars. However you need to have really realistic expectations. We generally see improvement, but it can be subtle.

However what I have discovered is that even a little improvement here (like in the arms) makes women pleased.

To get a result from Thermage, it has to be done ideal, and enough energy needs to be used. So search for a doctor with experience.


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