Earl Grey Tea Benefits for Skin, Bones, and Overall Health

Earl Grey Black Tea

Consuming just one or two cups of black tea can help keep you healthy. There are many advantages to picking a cup of black tea as well as enjoying the great taste. Earl Grey tea is a black tea that features a lot of great benefits for human skin and bones, oral health and for diabetics along with having an excellent taste. Black tea and Green Tea are made from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis. Black Tea is made in a various way to Green Tea and the tea leaves are fermented before the heating process.

Antioxidants such as polyphenol and catechins are thought to be the active ingredients that can help avoid some types of cancer. Women, in particular, can take advantage of drinking black tea as research studies suggest that ovarian cancer is one such type that black tea can help to prevent.

Earl Grey Black Tea Benefits

Earl Grey Black Tea

Fortunately, the tea has actually not been lost, and is delighted in by millions each year. This is not only for its special flavor and warming nature, however likewise as a result of the lots of health benefits that it can offer. Many of these advantages are the same that you would receive from black tea, however the different blends and additions to the tea can also have some unforeseen effects.

Bone Health

You do not need to have the calcium in tea to be able to keep your bones strong and healthy. Phytochemicals are discovered in black tea such as Earl Grey and these are valuable in the fight to keeping your bones strong and healthy. Individuals who drink black tea on a regular basis have the ability to avoid arthritis establishing and as such have the ability to take pleasure in far more powerful bones than individuals who do not drink black tea.

Stroke Prevention

A current research study has revealed that despite where individuals live, people who take pleasure in up to 3 cups of black tea every day lower the risk of a stroke by as much as 21%. This study consisted of 9 different studies carried out around the world. Even those who only drank one cup of black tea saw the risk of a stroke to be decreased by a small amount.

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Diabetes Prevention

A research study conducted in the Mediterranean Islands was carried out on senior individuals. Individuals who drank between 1 and 2 cups of black tea each day were able to reduce their opportunity of developing type 2 diabetes by approximately 70%. People between the ages of 65 and 100 years participated in this study into the benefits of black tea and diabetes.

This research study was performed through a questionnaire and there needs to be additional examination in order to show the efficiency of black tea. However, these results, show that there is much to recommend that black tea has the ability to help avoid diabetes.

Oral Health

The drinking of black tea such as Earl Grey can help you to keep your teeth healthy. The Tea Trade Health Research Association has actually suggested that the drinking of black tea reduces plaque which is the one primary cause of dental caries. They have likewise gone on to recommend that Polyphenols in black tea helps to eliminate the bacteria that leads to tooth decay and missing teeth.

Earl Grey Black Tea Benefits

It is necessary to keep in mind that the drinking of black tea does not change the brushing of teeth and keeping a dental health routine. When consuming black teeth as part of your dental hygiene regimen, you can help to keep your teeth healthy.

Boost Immune System

Black tea such as Earl Grey has the ability to help enhance your body immune system. Alkylamine antigens are discovered in black tea and are accountable for enhancing the body immune system. Black tea likewise consists of tannins and these have the ability to combat infections. The drinking of black tea such as Earl Grey will help to keep away illnesses such as:

It is important to keep in mind that the drinking of black tea will not keep away these infections however will help to keep them down to a minimum.

Weight Loss

Anti-oxidants and flavonoids are discovered in black tea such as Earl Grey. These collaborate to help you reduce weight. Black tea helps to increase the metabolic rate and the body responds by burning more calories. Black tea is not meant as an alternative to healthy diet and exercise but can be drunk with a healthy diet and workout routine to help you lose those additional pounds.

Skin Health

When weak atomic bonds break and atoms find themselves with an uneven number of electrons, they become unsteady and chemically reactive, thus the name totally free radicals. In some cases these totally free radicals steal electrons from close-by atoms, making them out of balance.

Anti-oxidants are the body’s natural way of solving these complimentary extreme events, either by promoting their decay or avoiding them in the first place. When the body does not have the level of anti-oxidants it requires, it can not consist of the free radical epidemic. In time, these unbalanced atoms damage cells, resulting in poor skin aging and in some cases cancer.

Dry black tea and cup

Flavonoids, likewise called polyphenols, are among the anti-oxidants that are responsible for the elimination of free-radicals. Black tea and bergamot oil both include high levels of these anti-oxidants, making Earl Grey Tea a supporter of skin health and well balanced aging.

Stress Relief

A London study has actually found that the drinking of black tea, in specific, helps to relieve stress far quicker than those who do not drink a cup of black tea. It is believed that it is the active ingredients that are found in tea that helps to eliminate stress. These components include:

  • Amino Acids
  • Catechins
  • Flavonoids
  • Polyphenols
  • Tannins.

All of these active ingredients that are found in black tea are being examined for a number of health advantages.

Cancer Prevention

A research study in China took a look at over a thousand cancer occurrences and found that tea drinkers are at less risk for establishing cancer within the digestive system. Another research study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition exposed that prostate growths in tea drinks often advance at a slower than average rate. The same study exposed that tea intake could reduce the risk of lung cancer in people who were non-smokers.


Tea and coffee are well known for having a high caffeine content of up to 95mg. Black tea, however, has a far lower caffeine content of only 40 mg. This smaller amount of caffeine is combined with high potassium levels that help to increase your energy without the side effects of caffeine. This indicates that a cup of black tea such as Earl Grey first thing in the morning can give you the kick you need to wake you up however without the concerns that caffeine can cause.

Earl Grey is a type of black tea that has lots of health advantages. With all of these advantages, why not switch your morning coffee or tea with a cup of Earl Grey understanding that you are assisting your body to remain healthy. In addition to this Earl Grey is a black tea that is yummy and will help to eliminate stress and help you to unwind. Earl Grey is a choice for anybody who wishes to preserve good health, reduce weight or have a natural boost of energy to help begin your day.

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