Russian Kasha

Russian kasha. Oatmeal with berries

The variety of cereals is based upon the range of crops growing in Russia. The love to the porridge and its value are shown in numerous proverbs and expressions.

Likewise, in previous times, for the Slavs it was the customized to prepare and eat kasha as a sign of ending the fight in between next-door neighbors.

Oatmeal kasha or Ovsyanka

Cereal made with oatmeal or oat flour. This meal is considered as an extremely beneficial and healthy breakfast not only in England, but likewise for individuals from Slavic countries: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Preparing both with water and milk. In porridge you can add sugar or honey, jam or juice, as well as a cinnamon, nuts, yogurt, any fruit and berries (consisting of dried fruit), butter, salt and even cheese.

Russian kasha. Oatmeal with berriesBuckwheat kasha or Grechnevaya kasha

Popular Russian kasha, acquired by steaming and boiling buckwheat grain. At home in Northern India buckwheat is called “black rice”. Prepared in water. Functioned as a separate meal with spices, milk, butter or sugar, as well as is used as a garnish to the main course.

Russian kasha. BuckwheatSemolina kasha or Mannaya kasha

Porridge made from grains of milled wheat grains. Russia has actually long been considered this porridge as a dish which giving force (don’t despair!) Prepared with milk. Served with sugar, butter, jam, honey or chocolate. Complements fruits or jams, nuts (walnuts, almonds) or dried fruits.

Barley kasha or Perlovka

Porridge made from pearl barley from barley grains. In Russia this favorite meal of hikers is highly valued for the indispensable structure and medical properties. Brewed with milk or water. All set porridge is usually experienced with butter or cream. It likewise blends well with onion, mushrooms and vegetables. It is likewise contributed to soups and salads.

Millet kasha or Kasha in Proso

Porridge made from millet grains. Healthy and nutritious, millet was generally prepared in the Russian heated stove. Boils on a water or a milk. Served with cream or melted butter, prunes and other dried fruits.

Russian kasha. MilletHealth Tips

Typical Russian kasha (breakfasts) are substantially various from what one would eat for breakfast in other nations. As a guideline, it is a kasha (hot cereal) made with milk. It can be constructed out of any meal or groats and is typically sweet and served hot with butter.

Other common breakfast choices include omelet or fried eggs, boiled eggs, pancakes or blintzes with sweet berry preserves. Home (farmer) cheese is preferred by itself as well as the meals made with it– home cheese pancakes or souffl-like casserole.Russian kasha. Oatmeal kasha with strawberries

Russian sandwiches are various from common American ones: a piece of bread is spread out with butter then topped with a slice of sausage, lunchmeat, cheese– independently or entirely.

Common breakfasts are rich and healthy. They’re followed by hot tea or coffee.

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