Popcorn Kernel Stuck in Throat

Q. I have a popcorn husk stuck in my throat, and its hanging on tight. Its existed a week and I cant get it to move at all. Any recommendations?

Getting rid of a foreign item stuck in the throat of a choking person is no simple task. Popcorn shells are known to adhere to the lining of the throat and, in periodic cases, they might even block your throat. It can be a frightening experience for some.

Whilst coughing is the easiest way of removing any small object from the throat, the Heimlich maneuver (that powerfully expels air from the lungs and might also induce vomiting) might have to be used in case it gets lodged even more and coughing does not help in its elimination.

How to Get Rid of Popcorn Kernel Stuck in Throat

Countless individuals all over the world delight in eating big tub of popcorn. The luxury of eating popcorn laced with cheddar cheese remains the same. Some individuals delight in snacking popcorn in the comfort of their homes.

If you have experienced a scratchy sensation in throat while eating popcorn, probably the lumpy sensation is due to popcorn shell stuck in the throat.

ThroatIf this is the case, the first thing that you ought to do is, do not panic. Rather patiently follow the steps to obtain rid of the stuck popcorn kernel from the throat.

  1. The first thing that has to be done is to drink water or something liquid. Usually when you gulp water or liquid, the stuck popcorn shell is washed down from food pipeline into the stomach. If you still feel it has refrained from doing the technique, try some fizzy drink such as soda or ginger tea. The fizz of soda or other oxygenated drink will assist in the stuck kernel of popcorn to move on into the stomach.
  2. If after drinking liquid you feel the popcorn has actually still remained stuck in the throat, attempt to eliminate it by eating some soft food such as a piece of bread. When the chomped bread makes its way through the food canal, it takes along with it the stuck popcorn shell. The other effective food that can handle stuck popcorn is banana or a ball of prepared rice. Banana being slippery helps to slide down the stuck popcorn.
  3. Same is with rice.
  4. Rotating coughing and swallowing typically helps to remove the stuck popcorn kernel from the throat.
  5. Consuming a small amount of olive oil sometimes helps to remove the stuck kernel of popcorn from the throat. You can also gulp egg yolk, which is slippery to dislodge popcorn from the throat.
  6. Heilmlich maneuver is proved beneficial for dislodging any food particle from the throat. This requires some knowledge and help of another individual. In this procedure the person has to back up the impacted person clasping the hands around the waist of the patient. Now the clasped fist should be found in patient’s middle part of upper abdominal area, above the umbilicus. The person behind the patient need to comprehend his fist which is in the midsection and press it upwards or give it an upward thrust. However, do not put excess pressure otherwise the rib may get harmed. Repeat the abdominal thrusts frequently till the popcorn kernel is expelled. This maneuver helps to expel food particle stuck in the throat as the air inside the lungs is forced out from the lungs. Sometimes it can likewise cause vomiting.

If all the above step fail to give relief, it is essential to speak with an ENT surgeon. The doctor may take a look at the throat with unique instruments. With the instruments and light concentrated inside the throat, he is able to envision the stuck food particle.

He might also use a scope that might reach within deep down the throat. With the help of scope he will have the ability to select the stuck popcorn kernel in throat.

Due to the fact that of the risk of popcorn kernel getting stuck in throat, children must not be motivated to eat. If the child experiences stuck popcorn, a see to the doctor is required to avoid complications.

If you often get food stuck in your throat that would be an excellent need to go see your doctor or an ENT.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend!


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