Yellow Brittle Nails

The nails of the private tell a lot about his health. Regular nails are normally related to health, while problems in nails might represent conditions and illnesses. Fragile nails normally occur in old age.

Nevertheless, sometimes they can be caused by other elements. Yellow and breakable nails are a condition caused by tiny microorganisms called dermatophytes, which grow on the nail bed or below the nail, and eats keratin, the protein discovered in nails.

The condition generally begins with the appearance of white or yellow spots on the far end of the nail.

If left without treatment, the spots will advance towards the base of the nail attacking the nail root, and causing the nail to grow extremely thick and warped. Initially, the condition affects first the nail on the huge toe or thumb, and spreads to the nails on the fingers or toes.

Yellow, fragile nails are something numerous women suffer from, and they can be especially typical during times of hormonal imbalance, such as menopause. Read on how to manage this symptom.

Yellow brittle nailsWhat Causes Yellow Brittle Nails

The brittleness and yellowing of nails has a number of causes consisting of a symptom of an underlying disease or infection. The brittleness of nails might be caused by a thyroid issue or iron shortage, while the yellowing can be a sign of a disease in liver, lungs, and glucose.

Also, as pointed out earlier, dermatophytes cause the nails to turn yellow and become brittle. In addition to these, there are other causes of yellow and brittle nails pointed out by the health specialists, and they are the following:

  • Vitamin shortage.
  • Absence of water or fluids.
  • Fungal infection caused by onychomycosis fungus or dermatophytes. The inhabitation of fungus might be preceded by: nail injury, inflammation due to the fact that of an ingrown nail, unsuitable cutting of nails, sweaty shoes and damp socks.

The yellow nail condition can be found by observing the following symptoms:

  • The nail ends up being brittle, triggering it to divide or cracks.
  • The nail thickens and warps while growing, and the pain knowledgeable resembles an ingrown nail.
  • If the condition ends up being severe, an inflammation may happen due to the ingrown nail that may result in a secondary infection.
  • If the condition is left neglected for a longer period of time, the nail will breakable severely, triggering episodes of its elimination and re-growth.

Home Remedies for Yellow Brittle Nails

There are various causes behind developing yellow, fragile nails, and this can take place at almost any stage of a woman’s life, particularly during menopause when hormonal levels are already fluctuating. Fortunately, there are actions you can require to restore their health and strength.

If the condition is caused by inadequate vitamins, then a total supplement paired with healthy diet will help treat the yellow nails. Consuming lots of water helps expel toxic substances, fungus, and other hazardous bacteria. Other home remedies include:

Regular Nail Soaks

In order to make a homemade remedy for yellow, brittle nails, mix three tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of lemon juice, and warm it in the microwave for a few seconds. Soak your fingertips in it for 3 to 5 minutes, and the olive oil will enhance your nails while the lemon juice whitens them. Enter the habit of making this part of your weekly regimen.

Use Gloves

Among the main factors behind establishing yellow, fragile nails is the exposure to cold weather and water, and if these are mixed with extreme chemicals, the damage can increase quickly. Stock up on gloves for all occasions.

Constantly use rubber gloves if you are cleaning the meals or using any cleaning chemicals, and keep a set of gloves at hand if it is cold or windy exterior. Securing your nails from outdoors elements can help avoid them from ending up being yellow or breakable.


By rubbing your fingertips one or two times every day, you will help improve the blood flow around the nails. This increased blood circulation will increase your nails’ ability to take in nutrients, and it will promote the growth of much healthier nails. Massage your nails prior to soaking them nightly.

Calcium Boost

Calcium is an essential nutrient in the fight against yellow, fragile nails. This nutrient helps your body produce strong, flexible nails so they are not vulnerable to snapping, breaking, or peeling.

Although there are lots of things you can apply to your nails to enhance them, absolutely nothing will be as reliable as repairing the issue from the within out. You can get a day-to-day boost of calcium from dairy products, but likewise from broccoli, oats, kale, or tofu.

Do Not Bite Them

Biting your nails can cause injury to them, and this can be reflected in their health and toughness. It can also leave rough edges behind, which in turn produces the ideal environment for nails to begin yellowing and ending up being breakable.

Yellow nailsHealth Tips

Are your nails dry and fast to break or crack? Inning accordance with professionals, there are numerous factors that may represent fragile nails. From an underactive thyroid to a low-iron diet, fragile nails can be the result of a series of deficiencies in the body.

It’s essential to narrow down the cause of breakable nails to treat them, however in the meantime, make certain to keep your fingertips well moisturised as wetting and drying hands can worsen nail brittleness.

A slight yellowing of the nails might be no need to fret. Inning accordance with specialists, if the nails do not go back to their typical, pinkish shade when left unpolished for a while, it may be then that you begin to think about underlying causes such as respiratory illnesses or lymphedema (swelling of the hands), which can cause yellow nails.

  • Apply coconut or vegetable oil to the nails three to 4 times a day.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin B to strengthen the re-growing nails.
  • Use gloves while handling substances like cleaning agents and cleaning agents.
  • Wash hands and nails thoroughly after swimming in the swimming pool.
  • If the temperatures are high, safeguard the nails by using mittens.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend! I Wish You To Be Healthy!


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