How to Stop Diarrhea?

In traditional medicine the comprehensive experience of battle against such unpleasant disease as diarrhea was saved up. At its emergence it is not required to resort to medicamentous preparations which use is stuffed with side effects at all. Often it is much safer to use recipes of nonconventional medicine, specifically as many parts which are their part almost always near at hand.

It is possible to prepare broth from rice or to swallow some peas of black pepper, to make strong tea or to look for absorbent carbon in the first-aid set. Infusions and broths from herbs, as well as fruits of some bushes and trees will be effective. There remain in a moneybox of folk healers likewise rather amazing medications for treatment of a diarrhea, for instance, blue iodine or powder from elements of chicken stomachs.

How to Stop Diarrhea Naturally?

How to stop diarrhea? There are several natural medicines!

Rice Broth from a Diarrhea

This one of the most offered, simple in preparation and safe means for battle versus diarrhea Performance of rice broth is connected about its capability to envelop intestines and to hinder the annoying impact on it of stomach juice. In passing the vermicular motion of this body enhances, excrement begins being formed correctly. The knitting properties of broth are result of the high content in rice grain of starch. Getting to an organism, it soaks up excess liquid, promoting an intestines contents condensation.

Rice in a bagBesides, broth from rice offers food for an organism that is specifically real at a diarrhea when using food can provoke wear and tear of a state.

It must be kept in mind that this a diarrhea medicine is safe for that reason it can safely be offered to children at whom medicamentous preparations are capable to provoke an allergic reaction. Besides broth prepares from rice grain, which constantly near at hand.

The Recipe of Rice Broth from a Diarrhea

It was needed just to discover how it is proper to prepare this curative medication: In a half of liter to the enameled ware of water boiling in lower two teaspoons of the rice which is previously wetted in cold boiled water. Stirring slowly, implies is hung on fire of 50 minutes. All set broth is left to cool off to space temperature, filter through a gauze or a strainer and get medication.

The dose depends on age of the patient. Adults accept on 150 ml rice broth each 3 hours, the children’s dose differs from 50 to 100 ml 3 times or 4 times a day.

Already an hour later after the use of methods there will come improvement, symptoms of diarrhea will become less expressed. Broth is advised not just drink, however in periods to eat a little rice porridge, it will allow to accelerate recovery. At children the organism is restored much quicker therefore at enhancement technique rice broth ceases to be offered, changing it with strong sweet tea with house rye crispbread.

Bird Cherry from a Diarrhea

Do you want to know how to stop diarrhea? It was known of alleviative properties of this plant still in the ancient time. At that time people used bird cherry fruits in food and noted their knitting properties. Today for battle versus diarrhea use likewise flowers and bark of this bush. In the medications developed on the basis of a bird cherry, the high content of tannins making the required effect.

But they are suggested to be used just if diarrhea has noninfectious character.

Flowers of bird cherryBird Cherry Broth from a Diarrhea

Broth of a bird cherry is prepared as follows: Ripe clusters of a bird cherry rinse under flowing water, to fill with them a glass to a half and pour out in the capacity where suggests will prepare. There add 2 glasses of boiled water and send out everything to a water bath where hold about half an hour. Then half an hour more a ready medicine is drawn under a cover. After that it is filtered and added equal quantity of bilberry juice. Mix is provided to the child each hour on a tablespoon, to kids is below 3 years it is advised to lower a dosage to a teaspoon each two hours.

Broth from Bird Cherry Bark

The broth from bird cherry bark prepared inning accordance with the following dish will be suitable for adults:

  • The tablespoon of bark is filled out with a glass of boiled water and boiled 20 minutes on a water bath. Broth is cooled, filtered and accept on hundred milliliters 3 times a day.

It is possible to manage a diarrhea by methods of bird cherry flowers:

  • Two tablespoons of flowers are made a half of liter of boiled water and insisted two hours then filter suggests and accept on two tablespoons 3 times a day.

Pomegranate Crusts from a Diarrhea

They are thrown out generally when cleaning up a fruit without presuming, the number of beneficial qualities this waste has. The thick dry cover of red color covering pomegranate outside, the 2nd, white layer is of worth, it is essential to ravel as it does not include alleviative components.

At children garnet crusts too are applied to treatment of cases of a diarrhea, but before it is needed to seek advice from the doctor as there is a number of contraindications and an effect of extreme hobby for this medicine rather serious, up to internal bleedings. At anal cracks, liver disease, nephrite it is impossible to use methods on the basis of this item. It is prohibited to integrate treatment by pomegranate crusts with application of antihistaminic preparations.

A red garnetPreparation of medication begins with preparation of crusts. Pomegranate is washed carefully, dried, cleared. From crusts cut off white pulp, and send an alleviative red layer to dry in an oven or under the sun, previously having covered with a gauze and regularly turning. Store preparation in a paper package or a glass jar in a dry place.

Garnet Broth

Garnet broth is prepared as follows: Dry crusts crush in a mortar or the coffee mill, a teaspoon of the turned-out powder fill in with a glass of abrupt boiled water and prepare a quarter of hour on a water bath. Prepared broth is drawn by about 40 minutes and accept on a teaspoon 4 times each day until the chair does not go back to normal. Around in two days the organism entirely will deal with an illness and all its consequences will disappear.

Children ready broth are given after coordination with the pediatrician, and the dose hence should not go beyond a half of a teaspoon three times a day. It is essential to remember that crusts of pomegranate can cause an allergy.

Dried Bilberry from a Diarrhea

This plant possesses distinct properties which in many respects depend upon a technique of application and the chosen element. So, apply dried fruits to removal of diarrhea, and fresh berries of bilberry have opposite result and work in battle versus locks.

From dried bilberry prepare broths, infusions, teas, kissels.

Recipes of Beverages from Dried Bilberry

  • For preparation of kissel it is needed to know proportions– on a tablespoon of berries of bilberry take 300 ml waters, a teaspoon of starch and to taste sugarcoat. Prepare as typical kissel, and accept freely.
  • Excellent a diarrhea medicine is broth from 40 g of the dry bilberry which is filled in 200 ml waters and bonded within 20 minutes on small fire. Means filter and to accept on a half-glass three times a day.

Dried bilberry from a diarrheaChildren can enable to chew dried bilberry fruits in the small parts on 6 times each day. That they rendered due result, they need to be chewed as it is possible more long and after that still to spend some time in a mouth prior to swallowing. In specific cases prepare special bilberry tea and give it to the child rather of regular drink. Here is how he is trained:

  • Toss 5 teaspoons of dried berries of bilberry into a half of liter of cold water, give boiling and cook about 10 minutes. Drink is filtered and permitted the child to drink three times a day on a cup.

Method on the basis of berries of bilberry are safe for health therefore them it is possible without worries to use at the first signs of disappointment both at adults, and at children.

Peppercorn from a Diarrhea

Surprising diarrhea medication which will be almost in any kitchen area. Application of black pepper promotes enhancement of food digestion due to strengthening of production of hydrochloric acid which, in turn, promotes release of enzymes in intestinal tracts. It caused efficiency of reception of this spice at disorders of digestion and a diarrhea.

How to Take Black Pepper from a Diarrhea?

For treatment of an indisposition it is recommended to take 10 peas, to swallow without chewing and to clean down with a glass of water. The most appropriate time for reception of method comes prior to going to sleep, in this case the likelihood is fantastic that in the morning the state substantially will improve and the issue with a diarrhea will lose the sharpness.

Children till 5 years ought to not resort to use of black pepper for treatment of diarrhea, to children is more senior typically give a half of an adult dosage (that is 5 peas) however not for as soon as, and having gotten into some receptions.

Peppercorn from a diarrheaContraindications

Contraindications are not restricted just to early age, anemia, stomach ulcer, allergic diseases, an inflammation of kidneys and a bladder — here those cases when application of black pepper is forbidden. In other disputable cases it is essential to coordinate this medical procedure with the specialist whenever possible.

Strong Tea from a Diarrhea

Such drink, habitual for numerous, can give help at introduction of signs of disorder of digestion and diarrhea. That tea acquired the pronounced knitting properties, it needs to be made much stronger, than generally.

The packaged tea, only the leaves which are not containing additives and scents will not appropriate for treatment. The amount of tea leaves has to go beyond regular standard numerous times. The glass of ready drink can be drunk off infections or to use as remedy tea leaves — a tea thick, in number of a number of tablespoons.

Other Recipes of Tea from a Diarrhea

It is possible to prepare tea which will help to manage a diarrhea, a little in a different way: In a quarter of a glass of freshly brewed strong drink put 5 spoons of sugar and include a half of a glass of sour juice of grapes. Method will start operating in some hours. Children are advised to give less focused sweet drink.

Green tea leavesThere is a suggestion according to which black grades of tea need to be replaced green. In this case do not include sweeteners to all set drink and not less than four times each day take it.

If diarrhea is caused by hit in a virus organism, it ought to be included black tea with a bulb. In fresh strong hot drink put the made a cut bulb for 10 minutes. Prepared tea is intoxicated without honey or other sweeteners.


Prior to application of this means it is essential to think about that the caffeine including in tea leaves can do much harm to people with high arterial pressure and to persons with tendency to irritation hypererethism. Too strong drink in great deals can cause dizziness, condition of sight and even anemia with dehydration as it promotes elimination of liquid from an organism and disrupts digestion of iron.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend.


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