Lung cancer symptoms on a face

Lung cancer has certain symptoms that can be seen in the face of the patient. Such symptoms should be taken seriously and, if in doubt, you should see an oncologist.

Patients with lung cancer report swelling, puffiness or redness of the face.

Lung cancer symptoms on a face

Changes occur on the areas of the face that are most often exposed to the sun.

The face becomes puffy because the tumor presses on the vein leading from the head to the heart. This obstruction slows the flow of the block to and from the head, causing swelling around the neck and face.

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Often these symptoms go unnoticed.

However, such changes can indicate carcinoma of the lung (neuroendocrine formations that grow in cells of the same name).

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When the cells are affected by the cancer, symptoms such as fever, redness of the face, diarrhea, and wheezing appear.

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