Painful Bony Lump on Top of Foot

X-ray of a woman's foot

Q. I have a small hard bump on the top of my left foot under the skin. It is really painful when I walk even without shoes on and sore to the touch. It nearly seems like it belongs to the bone.

I had this issue a few years ago however my doctor did some tests and concerned the conclusion that it was absolutely nothing to worry about. Now it is back and hurts a lot more than I keep in mind. Can you please tell me what this is and what caused it?

Causes of Hard Lump on Top of Foot

What causes lumps on top of the foot? There are many causes of lumps and swellings on top of the foot, however two of the most typical are:

  • a bone lump on top of the foot called an exostosis (have the tendency to be firm and non-movable)
  • a soft fluid filled sack called a ganglion cyst.

Two things enter your mind, either a ganglion cyst or a bone spur. Presuming it is one of those two conditions, there are treatments readily available.

This page focuses mainly on the first cause: bone spurs. We’ll talk about the cause in more depth and guide you through the best treatment choices.X-ray of a woman's foot

Painful Bony Lump on Top of Foot

The most common cause of a bone stimulate on top of the foot is a condition called metatarso-cuneiform exostosis. This hard lump happens on top of the foot normally at the junction of two bones– your first metatarsal bone and your medial cuneiform bone.

This type of bone spur happens with time due to pressure between these two bones. There is a law of physiology called “Wolfe’s Law”. It states that when pressure is used to bone gradually, bone will grow.

These top of foot bone lumps happen when the foot flattens exceedingly and these bones are compressed. In time this pressure in between the bones results in development of the bone lump.

Treatment of Top of Foot Bone Lumps

We recommend that surgery needs to be thought about only as a very last option. In truth we can often treat these conditions without surgery (don’t despair). If you have a lump on the top of your foot that you need treated.

We have a number of primary treatment goals to remove pain from top of foot bone stimulates:

Reduce pressure on top of the foot by using much deeper shoes. There are several brands of shoes that are much deeper than average however are still appealing.

Have your shoes extended over the bump.

Change the shoe lacing method so that the laces avoid over the area of the bump. You can also use flexible shoe laces so the shoe will give a bit over the bump.

Use orthotics to stop the two bones from jamming together. Excellent arch supports not only stop the foot from collapsing, however reduce pain and help prevent the bump from growing. The most efficient method to do this is to use specialized custom-made orthotics called “total contact orthotics”.

An excellent over the counter arch supports can help too, specifically for smaller sized lumps.

Use pads to reduce pressure on the bump. We advise using a lasting gel U-shaped pad to take pressure off of the lump.

Steroid injection: Sometimes there is a swollen bursa on top of the bone spur that can be treated with a cortisone injection. If the bump is just from bone then the injection will not help.

Painful bony lump on top of footIf all conservative treatment fails then surgery is an alternative to remove the bone spur. The surgery is normally extremely effective but in almost all cases we can treat this problem without turning to surgery. If your doctor has suggested surgery, call others first for a 2nd viewpoint.

If you have developed a lump on either foot, you may have established a bone spur. Specifically if the bump has actually ended up being painful, please make a visit today in Seattle foot and ankle clinic, where they will make every effort to avoid surgery for foot bumps and provide you with efficient treatment and relief.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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  1. GreG

    I can’t walk with that bump on my foot. Especially when I wear classic shoes. But, I confess, I’m not ready to do steroid injections and other procedures that you suggested in the article. After all, it’s tolerable if you wear soft shoes (like sports shoes or Slippers). The main thing that nothing pressed on top of the foot.