Is PediaSure Safe for Kids?

As your kid grows, your thoughts usually fixate keeping her healthy and taking special care of her diet. And, if you are one of those health-freak mommies, who desire their kids to get all their nutrients¬†… you might consider feeding your little dearie some PediaSure.

However, what about its safety issues? Well, if you are thinking along these lines, or searching for some basic details on PediaSure, reading this post may help.

Here, has actually collected some pertinent info about the safety, effectiveness, and nutritional benefit of PediaSure for kids.

Is PediaSure Safe for Kids?

What is PediaSure? PediaSure is a medically authorized nutritional supplement, which provides important nutrients to your kid’s body. A glass of delicious PediaSure shake offers 7g of protein and 25 other vital vitamins and minerals. Even if your kid is lactose intolerant, she can still consume PediaSure.

Is PediaSure good for kids? PediaSure is something that helps your skinny child put on weight. If your child suffers from a medical condition that restricts her from consuming specific vital nutrients, the pediatrician might suggest PediaSure for your kids.

PediaSure safe for kidsThe routine consumption of PediaSure boosts your kid’s daily calorie intake, and she gets a healthy body mass. But, talk to your pediatrician prior to you choose PediaSure for your kid.

Children above the age of two can safely take in PediaSure to improve everyday calorie intake and attain advised weight. A 8-ounce serving of PediaSure materials practically 240 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein to your kid’s body.

If your kid suffers from lactose intolerance she can take in PediaSure, however kids with serious conditions like galactosemia need to avoid consuming PediaSure.

What Age do Babies Drink PediaSure

PediaSure fulfills the recommended nutritional consumption for children as it comprises all the essential vitamins and minerals. The doctor might suggest PediaSure to your kid, if she is above 2 years.

  1. For kids of the age group 2 to 8 years, the day-to-day consumption of PediaSure must lie around 1,000 mL.
  2. For kids of the age 9 to 13 years, the day-to-day consumption of PediaSure ought to lie around 1,500 mL.

Remember to consult your child’s pediatrician, before you feed your child PediaSure.

5+ Health Benefits of PediaSure for Kids

The nutritional shake is offered in numerous flavors, which help your kid obtain vital nutrients and minerals that activate her growth. Here, we list a few of the prime health benefits of PediaSure:

Weight Gain

The liquid nutrition supplement helps skinny kids put on weight.

When your child suffers from a chronic medical condition or is a fussy eater, pediatricians frequently suggest including PediaSure in her everyday diet.

It supplies an appropriate amount of calories to your child’s body so that she can obtain the requisite body weight.

Products Calories

The average 18-ounce PediaSure drink offers 240 calories to your kid.

The overall quantity of calories present in the nutritional drink somewhat varies upon the choice of tastes.

The calories in PediaSure come from the milk soluble and the added sugar, which enhances the taste of the drink.

Materials Fat

The normal-sized PediaSure shake consists of 9 g of fat.

The fat in PediaSure originates from the milk.

PediaSure drinks also contain 3 g of saturated fat per serving.

Products Protein

The essential nutrient helps your child to acquire energy and obtain desirable muscle mass.

Each serving of PediaSure consists of 7 g of protein.

PediaSure also includes essential amino acids, which help in her growth procedures.

Consists of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

The manufacturers have strengthened PediaSure with essential vitamins and minerals. Choosy eaters can get their vital nutrients from such a drink.

A regular-sized PediaSure drink products 25 percent of your kid’s suggested calcium consumption, 40 percent of suggested consumption of vitamin C, and 20 percent of iron recommendation.

PediaSure likewise includes vital minerals like copper and selenium.

3- Side Effects of PediaSure for Children

The nutritional drink might help your kid gain desirable body weight quickly, however a few of the harsh components of the product can likewise enforce negative effects:

Milk Allergy

Galactosemic kids may face trouble in digesting the milk soluble present in PediaSure.

Allergic kids can not consume PediaSure, as they might experience allergic side-effects like skin rashes, hives, nausea, and so on

Hampers Your Kid’s Eating Habits

The addition of PediaSure in your kid’s diet program can disrupt her eating pattern.

Your child’s reliance on PediaSure can lead to a number of long-term problems like intense yearning for sweetened items and bad eating habits.

Unhealthy Ingredients

The calories present in PediaSure mainly originate from the sugar. It can deteriorate your kid’s health condition and can likewise make her obese.

The protein present in PediaSure stems from the soy, milk, and peas isolates and concentrates, which might even more hamper the nutritional intake of your kid.

Manufacturers use artificial tastes to prepare the PediaSure powder, which again is unhealthy for children.

Sugar, extremely processed protein, synthetic flavorings, and GMO oils make PediaSure an unhealthy choice for your kid.

Keep in mind

Now that you understand all about PediaSure, here are some crucial tips:

  1. Constantly follow the dose recommended by your kid’s pediatrician.
  2. If your kid suffers from milk allergic reactions like galactosemia or chronic lactose intolerance, prevent giving her PediaSure.
  3. The high-calorie drink makes your kid feel less starving for other food and meals. It can disturb your kid’s eating routine.

When your kid faces difficulty acquiring a healthy body weight, you can likewise think about including high-calorie foods in her diet, which might help in weight gain. Some calorie-rich foods normally include peanut butter, sandwiches, pancakes, butter, waffles, and oatmeal.

Did your kid take in PediaSure during her youth? Or Do you have a little one at home who relishes her PediaSure shake every day? Inform us about your viewpoints about PediaSure listed below. Leave a comment for fellow mommies here. We would enjoy to hear from you.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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